Because I Can; Opening a Frosty Keg of Kickass

Succubus 2018 created and designed by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

One of my former friends who lies in a shallow grave in my woods once asked, “Why do you do this kind of stuff?” She was referring to my graphic designs and artwork. I boldly answered, “Because I can.” while giving her one hell of a condescending look. Her boyfriend, or fuck-mate, or whatever sat and judged as usual. Naturally, he too gave his unsolicited opinion. Have you ever had a person pretending to be a friend only to secretly loath you? You know the kind, the kind of a shady motherfucker that something deep inside you says, “You can’t trust this asshole and the next chance you get, run him through, and gut him ASAP!”

I am certain you have and as you read this, I know that their are a few faces crossing that horizon of your brain in the recall memory processes. I showed them some work I am doing for some heavy metal bands, some authors, and an up and coming magazine both in print and online. You just might want to take a look over at my graphic department when you get the chance.

I love doing what I do and since this is a career, I never have to work another day in my fucking life. Creating worlds with words and various art is what I do from home on my Alienware Area 51 R4. The i9 Intel shreds the AMD Shredripper. The judgmental asshole  came to my home one evening to boast about how much better his new machine, when it comes in, will be over mine. Well, like most young asshole-savants, he never even bothered to substantiate this with facts. I used the Intel i7’s fastest against the AMD second-rate public-assistance processor and once again like all the rest, AMD was sucking dick in the dust. Let me not even begin to compare my machine’s benchmarks against the AMD lack luster performance throughout history. Now, I want you all to take note before you attempt to argue your case on deaf ears; if you are happy with what you do, how you do your work, and whatever else, then good for you. I am not a gamer even in the spite of my GTX 1080i times three with eleven gigs of DDR5 dedicated ram on each card in SLI. I actually play my games on my Samsung 10.1 Tab A tablet. I know, right?

Now this is something I learned long time ago, Microsoft Word in any variant in a new wine sack such as Word 2016 x64 comes up just as fast on my machine as it does on my tablet or my Alienware 17xR5 Laptop or on a Dell Inspiron Walmart Special. Now, if you are in the graphics business, the video editing and or video creation business, then you need something to render the shit out of your project without waiting a month of Sundays doing so.

I also know of some highly talented and creative folks in the music business that uses such tools to create some really kick ass projects. Besides, I love listening to my music through the 7.1 Surround Sound by Creative Labs and or listening through my Logitech Artemis Spectrum 7.1 Surround Sound wireless headsets too. I know there are faster computers with the i9 chip but have not seen any with such a chip yet with the same sort of specs I have under the hood. Formula 1 kind of computing for the home. Don’t even get me started on the D-Wave Quantum Computing that can make my desktop look like something back in the Stone Age.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

His complaint, you know, the judgmental asshole I took to school with stats from ZDNet, CNet, AMD, and Intel is that he thinks these companies lied to me and he thought, since I gave him i7 Intel stats, he bitched and said “I thought you have an i9?” I said, “I do, motherfucker. I just didn’t want to crush your feelings so hard. You know, since you have to have your girl drop a knee for me on that fact alone.”

Let this be a lesson to the the young and prideful to say nothing of the utterly misinformed. What a lame motherfucker, and then he complains about my Alienware 34” curved screen at 120 MHz screen. I just told him to go and suck a fucking dick. Really, like oh yeah, “I bought all this stuff to do my work on with your approval in mind. Now get out!”

He didn’t like my Ultimate Gaming Mouse that I use and is programmed for Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and a couple of other fine Adobe applications to say nothing about the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise. Oh, and on my Win 10 Enterprise OS. Yeah, he had to complain like a gut-shot ape over how Microsoft works for the NSA and CIA. I had to break it to him that all Operating Systems from Linux, Windows, Apple, and Solaris are just as exposed. I also told him for every complaint he’s crying buckets about, there are features he could if only he would do his own research as in shutting some of the features down. I am so close to “disable” this jackass. He truly is a fucking half-witted cunt.

