Then Along Came The Spider…

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Some things change and some things remain the same. I would like to welcome all the new folks to my blog of horror, the strange, the odd, the macabre, and the “Darc.”

I shall wish and everyone of you for all the support via the social networks in 2017. As a graphic designer to include clothing at the VIDA Studio. The stuff is available all over the world and yes, it’s selling!

I would also like to wish all those who in the “darc” past that faded away, went underground as in; the groundhogs are delivering your mail for you. Yes, all those tormented and twisted souls that are no longer with us. Yes, these lost souls fall into the category of “Who Gives A Fuck.” I must remind you that coming here like a creepy ghost in the night clicking around and, in your way, creating extra revenue to the Darc. I appreciate your ill-spent energy and bandwidth. I truly do!

Damn, almost forgot, I would like to wish everyone a belated, “Merry Christmas.” There, better late than ever.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

The above cover is based upon unholy almost actual events here in the Americas. Yes indeed, I killed Santa Claus and my friend Andy wanted pictures so, here you go!

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

I know there are folks wondering if I really have any predictions for 2018. I think I have expressed them more than well enough throughout the various platforms of social media to the point of crystal clarity. I made my predictions on the geopolitical, national, and my local area in a myriad of topics. Naturally they are both clear and foreboding. I can go on for days talking, showing, providing precious links in tying up these real facts, you know, the real truth that might make you think differently, and waking you up from the Matrix. Moreover, most won’t dare to experience the horror of reality – Real horror.

Speaking about horror and that is the heart of this blog by the way, there is so much coming for you in these realist realms for those who can see, for those who are half-awake, and those still jacked in and getting pumped with some really good MK-Ultra – Damn, there I go again. Let me just end this right here. No matter what group or stage that you may be in, it doesn’t matter, some major dude will put it all back again in due time. Just remember, the Government kills more people than any war. In fact, I believe it falls second just under poverty as the major threat goes. There is religion that is a tool for government.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

Hey, you all know that my musical taste is in a word, “Eclectic.” I love certain bands, groups, and such that seems to know no bounds. Having said that, why does Five Finger Death sounds like they have all been gut-shot apes complaining about, you know, mom and dad, and their misgivings. These guys have some killer tunes, nevertheless, “American Capitalist” way back in 2011. Now if these guys were/are hating on the government, then the message is lost in the Deluxe Version I have of this album.

Just my take on this as I find myself listening to this album as I am writing right up until I switch to Matchbox 20.

On this note, I close out 2017, and again, I wish you all well.

Thanks for dropping in!

Douglas S. Taylor

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It Has Been A While But I Am Still At It!

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Created By Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

I know it has been some time since I wrote a post. I am far from being dead and just like the inflammatory magazine cover states, I haven’t gone anywhere!

No, instead, here at my little corner of gloom, my sorcery in all things “Darc” has went for an immediate upgrade. First it was the Adobe Creative Master’s Collection CC 2017 and hardware upgrades galore. Yes, a new Alienware Area 51 R2 fully decked out with three NVidia’s GTX 1080 TIs grinding out the extreme HD graphics rendering in mega huge media formats such as Bus Stop Posters, billboards, additional art and design. It is strange to me that most people can work with Windows 10 Creative with 4 or 8 gigs. I have 64 Gigs of RAM and when I am into my larger work I utilize anywhere between 75 to 90% of my memory and my Pagefile is screaming at 95% or more. If you are into rendering out huge gigabyte Photoshop Files and Premiere videos to your client’s server, you need not only this kind of horsepower but the serious uploading bandwidth. With 1 Gb/s download and 200 Mb/s upload you really need this.

I DON’T PLAY GAMES and this is not a gaming rig though it has all the trimmings for decimating any game in the market. I am not bragging, I am showing you how serious you need to be when you are into the things that I do. True, I write with Microsoft Office 2016, I have Outlook 2016 open, Photoshop, and my music player pumping the tunes through my Logitech Artemis Spectrum C933 Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Headset. Music is my muse and like Gene Simmons said, “I love it loud!”

True that!

