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Douglas S. Taylor is the Brain Child of DarcWorX as seen in this image. Date is 07/18/2018.

It is interesting to say the least when you first contact people via Skype or in person that the folks have a preconceived idea in their minds on what you look like. We all do this, leastwise, I certainly do. For the most part, I am not let down and when I see the person they usually excel in my expectations. I certainly hope that it’s this way for you all reading this post.

I am here in my home office thinking about some real heavy stuff in reflection of all the things that transpired since the beginning of this month. I also started the beginning processes of development of Kaine Chapter Two. For those that are following, The God of the Harvest; Kaine – Chapter One I should have the continuation available in the beginning of August 2018 right here – naturally. For those who have no clue on Kaine, you can jump right into The God of the Harvest; Kaine – Chapter One today and let me know what you think. Most folks usually hit me up on Twitter. I don’t do fucking Facebook any longer or Google (NSA) + as well. I know what you’re going to say?

“Doug’s paranoid.”

More about me can be found by clicking right here.

No I am not paranoid, just check out the goon running Facebook and his congressional testimony and that should be enough right there. Nevertheless, I’ll leave you to your own speculations and imagining minds to conjure up something sweet. Speaking about sweet, I have noticed that other wonderful authors and bloggers on Twitter are being under attack by views of those of a much lesser mind. I am thrilled that authors and bloggers are standing up to these idiot-savants – That’s what sweet about it!

What am I talking about? 

Well, you see, there are these simpletons who spend all day judging authors and bloggers by the character dialog and projecting their misguided maligned judgements upon the creative individual. I cannot tell you how wrong this is as well as dishearten most any author and in any genre will feel so it seems.

Why do they do this?

I believe or like to believe that this problem with the simpletons is the fact they may be envious, hating, or just flat stupid. Yet these same near-humans can watch shows like the late “True Blood” where Sookie (Russian slang for BITCH) is fucking someone every 10 minutes per episode, so it seemed by the way, and does anyone dare accuse the actress as being a slut or something in real life?

Though, I am certain, especially in the Bible-Belt that some do sit back and pass judgement on the actress herself as they continue to watch weekly.

Morons and Hippocrates.

Her character was not the only one by the way on the series…

No, no most people do not but look only into the character as the suspension of disbelief is doing its magic. Thanks to Television, MK-Ultra, Fluoride in the public drinking water this is obviously more easy to the dark powers that be to perform. Okay, that’s another matter for another time.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

Oh, in regards to True Blood, “Pam” is my favorite character played by, Pamela Ravenscroft – Her first real acting gig too!

Okay, “True Blood” is only one example out of millions of shows and movies.

Moving on…

As I stated in much older posts in the Tombs of DarcWorX somewhere I speak about how writing is very therapeutic and so is my graphic designs. Say, if you get paid for something you love to do, you’ll never have to work another day in your life!

For those in the field(s) of literary arts, music, graphic arts, art, and so many other creative powerhouses out here that have taken the time reading and sharing my stuff, just remember, you’re going to have someone bitching about what you do. Also, as I tweeted on Twitter the other day, “Mistakes are made by those on the path of perfection…” I said some other things to encourage folks in the mentioned genre.

Here is a Golden Rule that I lived by as a Tech Contractor for the State of South Dakota and it basically applies to about anything you are doing;

  1. At first no one pays any attention to you.
  2. Then they laugh and mock you.
  3. Then they hate you!
  4. Then they have to pay you more! 

Hey gang, for the northern hemisphere it is summer and for all the good folks down in the southern hemisphere, stay safe, stay warm, and dry too.

As usual, thanks for reading…

Douglas S. Taylor

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Because I Can; Opening a Frosty Keg of Kickass

Succubus 2018 created and designed by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

One of my former friends who lies in a shallow grave in my woods once asked, “Why do you do this kind of stuff?” She was referring to my graphic designs and artwork. I boldly answered, “Because I can.” while giving her one hell of a condescending look. Her boyfriend, or fuck-mate, or whatever sat and judged as usual. Naturally, he too gave his unsolicited opinion. Have you ever had a person pretending to be a friend only to secretly loath you? You know the kind, the kind of a shady motherfucker that something deep inside you says, “You can’t trust this asshole and the next chance you get, run him through, and gut him ASAP!”