Out of all the operating systems I have been exposed to since 1986 professionally and since 1982, my favorites have been Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I am getting Windows 10 Enterprise reigned in.

Now a days, I don’t see them much only when they try to avoid me and run headlong into their house and car. Like I am really going to kill them or something.

Oh, I might use their likeness and such as characters, you know, fictional characters that gets all carved up making the Saw Franchise look like Subway Sandwich Shops. Hey, you can put a human body in an industrial size plastic drum filled with toxic chemicals that will juice them both on a slow boat to China these days.

Just kidding…

Oh, and some things that I forgot to post in this article. Sorry about that. I truly am. I hate telling good people bad news, I really do… (sounds like the Prophet from the Matrix). Since it is 2018 and all, well, I decided to upgrade my artwork and you all shall be noticing the differences. Some are subtle though. I did ask and set up some auto-tweets inquiring the world on the new resolutions. So far not a peep. Nevertheless, rest assured that I will continue to kick some serious ass in this aspect as usual. I also have added new mockup movie posters that stars or features some of my greatest fans, followers, and such. I stopped this for some time as I realized that I was making a lot of miserable people really jealous. Call it an experiment in social networking. Yeah man, did the haters come out of the fucking woodwork. Some of these same people still come here and read to see if I would talk about them or something. I have so few unfortunates and casualties in my crimson wake that it isn’t even worth mentioning.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

Thanks for reading as always,

Douglas S. Taylor


A Ghastly Holiday Season to All!

Cover Design and Graphics by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

Cover Design and Graphics by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

Yes indeed, DarcWorX is eerie, creepy, darc, and all kinds of cynical about things. This blog shows it in a huge way. In fact, I received critical acclaim on a very ironic and sarcastic story done for the “Morbidity News.” You see, there is an Editor-in-Chief of a major newspaper in America that thoroughly enjoyed the story so much he had to write an email to me directly.

I am most certain for those who were seeking darc sarcasm on a monumental level laced with darc humor have and will continue to enjoy how the aliens are suing the United States Government and the Obama Administration over patent infringements.

Yes, this particular story is different to say the least. For me, it was nothing less than refreshing.

Enough about that. I also would like, and more importantly so, wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. Last year I wrote a pretty darc venture for the 2014 holiday season. I shall refrain from mentioning that some of my fans and friends may not make it to see 2016 or passed the first couple of days – This should go without saying in the finalities of one’s life tragically ending ever so abruptly.

There is that creepy darc side of me hemorrhaging in black pools of venom of sorts…

Nevertheless, I do wish for the best for everyone especially during these troubling times as I mentioned in previous articles on my other blog. Yes, Black Reign Operations is something completely different than here. As some of you may know, I have a flare for investigative journalism and at times I would share that here. However the investigative journalism or my commentary about real-world-horror and atrocities wasn’t a good fit in this atmosphere. Besides, the demographics show that readership would dip during such postings.

By creating a new blog specifically for my real-world stuff, the demographics for that particular site has reached over 52,000 strong. Yes, people wanting, demanding, and acquiring truth. It is not a conspiracy theory site but one of many conspiracies that the United States Government is involved. Black Reign Operations is a site to inform, not sensationalize, not to scare nor entertain the reader. There on that blog I share with you the facts in the overabundance of credible sources. It is your responsibility to check out the over preponderance of data to make a clear and informed decision. Everyone knows that the United States Government is losing the Information War as alternative, underground, and corporate uncontrolled news is now making it to the masses.

It has been almost 5 or maybe 6 years since I got rid of my television and opted for my own programming made available in droves upon the Internet. I have a short list mentioned on my other blog. Who needs US, British, and other Lieutenants in bed with America and the respective news services?


Okay, back to the Christmas thing. I went to Walmart yesterday to brave the “Season of Corporate Greed and Avarice.” As I sat on a bench to get out of the herd’s way while allowing my mistress several unfettered minutes looking over women’s clothing for herself. I could not help that many peoples’ face look like they all should be on some anti-depressant for their Golden Globe Award-Winning looks of clinical depression. The ambiance of the entire Walmart experience is of dread. I haven’t seen a single smile. Instead, children crying at being disappointed by various things and their single mothers teary-eyed knowing they can’t afford such things.