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

My Alienware M17 R4 Laptop joins the Darc Forces in two days and that is for when I am on the road to various studios in Northern California. Yes, there are studios now that displays my original pieces, One is actually a clothing designing studio where the public can purchase artistic designed clothing. You can go to my Facebook page and Twitter for more information and my cyber studio. All items are $75.00 USD plus shipping and tax. I have nothing to do with the fashion itself, just my art they want and they do the rest. I am told that one studio has a huge oil-based print of mine in their gallery that is 60 inches by 240 inches long all in a frame. I am assured it will sell and when everyone takes a bite out of the sale, I may just have enough to rub a couple of shiny new nickels together.

So, as you can see, I have been very busy. I also would like to make mention that I am leaving the eBook scene and going full throttle with Amazon Books in Traditional Paperbacks and Hardcovers. Already, “The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean” has its ISBN for being sold via Amazon all over the world. I am also told that I will be in charge of setting the price of each book I produce. Since, I do the book designs already for a few special clients, and I am indeed a professional at what I do, designing my own covers is always KILLER.

Some good folks out here and in the world ask about what I write or a sample of my work. As you know, this is the official one and only blog of DarcWorX which is me. I am DarcWorX as far as my LLC Business is concerned. Moreover, DarcWorX is Douglas S. Taylor.  Okay, to the point; I have a lot of material here for those who want to get entertained and find value in my short stories here. As of late, “The Sheriff” that is on the “What’s Hot List” (still) is a great sample based upon “The Werewolves of Deadwood” that will be a full novel upon its own. There are other stories too and to include a real paranormal story, a non-fiction account of an angry ghost while I was stationed in Egypt.

You get the point. Also, there is a keen search feature on the upper right corner of the main page of my blog. I have everything tagged so it makes it real easy for people to find things.

Okay, yeah, I realize that I am nearly a one man show and I know that obviously irks a couple of hating people that lives for trolling. I am not getting negative or fall out of a perfectly great airliner and dive down through the thick jungle canopy tops crashing down to their level on the murky muddy swamps where gator bait and gas bubbles is all they are to me anyway.

Let me see if I am missing anything important…

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

Yes, I will be adding a couple of new page and categories to this blog that will have links to the various studios I mentioned and where you can purchase clothing items, HD Oil-Based, and HD prints to scare away any rats you may have in the house or workplace. All this will be coming soon, very soon.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, please contact me at:


Douglas S. Taylor


Something I Need To Say!

Official 2016 Late DarcWorX Official HD Magazine Covers

It is truly amazing to see right through the American Propaganda and for those in the race for the presidency of how incredibly absurd it has become.

Then there are the revelations of, “The Voting System is all rigged!” Like, it is something that just happened recently to present day. In the recent history, we have seen Al Gore get stripped as the one that the system has chosen. Then, the sudden debauchery of Florida. Does anyone remember who was Governor of that state at the time?

Some of those who didn’t know then should have figured it out. You can still find accurate and independent journalism with additional articles showing the viable validity of what I along with many people have known for a long time.

The voting scandals and cheating to say nothing of the polls being manipulation in statistics. We also are fully aware of the Electronic Cheating Scandal(s) that has been going on. Much of this news is still out on the internet for you to catch up on. Yes, you will find people admitting and charged for some of these actions. Nevertheless, most went unnoticed, unchallenged, and not serving prison time. How quick the corporate own press tends to bury things.

As you may be reading this, the America Corporate News campaign jumps right your living room and tells you what to think, what to say, how to say it, is on a rabid rampage.

America, even the slowest among you must be catching a clue in all the deception. We have seen that cheating in the DNC is a clear case without exception. We have seen Barry Sanders fold under the White House pressure and selling out. Yes, Sanders in a sell-out and nothing more. If Sanders can be easily persuaded by Obama and crew. Just stop and think what he would have caved into in the White House. Alas, we see that Barry, a victim of the election and voting fraud is also in playing along with these crimes of sedition and treason.


Official 2016 Late DarcWorX HD Inlet Article Banner

As of late, it seems Hillary Clinton’s smear campaign is working very well as with the media backing her hypocritical ass up — Except for Fox News which is a fucking joke anyways. Really, Trump’s locker room talk a decade ago is the only thing you can put a finger on?

