The Fast and the In-Furious…

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As I stated many times before. When you begin to get successful at whatever you are doing and then comes a long a rat bastard to try to trip your ass up. This is a strategy is like the fucking war on terrorism – that too is a war on a tactic only. This too is unsuccessful. The big bad wolves are all but dead from trying to blow down my iron-clad carbonite fortress.

The rat bastards and the wolves are all but casualties left to rot. More about that later.

Now, I must admit, the last couple of weeks or so has been if anything, exciting. With my new Alienware Area 51 as seen below. With this new addition has come other things like upgrades of components, rearranging my work center since this machine weighs in over 80 pounds. The human skull on the top doesn’t count.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

Yes, owning this machine is a fantastic dream that has finally come true. Not only that, with my wonderful support from around the world and from studios in California – Northern California that is, I was able to purchase the Alienware M17xR4 Laptop with the Vindicator V.2 Pack for when I go and show my work in whatever format or project.

Remember and please keep this in mind, I am far more than a writer, a published author, graphic artist, web developer, artist, and musician. I dabble in alternative energy, zero-based energy to include my favorite scientist of all time, Nikola Tesla. Meanwhile back to my day to day activities, I use the Adobe Creative Master’s Edition CC 2017. I also have been dabbling in Photoshop professionally since 2000 hot and heavy. I have been using some flavor of Photoshop since the mid 1990s. Of course my artistic talents both in graphics, musical scores, short movies or movie-editing without putting too fine a point on things – well a normal stylish lightweight petite laptop with a dismal screen and horseshit for memory and two tin cans for sound just isn’t gonna cut it with the kind of work I do. No, you need a portable studio when you are on the run with all the bells and switches. You need something durable, built to last, and all the trimmings to floor a motherfucker, or a staff meeting of entire motherfuckers in my case. (Add the Samuel L. Jackson style to the last couple of sentences.)

Now I don’t want to knock Apple and those who have Apple iMacs and that door wedge of a laptop, but you really do get what you pay for outside of the Apple world. There is nothing close that touches these machines, that is if you want to spend $15,000.00 on an iMac tower and there isn’t a Laptop made by Apple that can come close to the Alienware product line. Now, I am not a shill or someone that works directly for Dell or Alienware. Sure, there are haters out there that sit around and complain about Alienware while operating their Walmart Public Assistance Machines.

Hate if you must…

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

Let me get away from technology and set my Samsung 10.1 inch tablet down from the emails, tweets, and messages I get day in and day out. I can read them all much later. I am just going to sit in my 20 some-odd year old chair where I pump out eBooks, Traditional Paperbacks, posts, blog articles, and occasionally without exception piss some jealous cunt (bi-gender word I use) off. Now this all of this isn’t some short story or a wet dream. I have more than enough short stories on this blog that should give you a very keen grasp in how I write to include style and or content.

If I am such a poor writer, ask yourself this question; why are you still reading my material no matter the subject?

If you don’t like my artwork, you know, the shit I am getting paid for and paid to do then why are you looking at it?

Why do you feel compelled to even come here and waste your time in the first place?

I’ve asked these rhetorical questions before and this is the last time I need to discuss this since all of what I do is paying the goddamned bills and earning a living.

Maybe that is the issue, me doing some of the things I always dreamed about doing and getting paid for it.

Moving on and leaving the dead and dying behind in the wake of my determined momentum.

I have a lot to say, perhaps some things better not shared here but on Facebook, or a tweet that is razor sharp and cuts deep into the bone to some specific people who thinks they can get a free lunch of knocking me and my work around.

Now, I will say that my experience, my overall experience has been mostly a very positive one. I had, since the course of last summer, friends that came and went. You know the kind, or the infamous saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” This has been a proverb of mine along with a good many people so it seems. Another that comes to mind is, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Yeah, we all had these “kinds” of friends. Again, these rat bastards are not your or anyone’s friends.

That last paragraph there, you can take that motherfucker to the bank and bet the house on that one. Yes, some of my “friends” closest to me were not my friends at all as it seems. They were anything but.

For the record, I try to help out everyone. I try to put my best foot forwards in hopes of their successes and personal problems. Then when I need some help, some understanding, some resolve, I get, yup, you guessed it, zilch.

I am speaking directly to a couple of three or four people out here. An argument for five can be considered. Nevertheless, these assholes that would not give me the time of day after I helped them, well let’s see if this Karma shit will come back ten fold upon each of them.

