August 2016 — A New Era in Graphics and Other Needful Things.

Official 2016 Late DarcWorX HD Wallpapers

New design layout to include a complete HD Resolution to include new official logo and quality like you never seen before. All graphics regardless of whatever trolls are howling about are copyright protected and included in all metadata. You may click on an image for full size and use it ONLY for personal non-professional use. Any and all uses via digital formats or reposting of any and all content is unlawful without written authorization for reposting, redistribution, or reprinting without consent of DarcWorX and or Douglas S. Taylor.

It has been a great burden on my mind and soul with all the new stuff still needing to be completed to include the new graphics designs for DarcWorX and with professional customers from all over the world in designing book covers, movie posters, album or CD/DVD covers as well.

Now, that isn’t all I am doing. No far from it. Some of you know that I am into alternative energies, and in the past, designed and implemented “Zero Energy” devices based upon Nikola Tesla’s proven technologies over a century ago and buried by big oil and hoodwinked over the public for many generations since Tesla’s idea of free electricity. I built a small conceptual natural magnetic high-powered  coil that would easily recharge an iPod, iPhone, and iPad (both big and the smaller.) Using this technology in a “proof of concept” last summer, using the same high-powered earth magnets from two old hard drives powering what I call a single primary coil. Two of these primary coils that fed power to two large electro-magnets over and through the outer coils. So far with no moving parts and obtaining a commercial DC/AC converter you can easily pick up at any good hardware store generated enough power to easily power my home and then some. All plug and play I might add!

Oh, did I say that there were no moving parts or energy feeding into this device from an outside source?

This is what is “Zero-Based Energy” or for the scientific term, “Zero Point Energy” means in essence.

Again, please read and comprehend this wonderful in-depth article.

Making something out of nearly nothing. Then again, it isn’t really nothing since it is all around us.

I then successfully done something that hasn’t been repeated in public since the times of Tesla. I made plans to make an energy core that would easily deliver 5 KW of converted AC continuous power at 50 or 60 CPS. Oh, there is a problem with heat and that was easily overcome by two intake fans and two exhaust fans running from an AC Buss furnished by the converter. So, in the end, there are moving parts after all in the newer and more powerful plant of mine — least on paper anyways and more about that in a moment.

Naturally there was some skeptics here that don’t have a fucking clue about the science of it all, nor do I have the patience explaining it to the local barnyard animals who pretend to understand. So, if you all need to know more about new reliable and viable “Zero-Based” energy, let your fingers do the walking and research the myriad of ways of kicking Big Oil in the ass. However, there is a very dark side when you bring forth, or in my case, resurrect an old discovery and a proven application into a full century later with materials that Tesla could only dream about making his discoveries, theories, and applications even more efficient.

Tesla, we have all the good toys!


Yes, and the dark side does raise its ugly head. Sure, this put me into the firing line of some ominous minds who doesn’t need some guy sniffing around and uncovering thing lost, things lost on purpose I may be so bold as to say. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid and during my collage years while serving in the United States Air Force. So, in a way digging around in the digital world, I have uncovered a metric ton of all kinds of shit sifting through the lies, deceit, half-truths, and myths.

Speaking of myths, did you know that 95% of the world believes that the Trojan Horse from the wonderful story of, “Helen of Troy” was actually real?

Yes, for fuck sakes. Nevertheless, I had to tell a couple of actors that starred in the movie that it was only a story and nothing to do with actual history. One of the actors, King Ajax in the movie got so mad at me he promised that he would kick my ass. I told him to bring it and when he gets done with me, well, we would settle up. My friend, Joseph Mobley knows EXACTLY what I mean by what I just said.

The Dark Side:

So the last thing that anyone in any form of government would want is some brainiac to develop “Free and reliable energy” that the third-world, developing nations, you and me can use.

The larger power-plant in design and the application of the unit never got off the ground. Those close to me know the reasons why. I have, after all, nothing I have to prove to anyone outside my tight nit of insane pals.

The concept device (not so) mysteriously gone too.

So, this summer I have done a few things differently. I got rid of a few rats in the cellar and you may have read a wonderful article I wrote called, “Psychic Vampires.”

Yeah, so then the new Desktop arrived and with it, I had to fleece out all the special APIs and nuking the drive down to nothing along with loading up my special little version of Windows 10 x64 Enterprise all locked down and kept from hemorrhaging keystrokes, software, web habits, and shit like that from going out to the NSA, CIA, and corporate America.

Oh, and if you are not running through your day to day online activities without a TOR, then that’s your ass. One thing about TOR, the American Government wants you to believe that terrorists are using such technologies — F-Secure has a wonderful TOR and man I was one of the first guys on the block to run and test the program from my area. Netflix thought I was in Oslo and signing in with my credentials I watched movies that are not offered or will be available in the United States any time too soon.

You all really need to brush the fuck up on such sweet technologies made to piss off the Pope.

I’ll have more to post very soon that has more to do with the scope of this blog and my unrelenting talent and craft deemed such by you, the fan.

Remember; The more you know, the more they hate you, and the more they gotta  pay your ass!

Knowledge is power and a power that no one can steal from within you.


Thanks for reading,

Douglas S. Taylor



What’s Happening This Summer!

Created by Douglas S. Taylor

So, another year passes us and we’re all facing the “Fatal 100 Days” here in America. This term is for all the traffic throughout the nation as everyone hits the road. For some, this means quite literally. I usually keep a “Sturgis Death-Count” when all the Baby Boomers come and flock for “Bike Week.” Aging and more decrepit as ever, most of these people are living a fantasy of theirs being a biker and all with about as much experience as a newborn infant.

This year will be in record numbers as the death toll rises as the crowd will be dropping due to the staggering economy and the fleecing from local businesses and blood-sucking companies along the South Dakota Greed Corridor. Nevertheless, I think I will give up on this fatal, “Sturgis Death-Count” morbid hobby of mine.