Sure, I don’t believe for a second that Trump is innocent of abusing, bashing, and fondling women. I am dead set against that and there is no room for someone with glad hands in the Oval Office.

Though what the psychopathic Clinton Camp is forgetting is that Bill Clinton is nothing less than a Serial-Rapist and in collusion with Hillary guilty of a myriad of capital crimes against the United States Constitution, and treason against the people of this nation. She should be in the Big House waiting for her public execution. She shall not be alone in doing so. No, far from it.

Nevertheless in my lifetime, when I stop and think, “Can it get more fucked up than what it is?” Then the rug gets pulled out from underneath me with an all new level of divisive diabolical treachery revealed.

Regardless of the wretchedness of Hillary Clinton, she should have been serving several life sentences in the very least. She has proven time and time again, lying, killing, cheating, and committing high treason seems to go unchecked.
Even WikiLeaks with the mountain of data on the many, many sins of Hillary should have been more enough to find her neck in the noose goes unchecked, unchallenged by the corrupt government to include the FBI, DOJ, and a long list of alphabet lettered agencies.

You can say what you must about the clown, Donald Trump and if anything, the last three debates he has come up short with help from the corporate news against him as if he needed any help to implode upon himself. I predicted this while discussing stuff with Heidi Duggan some time ago.

Even if Trump did win come November 8, 2016. How long do you think he would survive before being “suicided,” involved in a tragic air or car crash?

Some of my peers argue the reality that Trump would wake up and find himself dead. They say, his private security is too good, top-notch, and all that shit. I did show these folks a graveyard of foreign nationals, people in US Government at one time, and people speaking out against the atrocities that said the same thing!
As David Bowie once said, “All duckies get got!”

Trump would be just another victim of the CIA Public Display of Assassination that would be sending a very strong message out to all on the side of Trump — That you will not succeed against the real ultimate powers that run the marionette government. I am talking about the banking cartel who is the highest echelon of power that the world, those of us that can see through the bullshit knows.

As for the CIA, these diabolical actions are nothing new. They have toppled governments, regimes, and a US President. This would not be the first nor last time that this sinister agency would drop a perceived threat on national television.

Like some of you, I don’t own a television and it has been over 6 years now. I decided against it since the High Speed — Ultra High Speed is here. Television is a lost cause. On the Internet, there are various news sources, reputable, and offer independent fact-checking sources that will lead you to the eye-witness journalism with their boots on the ground. Undisputable, reliable, facts that allow you to make your own mind up without political, geopolitical, or corporate spin.

I would like to take a moment and warn you. Before you go and start using the Internet for the betterment and detoxifying yourselves of the “American Dream,” you will naturally see things once hidden, never brought to light before. This includes the onset of rational thinking that will make you walk away from all the sheeple you were among.

Official 2016 Late DarcWorX HD Inlet Article Banner

With the Internet, the American Public can view the world’s view of the wicked U.S. Empire to include, what is actually really happening. In my quest for things and getting down to the bottom of the bullshit I discovered the height, depth, and width, of the corporate-controlled media and hence, hijacked your very own minds.

Ask yourselves the following:

1. Who created ISIS\ISIL within the US Government?
2. Exactly what were the motives that led to the leader of Libya slaughtered?
3. Why was Seal Team 6 executed?

This is a start — Use the Internet right in front of you. You will find videos, documents, and real news right at your fingertips.

Now, it seems that the American Government needs an evil personified in a foreign leader or regime. The Corporate news has been of recent fooling the American public that the Russian Government is responsible for the DNC Hacking. The Russians were cleared of any involvement or cyber wrongdoing just three months ago by the very same people that said the Kremlin had nothing to do with it. Clinton claims that 14 security agencies say that it is the Russian and Putin himself.

Where is the evidence to such an egregious claim?

Why would the Russian hack just the DNC when there are far more critical cyber attacks that can easily be completed?

I think a little critical thinking is required here…

America Propaganda at its best!

Official 2016 Late DarcWorX HD Inlet Article Banner

I also realize what I have written here and what some of you may research is actually correct to include my commentary on some serious level of rational thought with a keen knowledge of history is not only viable but justly explained.