I am certain you have and as you read this, I know that their are a few faces crossing that horizon of your brain in the recall memory processes. I showed them some work I am doing for some heavy metal bands, some authors, and an up and coming magazine both in print and online. You just might want to take a look over at my graphic department when you get the chance.

I love doing what I do and since this is a career, I never have to work another day in my fucking life. Creating worlds with words and various art is what I do from home on my Alienware Area 51 R4. The i9 Intel shreds the AMD Shredripper. The judgmental asshole  came to my home one evening to boast about how much better his new machine, when it comes in, will be over mine. Well, like most young asshole-savants, he never even bothered to substantiate this with facts. I used the Intel i7’s fastest against the AMD second-rate public-assistance processor and once again like all the rest, AMD was sucking dick in the dust. Let me not even begin to compare my machine’s benchmarks against the AMD lack luster performance throughout history. Now, I want you all to take note before you attempt to argue your case on deaf ears; if you are happy with what you do, how you do your work, and whatever else, then good for you. I am not a gamer even in the spite of my GTX 1080i times three with eleven gigs of DDR5 dedicated ram on each card in SLI. I actually play my games on my Samsung 10.1 Tab A tablet. I know, right?

Now this is something I learned long time ago, Microsoft Word in any variant in a new wine sack such as Word 2016 x64 comes up just as fast on my machine as it does on my tablet or my Alienware 17xR5 Laptop or on a Dell Inspiron Walmart Special. Now, if you are in the graphics business, the video editing and or video creation business, then you need something to render the shit out of your project without waiting a month of Sundays doing so.

I also know of some highly talented and creative folks in the music business that uses such tools to create some really kick ass projects. Besides, I love listening to my music through the 7.1 Surround Sound by Creative Labs and or listening through my Logitech Artemis Spectrum 7.1 Surround Sound wireless headsets too. I know there are faster computers with the i9 chip but have not seen any with such a chip yet with the same sort of specs I have under the hood. Formula 1 kind of computing for the home. Don’t even get me started on the D-Wave Quantum Computing that can make my desktop look like something back in the Stone Age.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

His complaint, you know, the judgmental asshole I took to school with stats from ZDNet, CNet, AMD, and Intel is that he thinks these companies lied to me and he thought, since I gave him i7 Intel stats, he bitched and said “I thought you have an i9?” I said, “I do, motherfucker. I just didn’t want to crush your feelings so hard. You know, since you have to have your girl drop a knee for me on that fact alone.”

Let this be a lesson to the the young and prideful to say nothing of the utterly misinformed. What a lame motherfucker, and then he complains about my Alienware 34” curved screen at 120 MHz screen. I just told him to go and suck a fucking dick. Really, like oh yeah, “I bought all this stuff to do my work on with your approval in mind. Now get out!”

He didn’t like my Ultimate Gaming Mouse that I use and is programmed for Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and a couple of other fine Adobe applications to say nothing about the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise. Oh, and on my Win 10 Enterprise OS. Yeah, he had to complain like a gut-shot ape over how Microsoft works for the NSA and CIA. I had to break it to him that all Operating Systems from Linux, Windows, Apple, and Solaris are just as exposed. I also told him for every complaint he’s crying buckets about, there are features he could if only he would do his own research as in shutting some of the features down. I am so close to “disable” this jackass. He truly is a fucking half-witted cunt.

Out of all the operating systems I have been exposed to since 1986 professionally and since 1982, my favorites have been Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I am getting Windows 10 Enterprise reigned in.

Now a days, I don’t see them much only when they try to avoid me and run headlong into their house and car. Like I am really going to kill them or something.

Oh, I might use their likeness and such as characters, you know, fictional characters that gets all carved up making the Saw Franchise look like Subway Sandwich Shops. Hey, you can put a human body in an industrial size plastic drum filled with toxic chemicals that will juice them both on a slow boat to China these days.