Being mean, being vindictive, or holding a grudge is nothing I enjoy doing. Frankly, I am too goddamned busy. Rather it is a waste of energy and time. This is something that I am certain that you all can agree to. I will just leave these spineless fucks in the bad odor I found them all in the first place.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

Now please allow me to add some encouragement to those who are struggling in their artistic, uber-talented endeavors. Now, 99% of all people who want to be a writer, a painter, and musicians never make it.


There are a few reasons from getting tired struggling, getting down by those same fucking leaches who drag anyone down and are nothing but losers, to illness, emotional, mental, or otherwise. Sometimes a gifted person just needs to unplug and take a long walk to an airport and board a flight to anywhere. Yeah, I’ve done that and I cannot express how much fun I had ditching my former life behind and starting a new. You certainly don’t have to go to extremes like that. You don’t have to come into your Boss’s office and piss all over him and his desk on your way out but if you can, I highly recommended it. Look at all the money you will save from spending it on therapy.

I also know full well on how overcoming or overwhelming all this can be. Pressures of life, family, the job – the one that you are a fucking slave to, and dreams seeming to fade or die. Nothing grieves me more than to see someone realize that their lifetime ambitions has come to a grinding halt.

Truly, the living dead…

One thing is for certain, I am eclectic as well as unusual. The song, “Divide” by Disturbed says it all about me and those like me. I have been different from what seemed like everyone else since I can remember. I tried to be like them in the early years but when you are in survival mode and held hostage by demons at home, well, it’s nearly impossible to just to breath let alone, express yourself.

Nevertheless, sometimes a break is in order. Sometimes stepping back from something to give you a fresh perspective is essential. A new stratagem because the one you’re into right now is not doing jack shit to the bottom line of things.

I know I write blunt. I know I can be brutally honest at times and seemingly unmerciful. I know that my hands may be caring but to reset that broken bone of yours is really gonna smart. Same with a broken heart. I know a lot of talented people. I know poets who write the most beautifully but cannot tell a goddamned good story. This goes for the short story people too.

You want to go the long haul?

Then sit down and write a full-blown novel from a blank screen. Edit it after you have finally finished before sending it off to an editor if you can afford one. Design the cover, spine, and back cover of the book. Take goddamn charge of your work in all aspects and whatever you do, don’t let the rat bastards tell you different.

Never give up and never get complacent in your talents. To be a master at something will take all of your life. Take charge. Don’t wait around for someone else that will or may ever come. Publish your novel, it’s really easy. Master the social media platforms and most importantly, don’t be a fucking baby about it.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

Thank you for reading,

Douglas S. Taylor


The Blogosphere Game

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For the metric ton of new people, a welcome is in order. As usual, I write about all kinds of “Darc” things. I don’t think that will ever change. However, something that I have noticed and for quite some time in the Blogosphere is this perception of mine that there is some sort of bias afoot.

Let me pose it this way; have you ever been to a blog and noticed a legion of other bloggers “liking” a certain post about any topic given under the sun?

Have you ever notice due to the content, the way it is written, and usually authored by someone who, well, can use some serious literary bling to it?

I fully realize and appreciate the various styles of writing. I’m not talking about this.

So, why all the “likes?”

I surely do not want to sound presumptuous though I am often left with a feeling of holding a fresh warm glass of sand for the literary nutrition in the end of reading with some twenty to fifty other bloggers from WordPress “liking” such hubris, and a mired delusion for the author of such a post akin to the “Emperor’s New Clothes.”

I most understand loyalty, fellowship, and support. However, could this be what is going on all along?

I mean to say, it is just a community of people “liking” whatever it may be from a quick note of a half-baked thought?

Is it a style of writing that is just beyond my own comprehension?

Certainly this is a strong possibility…

I cannot help to see the dangers for the lack of a better word. I am naturally going to assume that everyone that clambers to “liking” these sorts of post mean well and of good intentions. Still, I see the same usual line of suspects in the “like” department.

Yes, the same faces in the cluster of “If you ‘Like’ mine, I’ll return the favor.” This I cannot help but to draw a conclusion upon.

You see, I have been bouncing around from one profile or avi picture leading through a fast-paced trail to confirm and expand my mind a bit to see what is really going on here.