If you find anything within this post that challenges your belief systems no matter on what level and stave off your own ego long enough to look into the more than available facts, then, and only then will a whole new world will become into view.

Take the fucking Red Pill!

Thanks for reading!

Douglas S. Taylor

What’s Happening This Summer!

Created by Douglas S. Taylor

So, another year passes us and we’re all facing the “Fatal 100 Days” here in America. This term is for all the traffic throughout the nation as everyone hits the road. For some, this means quite literally. I usually keep a “Sturgis Death-Count” when all the Baby Boomers come and flock for “Bike Week.” Aging and more decrepit as ever, most of these people are living a fantasy of theirs being a biker and all with about as much experience as a newborn infant.

This year will be in record numbers as the death toll rises as the crowd will be dropping due to the staggering economy and the fleecing from local businesses and blood-sucking companies along the South Dakota Greed Corridor. Nevertheless, I think I will give up on this fatal, “Sturgis Death-Count” morbid hobby of mine.

Speaking about hobbies. I hope you all like the fresh new designs that are coming forth. I’ll even get around and change up the main banner to reflect the new official logo.

Also, I would like to talk about my latest project, “The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean.” I feel rather good talking about this book since the name is copyrighted with and ISBN to boot. So, if say, someone in the UK is reading this, and I know they are, they won’t be able to get a free lunch like they did with my published short story, “Lilith.”

Yup, some poor motherfucker came along and tried their hand in taking my work and making it their own. This person just couldn’t capture the dark fantasy aspect along with the near biblical theme of the story. Instead it seemed more like a two-dimensional story with a lot of grammar mistakes.

Speaking of which, I know there are a few blogger, writer, and publisher friends of mine that frequent this little darc corner of WordPress and in doing so can easily check out my various styles of writing. I know that my ways of writing, the subject matter, adult content, and so forth just isn’t for everyone as I said before. Nonetheless, most days, it makes for a solid read no matter what some asshole may say.

Are these sacks of assholes suppose to be critics or something?

What have they truly done positive for the enrichment of their society, let alone, their neighborhood?

Instead, I bet not a good goddamned thing but go about howling like a gut-shot pig.

Are their snide and shallow comments suppose to mean anything to me at all or is it just what it is; an empty can being kicked down the road?

Nothing but noise and nonsense.

Speaking on the topic of assholes. I know right now a few of their smug faces are showering down like a black rain in your mind. For the wonderfully gifted storytellers, this is just a sign that you are moving up in the world of literary arts. Remember; first they pay no attention to you, then they laugh at you, and then they hate you (not to mention have to pay you more too). Never has these words been any truer.

For me personally, a couple of these stains seemed to be from the United Kingdom and nowhere else. Odd that is. According to my demographics here and as well as Twitter, I am being read in all the world – Even China!

Not bragging at all. But why just the UK idiots?

Yeah, all with the same IP Address to boot.

Here is a thought. What about a storyline or scripted into a thriller slasher movie where an Independent author starts making it into the big time. Say, something like a storm upon the New York’s Best Seller’s List and then a blockbuster of a movie. Then this guy or gal plans a perfect crime. He or she goes over to London and gives the idiot-savant a double-tap for their troubles and made example of across the net – Shit goes viral.

DarcWorX 2016 Inlet Banner

Moving on…

Many of us, as Gillian Anne Gibson, author, blogger, and supporter-extraordinaire has just finished with her latest post of the very need to write. I can vehemently agree with Mrs. Gibson on that alone as with many of you. I also have a need to create graphics, art, and design. All three are separate and it seems only the graphically inclined know this outstanding fact.

There is also one pointed fact for me and that is no one will stop me from being me. Just get over that natural fact. I know I am speaking for a few good natured folks when I say that and the following paragraph;

Writing for me is an art and so much more. It is with all the writers of the world no matter what genre your into. Then there are those who produce, direct, and push awesome movies our way. I am of course speaking about the Independent artists out here in the droves.