Seeing all this around me it really does remind me of a modern-day “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens minus Jacob Marley and the three ghosts.

I must admit that my Walmart experiences has always been one of confusing my inner guidance system. I mean, my senses of direction, eye-fatigue, and just plain irritability. I have experienced this for a very long time. Not just at Walmart with their toxic atmosphere of Chinese poisons leeching out via the onslaught of products, but rather, something more insidious, something more malevolent that seems to practically personify into being there. Of course, there are other very large stores and malls that I get bewildered in a barrage of various things. I get this too in casinos as well. One might say it is the electronics for the RIDS, surveillance electronics, and the fucking florescent lighting.  So a while back I did a study on eye protection to help screen out whatever glare and other eye-sensory problems because of the drain upon my sight. I purchased a powerful pair of DVX Sun/Safety Glasses. DO NOT GET A PAIR BY WALMART!

I first saw these at Walmart, looked, and tried on a set I really liked. You can even get these in your visionary prescription. One thing I did notice that in most every pair of sun glasses say above $50.00 or more there were flaws in all of them. Abhorrent flaws that are criminally unsafe for your eyes. Every fucking pair had something wrong from variances to include warping in the lenses, to scratches, to faulty hinges, and lastly, bad frames that were twisted or bent out of place.

I went and paid a visit at my family’s local eye doctor. You see, they sell the same DVX line and models by Wiley X. Now, I looked at the exact same pair, model, and all. I noticed a couple of things straight away. I found the Wiley X trademark and information imbedded in the inside of the molding of the carbon frames. I also noticed I could not find anything wrong other that the eye-doctor’s version was heavier with thicker lenses. I also noticed something else. The lenses blocked out more UV and cut down glare by 50% to my guesstimation. I also checked out other models of the same presumed manufacturer. Peeking my interest I notice that the other models were of different quality as those I looked at in Walmart. All at the Eye Doctors were exceptional without flaw. Now there is another difference too. The price.

At Walmart, my particular model runs at $79.99 a pair. At my eye doctor’s starting price is $99.99 and above. My eyes are worth the $20.00 difference and I am getting the real thing instead of the obvious knock-offs at Walmart. Not even the so-called eye professional at Walmart could tell me anything about the “DVX” glasses there as to who made them and where.

That should be a sign…

Back to it. So wearing sunglasses is a must for me. Twice in the USAF I suffered from snow blindness. It is something that becomes with each passing easier to get. I wear them year around. I prefer to wear them to protect my eyes both physically and via UV.

I did notice walking into casinos with them, the light-fatigue I was accustomed to were gone and all the lights did not bother this night-creature. I also seemed a lot less confused with sense of direction. So my next test, a bigger casino and again no eye-fatigue but my sense of direction was amiss as usual. Then I went to Walmart wearing them like a visionary shield and no eye fatigue and a much better sense of direction. That is when, while wearing these glasses, I noticed I didn’t seem irritable. I certainly could concentrate on things. Always had an ability of the Hunter’s Focus with the exception of large stores or gatherings indoors.

I don’t want to make mention of some paranormal activity at Walmart but I do believe when a person makes something that the essence of that person is in some of the products. Maybe this would explain the doom, the dread, and the anxiety I along with too many people obviously feel so thusly the look upon their faces.

Walmart in Spearfish is a good place to go if you are all kinds of giddy and have a need to be brought down into a vast ocean of depression. Still, there is something more than the essences I am assuming – a HYPOTHESIS of mine nonetheless.

I wonder what kind of electronic beams are we exposing ourselves to at such a store?

I wonder about how toxic the atmosphere in a Walmart is and this may explain the headaches and maybe the depression that I have seen with my own eyes?

Truly, I really want to know!

I bet on a scientific level it would be surprising to say the least.

Anyways, thanks again for reading, and have a happy holiday season!

Douglas S. Taylor