It seems most clear and evident that these groups of people are into “liking” whatever their beloved others post or write regardless of the quality, quantity, and content in my humble opinion, A blanket of boredom covers me as my very eyes frost over in the sea of empty words. Don’t get me started on the subject of passion powering your post and writing!

 If this is what is going on here on WordPress and my personal investigation into researching these things mentioned, then I am drawn to a serious conclusion of the dangers of not being honest with the author or the person writing such a post is a travesty.

Would it be much better to tell the person of what you actually thought of any given topic?

Constructively, of course.

I for one am the kind of person that holds one’s own tongue if I cannot find something constructive or positive to say. Sure, there are haters out here on any given social media on any given day. They will cut you to shreds, bring up personal issues they may have completely contrived with zero warning, and with zero meaningful content in their so-called criticism.

With these goons, sock puppets, and just miserable people who cannot offer the world anything shall find fault in anything you do. Don’t accept this behavior and block them from ever returning.

Who needs them?

I am not a hating kind of guy. Nevertheless, I am not the kind of guy to smack you on the back with empty platitudes and false hopes that you may very well be the very next Hemmingway.

If you notice my blog here, I have a super-huge following that grows with each passing day. You shall also come to realize there are very few “likes” because I don’t play the “WordPress Game.” Though, I appreciate everyone’s time immensely.

I also refrain from listing this blog on the WordPress Blog Roll or that kind of generalized notification that I have posted something new to the fine folks here on WordPress. When I first created this blog and all that you see here I went out and listed my site with WordPress as being completely “family-unfriendly,” “politically incorrect.”

The reasons are obvious. This blog of mine is all that it claims to be that contains adult content, adult language, and extreme violence in my stories. Yes, no matter of the content, genre, or style, I write for the adults, I write for those above the mental and emotional age of the thin of skinned in a bloodbath of words. I have an arsenal of a vast vocabulary that extends well passed the vernacular of the common tongue without the façade with the overuse of a thesaurus. I see the very same in other authors both published or not. It is of these special kinds that in my mind are far above the rest.

Oh, I am all for one to expand their vocabulary both in speech and in writing. Nevertheless, you all know what I am talking about with the overkill of the use of the thesaurus.

One other thing I like to point out and those who are here that contribute to the Information age. Have you ever wrote your fucking heart out and as soon as it is published, someone clicks, “like,” an you know damned well they could not have read over four-thousand words in ten seconds. Shit, the digital ink isn’t even dry yet.

Please folks, do the kind service of reading the entire post first. You don’t have a time limit and we all have lives to live too. You can always come back and finish where you left off. At least, I certainly feel that way.

Oh yes, I tell them these things. I don’t have to click, “like” and move on. Instead I may take a few moments and write a comment or three. I may even write them an email, send a message via Skype, or something. Regardless the means, these people know how sincere I feel about their writing, their ability to suspend disbelief and paint me a vivid horizon where the story is reflected in my eyes. The story plays out like a movie and each of the characters I see, feel, and the life breathed into them. These characters walk right off the pages and into my mind.

What I have described is not just some literary art but that of sheer sorcery of magic cast forth by the writer – the enchanting storyteller of the most talented kind in their craft.


I can assure all that are here in the shadows and safety of their own home that I know personally of a few independent writers that are good and then there are the sorcery with storytelling that goes beyond the mediocrity of the day to day bullshit of someone writing drivel and tens of people “liking” it because it is the same lot that shares or returns the favor.

Pity this happens in least in my mind, you know, the “WordPress” game. You all deserve the truth and in these constructive criticisms given in a positive light that you, the write shall grow and strive to perfect. I do and I let those fans speak for me about my craft. Other than that, “Mums the word.”

“Literary Art” is just that an art and so much more.

As for me, this is not a game I dare to indulge myself upon. Speaking about the “WordPress Game of Likes.”

You must earn it and when you do, you will see my appreciation in writing a comment as I eluded to earlier in this post. Solid earnest feedback is so very rewarding to those who blog and write.

I may have become the bane of the “WordPress” game and for me, with me, this is fine. I did not write this to invoke some sort of form of hatred, ill-feelings, or a biting cold comfort. No, I assure each of you this is not my intent.

Though, I am just as guilty as the next in supporting what I consider as to the true talent, the exceptional ones that may be my friends, fans, and followers who are also in the spellbinding craft. For these people, they already know, and have known for some time exactly how I feel and enjoy their contributions to the blogosphere.

Thanks for reading;

Douglas S. Taylor