All the meanwhile, Hollywood has become a fucking tar pit of regurgitations of old classic movies and the once, blockbusters into nothing more than disposable hubris. I would go on to say, a murky shadow of the once greats. I used to joke about this back in the late 1980’s with the Rocky Franchise starring none other than, Sylvester Stallone. “Hey guys, have you heard about the new Rocky movie? Yeah, he’s fighting Buddy Ebsen to defend his Heavyweight Championship!” That line gained a lot of laughter back then.

What is not so fucking funny at all is the blatant fact that Hollywood will run anything into the ground. One actor that I cannot stand is Johnny Depp for various reasons as he proved to the world that he isn’t some kind or miracle worker in saving the industry as he went down with the ship with the “Alice in Wonderland” in the latest escapades where Hollywood made a mega-loss. Not even Johnny “Tonto” Depp could have kept them afloat over these disasters. Naturally, there are many remakes that do this. There is, or so it seems, an exception to this story that I would like to bring up right about now.

Let’s talk about a simmering franchise that just seems to get better with every new installment. The original movie, “The Purge” 2013 gave me the impression of another movie called, “The Assault on Precinct 13” in several ways. Though, the story line is a bit different to say the lest, I found myself barely hanging from shutting it down. The 2013 offering was all too predictable, bland, and not enough background. Do you all remember the end when people were calling into a radio station on the morning after the purge?

I certainly do and let me tell you something that many agree with is the fact that fleeting moment was far better, and more promising than the entire movie before it. Shame, the last 30 to 40 seconds better than they entire flick. Then in 2014, “Anarchy” hit the screens. This movie proved to be an improvement upon the first. More of a backdrop, and the story much more diversified as in expanding its horizons.

Now comes, “The Purge 3 that shows even more promise. Though, only a trailer, and several on YouTube at that. I just hope that the franchise can continue to escalate. Also, I like to make a note that on my Facebook Wall, I posted the trailer there and it has been removed since.

As to why?

I haven’t a clue…

DarcWorX 2016 Inlet Banner

There is a lot of talk on the social networks in that many folks are complaining about the literal shit coming out of Hollywood these days. I think one thing that Hollywood is betting on is the American short term memory loss. How many times are we suppose to see “Robin Hood,” “Batman,” and “Superman” for instance?

No matter the genre, we are plagued by the rich people who has absolutely no talent calling the shots, script changes with their goons of Hollywood. Let them produce, direct, have a script, and star in the doomed motherfucker and kick back to enjoy the brooding shit-storm coming with a whole world of pain.

Nevertheless, who is really at fault here?

Is it the fools at Hollywood, or is it the fools showing up at the Box Office?

Hollywood cannot afford to make a dud after dud after dud of the same old bullshit if no one is buying this shit in the first place.

My advice, “Put your goddamned money where your mouth is and boycott the Hollywood Bullshit.”

If you do this, then not only will Hollywood tank, the theaters will face an insurmountable titanic loss, and as the chain of corporations fold, then may be, just may be, someone would catch a clue before they make way like the Dodo Bird.

Until, this happens, expect the same old shit from Hollywood and tell yourself while texting at a theater while watching the show, it’s all your fault in the first place.

Moving on… Again. 

Since I do not have permission to share a short movie just under thirty minutes long and done on a budget of $7,500 USD rocked my senses silly. Fresh new horror from the mind of someone we all never heard before. The only downside was the ambient music. Since the makers of said movie had to use non-copyrighted music without paying a mind-numbing rate on the extended licenses while keeping the budget phenomenally low with money spent to good use elsewhere. Yeah, I understood that. The music didn’t take or distract in a negative way – It’s just something that I notice since I am an audiophile.

Speaking about music undertones in movies. I was once again on my Blade Trilogy Binge. A very good and timeless production from the first movie all the way up to the annoying Ryan Reynolds. I just love the subtle ancient middle-eastern melodies during the more quieter parts. When I talk with other Blade Trilogy fans, they all seemed to have missed it. The “Blade” franchise started in 1998 through 2004. I just downloaded the latest re-print of“Blade III” and in the end, Ryan talks about the future of the Blade character played by Wesley Snipes. In contrast to my older print, the newer changes are in the end story to accommodate the up and coming “Blade IV.” Unfortunately, YouTube has yet to offer an official trailer.