Just kidding…

Oh, and some things that I forgot to post in this article. Sorry about that. I truly am. I hate telling good people bad news, I really do… (sounds like the Prophet from the Matrix). Since it is 2018 and all, well, I decided to upgrade my artwork and you all shall be noticing the differences. Some are subtle though. I did ask and set up some auto-tweets inquiring the world on the new resolutions. So far not a peep. Nevertheless, rest assured that I will continue to kick some serious ass in this aspect as usual. I also have added new mockup movie posters that stars or features some of my greatest fans, followers, and such. I stopped this for some time as I realized that I was making a lot of miserable people really jealous. Call it an experiment in social networking. Yeah man, did the haters come out of the fucking woodwork. Some of these same people still come here and read to see if I would talk about them or something. I have so few unfortunates and casualties in my crimson wake that it isn’t even worth mentioning.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

Thanks for reading as always,

Douglas S. Taylor

In this Month’s Edition…

Design and Layout by Douglas S. Taylor

Leave the big decisions for DarcWorX!

It does my heart good to see an old image like this as to be used in April 2016’s cover as I listen to something rather “darc.”

There are those who have nothing better to do with their day as to come here and get their panties in a bind. Nevertheless, none of that stops me from what I love to do and how I do it.

Fore everyone else, I hope you enjoy these mock-up magazine covers as much as I like putting them all together.

I think that says enough about the subject in the small inset banner above. “Remember duckies, all get got.” David Bowie said in 2015. Never truer words. I like you sure do miss him and for me on a personal level, I never expected to outlive him in the least. I know that other friends believe that David just went home to a neighboring galaxy. I like to think that as well. The very thought brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

Regardless, there are always some rabid dogs that need to be brutally put down, and if you have none that needs a good filler for some shallow grave somewhere; then you’re not being creative enough.

Besides, have you noticed that people that speak ill of you end up getting theirs?

Though, this observation of mine does carry some street-cred to Karma. Yeah, I would like to see more of karma and less bullshit going on. I mean, let us think if all of a sudden that Karma came through for a moment. Something like the Christian Fairytale of “Passover” where all of Egypt’s first born died throughout that night – Naturally, that good bullshit never happened. Nevertheless, let us take a flight of fancy for a moment.

Yeah, here comes Karma like a ruthless runaway freight train that jumped the rails and hits the psychopathic 1% of the United States. Oh yeah this means you too Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, all the goons at the Pentagon, Capital Hill, the White House, and the good little shit-eating minions in Langley, Virginia. Let us not forget Homeland Security, the NSA, and the beloved FBI to boot.

Speaking about the FBI and with the Apple company. Did you know that some time ago that Apple was and still is working with the NSA?

Sure, any one of you can easily vet that information out. So, why all the hubbub with the FBI wanting the same access?

I believe it is all nothing more than a marketing ploy by Apple cashing in on giving you, the public, a royal fist-fucker’s jamboree at this, and cashing in on both the street-cred with the cash!

Apple isn’t fooling anyone. The FBI isn’t fooling anyone. Just read some of the latest comments on most any corporate-controlled news sources here in America. Ask anyone outside the United States on their thoughts about the American Government and the mother of all terrorists – Bring a chair because you’ll be in for it for quite a spell.

Now getting back to this bullshit called, “Karma.”

As one would suspect that Karma would be a very busy mystic force with setting the world right. Even if Karma did that all in one night, the very next day there would be soulless bastards to step up to the plate and take over. Even if a billion people just vanished – Rest assure corruption would raise its fucking head at the first signs of opportunity. Even if we gave Karma a full week of shredding the evils of this world, it wouldn’t be enough.

Nice thought though, isn’t it?

There is no god no more than some vast force called Karma that sets the universe right ever so often. Not a chance in hell. Oh, if I actually believed in such a place in which I don’t.

Yeah, I write about it and have art that scares the good little Christians and superstitious people.

The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean

The above is just an example. It is true that I also write about some really chilling things that leave you in cold comfort. For those who have an expanding vocabulary and diction. Even if someone would cruise through my vast music collection that many would draw the conclusion that most of my stuff is anti-Christian and or anti-God. I believe in the Bible God as much as I believe in some dude personified as Lucifer, the Devil, Satan, or some other entity. Please, I spoke enough of this stuff many times before.

Again, I do have so much fun about it all just the same.

If Karma is really for real and all. I think it would come as an Earth-Ender event. It would have to be and if so, it has happened about six times already. Go ahead and check that out too while you’re at it.