You can bet the bank that I will be looking forward to it.

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Black Reign Operations; A New Blog!


Screenshot of the new blog of Black Reign Operations


In the course of the last few days I have been deeply preoccupied with the design and development of another side of me. As many of you know that I occasionally write posts and articles that are outside the scope of speculative fiction, horror, and the macabre. Some of these posts may seem a bit, “left-footed” to what I normally share here on DarcWorX.

Hence the new site

Everything you need to know about the mission statement of what is going on over there is available by clicking here. The tone, the ambience, and the material is obviously completely different and worlds away from this site.

Black Reign Operations is a journalistic blog about some of the things I formerly discussed here. I hope that many of you at least take a look at the site I have been creating and of course, the rich content chalked full of resources, links, references, and sources of the truth and facts of each new article.

Thanks again,

Douglas S. Taylor

DarcWorX and Friends…

Created and developed by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

First and foremost I would like to thank Emilie Flory, Director and Mastermind of ICONE LABELS for an Idea she popped into my head some time ago. I think it was like 3 months or thereabouts when I was knee-high in some personal battles and other stuff. Needless to say, the name of “DarcWorX” is her idea solely. Sure, I told the French woman to mind her old god damned business like that would do any good, right?

So, this little seed Emilie popped into my head began to grow and grow until today I caved in. Emilie Flory can be so infectious like this. Of course, she’s uber-talented and a close friend of Gillian Anne Gibson of Whatever, Ontario. You know, the also uber-talent bitch that writes better than me, and yeah, I still hate her goddamned guts for it too! Actually, Gillian Anne Gibson is a precious friend and spoke to her once on the phone. Other than that, she obtained a court order to prevent me from speaking on the phone, stalking, and flying a drone over her home. Things like that. Gillian is also my favorite dead girl in the movies.

Here is a short skit;

“So, tell me about this one here with a bullet through her forehead?” Detective Dick Johnson asked kneeling down above Jilly’s naked body and by the looks of things, a very cold day as the other, a junior detective with his notepad open penciling things down in a fevered pitch.

“Sir, the whore is Gillian Anne Gibson of Backwaters, Canada. She has been working the streets and a pole jokey down at the Busted Bitch Saloon. You know, where your wife also works on the side when she’s not at the circus blowing off donkeys?”

“Are you trying to be fucking funny, Watson? You just bought a month being busted down to traffic. How’s that grab your hairless ass? Report there on Monday!” Johnson replied bitterly.

“Looks like a closed casket for Ms. Gibson.” a street cop standing by Watson now frowning said sarcastically with a half of a smirk.

“You know some day O’Neil you’re gonna be one hell of a police chief.” Johnson quipped saturated with sarcasm looking up at the cop, “I really thought you’d have more respect for your goddamned mother lying here like this, you sick fuck…”

“Well, as a matter of fact, some of her patrons are really going to miss her. Vice has been working with her in some sort of investigation. Shit, she might not even really be a whore, you know, a prostitute?” O’Neil elaborated.

Detective Johnson arose looking up at O’Neil, “Whose running Vice these days, O’Neil?”

“Captain Emilie Flory, you know that ultra-hot looker that spends a lot of time at the armory?”

“The French babe?” Johnson added.

“Yup, the one that took home the state marksmen award four years in a god damned row. I don’t think the Captain knows how to miss.”

“A fucking Clint Eastwood with tits…” Johnson smirked.

“Well, I guess I am going to have to pay the Frenchwoman a fucking visit. Maybe she might know something.” Johnson turned away and headed for his dark sedan.

Then the police crime photographer came in for a few close shots, “Man, would you look at this fine sweet piece of… Man, I love my fucking job!” Smiling while snapping photos.

“Let’s get her to the morgue before her body cools.” The Medical Examiner shows up smiling down at the remains while the remaining policemen and detectives look oddly at the old man sporting a thin comb over.

Don’t forget to change the URL to HTTPS:// and stay up to date.

Again, I would like to thank Emilie Flory for the idea – But I fucking won’t!