Moving on…

Speaking about my writing. I have been caught up in a whirlwind of things drawing me away from my latest endeavor, “The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean.”

I guess that’s life, you know with real-world stuff like helping friends, doing the 2015 taxes, and maintaining my appearances in the darkness where no one can even see me – I’ll let that set in for a second. As some of my living friends say, “It’s not how good you play the game. It’s how good you look doing it!”

Again, never truer words…


Getting on with other things I have been observing and of course, been questioned about is some shows or series that I have been watching on Netflix.

As of late I have been watching the first edition of the “X-Files” from season one through the last on Netflix. I admit in the beginning it was fascinating. Then I began seeing gaping holes in the storyline not only include the short story line of many of the episodes but the overall X-Files mythology of a government conspiracy working with aliens and extraterrestrials caught in the middle of some kind of celestial war. Some of it, though as entertaining as hell had chasms void of any reasoning. Yeah, the excuse is that’s, “Hey fucker, it’s in the script.” It sure ruins the suspension of disbelief, don’t it?

Now I am well into season seven of the X-Files and yes, I saw the movie too. Well for me – Only one guy speaking here — it’s starting to really wear me down with the same sort of peat and repeat of the same old elements regurgitated by different names and faces. This is television and you can feel the numbing effect as it attempts to lull you into a coma – Part of the American Dream with television as a whole. I do like the wit of the FBI’s Special Agent Fox William Mulder that cracks me up now and then. Hell, all along I wasn’t aware that anyone in the FBI has any sense of humor?

So, will I continue to attempt to make it through to the end of the old X-Files or will I leap from a possible train wreck like that of my experience with the “Walking Dead.”

Too Late

Yeah, about that show of, “The Walking Dead.” I began watching it at the beginning of season one. I thoroughly enjoyed the world turning into zombies. I always thought that the Southern United States were kind of governed by zombies anyway – A quick reflection of history of the South. Moreover, one can easily say that the United States Congress is full of idiot zombies. I cannot defend the indefensible.

So, here we are in Atlanta, Georgia as the starting point to a small group of unfortunate survivors. Season two shows a bit more of an expansion but something still remains, no real history on how everyone became the walking dead other than some disease or shit. Season Three – I bailed after a couple of episodes. Sorry, got old as hell and damned fast about it. Entirely too predictable. Also I’ve been noticing a lot of the same zombies that in previous episodes have been dispatched one way or another.

Oh, and by the way, have you all noticed that are into the horror genre that the zombie craze has dropped a few notches among places like, EVERYWHERE.

Just a bunch of mindless drones led by some instinct. No, not for me. I needed something more than that.

World War Z, a movie scrapped and then redone by the same outfit. No wonder that Brad Pitt seemed so disconnected. I mean, how many more times did they plan on getting this horrible movie right?

World War Z’s plot and the entire story was fragmented at best.

Now, “I am Legend” was for me, a most excellent zombie movie. You see, this movie showed something like I was working on. It was showing a thinking zombie community of sorts. Imagine that, a tribe of zombies that can – to an extent – think for themselves to a degree.

Some time ago I rattled the Zombie-Fan community with something I was twittering and Facebooking about. Started out as something like a timeline of events based upon the development of, “RU-486” which is a chemical and viral concoction that went, well, terribly wrong. You know, a super-agent to infect the United States Armed Forces with the ability of strength, longevity, and endurance. Now, I know that synopsis sounds familiar. Remember the real-world World War II that in the fall of the Third Reich that was suppose to endure a thousand years barely lasted five years. Okay, then came “Operation Paperclip” where the United States would snatch up all these war criminals of some very hideous crimes committed by themselves but had something to offer in the way off sciences and technologies.

Some of you may have remembered me doing these sorts of creative things.

So the story goes,this is where the first mentions of “RU-486” was to be altered and weaponized by the Nazis and tested out in trials upon the Jewish Death Camps without any real success. Information of this story goes as far back as the invention of Mustered Gas and a few other notorious atrocities. The history would go as far back as the Russians during their civil war and mysteriously shelved. I don’t want to get into the particulars because someone might catch an idea of my work like the pricks with, “The Fifth Angel” and “Lilith.”

Imagine that.

Thanks for reading,

Douglas S. Taylor


If it were only true!