Speaking about hobbies. I hope you all like the fresh new designs that are coming forth. I’ll even get around and change up the main banner to reflect the new official logo.

Also, I would like to talk about my latest project, “The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean.” I feel rather good talking about this book since the name is copyrighted with and ISBN to boot. So, if say, someone in the UK is reading this, and I know they are, they won’t be able to get a free lunch like they did with my published short story, “Lilith.”

Yup, some poor motherfucker came along and tried their hand in taking my work and making it their own. This person just couldn’t capture the dark fantasy aspect along with the near biblical theme of the story. Instead it seemed more like a two-dimensional story with a lot of grammar mistakes.

Speaking of which, I know there are a few blogger, writer, and publisher friends of mine that frequent this little darc corner of WordPress and in doing so can easily check out my various styles of writing. I know that my ways of writing, the subject matter, adult content, and so forth just isn’t for everyone as I said before. Nonetheless, most days, it makes for a solid read no matter what some asshole may say.

Are these sacks of assholes suppose to be critics or something?

What have they truly done positive for the enrichment of their society, let alone, their neighborhood?

Instead, I bet not a good goddamned thing but go about howling like a gut-shot pig.

Are their snide and shallow comments suppose to mean anything to me at all or is it just what it is; an empty can being kicked down the road?

Nothing but noise and nonsense.

Speaking on the topic of assholes. I know right now a few of their smug faces are showering down like a black rain in your mind. For the wonderfully gifted storytellers, this is just a sign that you are moving up in the world of literary arts. Remember; first they pay no attention to you, then they laugh at you, and then they hate you (not to mention have to pay you more too). Never has these words been any truer.

For me personally, a couple of these stains seemed to be from the United Kingdom and nowhere else. Odd that is. According to my demographics here and as well as Twitter, I am being read in all the world – Even China!

Not bragging at all. But why just the UK idiots?

Yeah, all with the same IP Address to boot.

Here is a thought. What about a storyline or scripted into a thriller slasher movie where an Independent author starts making it into the big time. Say, something like a storm upon the New York’s Best Seller’s List and then a blockbuster of a movie. Then this guy or gal plans a perfect crime. He or she goes over to London and gives the idiot-savant a double-tap for their troubles and made example of across the net – Shit goes viral.

DarcWorX 2016 Inlet Banner

Moving on…

Many of us, as Gillian Anne Gibson, author, blogger, and supporter-extraordinaire has just finished with her latest post of the very need to write. I can vehemently agree with Mrs. Gibson on that alone as with many of you. I also have a need to create graphics, art, and design. All three are separate and it seems only the graphically inclined know this outstanding fact.

There is also one pointed fact for me and that is no one will stop me from being me. Just get over that natural fact. I know I am speaking for a few good natured folks when I say that and the following paragraph;

Writing for me is an art and so much more. It is with all the writers of the world no matter what genre your into. Then there are those who produce, direct, and push awesome movies our way. I am of course speaking about the Independent artists out here in the droves.

All the meanwhile, Hollywood has become a fucking tar pit of regurgitations of old classic movies and the once, blockbusters into nothing more than disposable hubris. I would go on to say, a murky shadow of the once greats. I used to joke about this back in the late 1980’s with the Rocky Franchise starring none other than, Sylvester Stallone. “Hey guys, have you heard about the new Rocky movie? Yeah, he’s fighting Buddy Ebsen to defend his Heavyweight Championship!” That line gained a lot of laughter back then.

What is not so fucking funny at all is the blatant fact that Hollywood will run anything into the ground. One actor that I cannot stand is Johnny Depp for various reasons as he proved to the world that he isn’t some kind or miracle worker in saving the industry as he went down with the ship with the “Alice in Wonderland” in the latest escapades where Hollywood made a mega-loss. Not even Johnny “Tonto” Depp could have kept them afloat over these disasters. Naturally, there are many remakes that do this. There is, or so it seems, an exception to this story that I would like to bring up right about now.

Let’s talk about a simmering franchise that just seems to get better with every new installment. The original movie, “The Purge” 2013 gave me the impression of another movie called, “The Assault on Precinct 13” in several ways. Though, the story line is a bit different to say the lest, I found myself barely hanging from shutting it down. The 2013 offering was all too predictable, bland, and not enough background. Do you all remember the end when people were calling into a radio station on the morning after the purge?

I certainly do and let me tell you something that many agree with is the fact that fleeting moment was far better, and more promising than the entire movie before it. Shame, the last 30 to 40 seconds better than they entire flick. Then in 2014, “Anarchy” hit the screens. This movie proved to be an improvement upon the first. More of a backdrop, and the story much more diversified as in expanding its horizons.

Now comes, “The Purge 3 that shows even more promise. Though, only a trailer, and several on YouTube at that. I just hope that the franchise can continue to escalate. Also, I like to make a note that on my Facebook Wall, I posted the trailer there and it has been removed since.

As to why?

I haven’t a clue…

DarcWorX 2016 Inlet Banner

There is a lot of talk on the social networks in that many folks are complaining about the literal shit coming out of Hollywood these days. I think one thing that Hollywood is betting on is the American short term memory loss. How many times are we suppose to see “Robin Hood,” “Batman,” and “Superman” for instance?

No matter the genre, we are plagued by the rich people who has absolutely no talent calling the shots, script changes with their goons of Hollywood. Let them produce, direct, have a script, and star in the doomed motherfucker and kick back to enjoy the brooding shit-storm coming with a whole world of pain.

Nevertheless, who is really at fault here?

Is it the fools at Hollywood, or is it the fools showing up at the Box Office?

Hollywood cannot afford to make a dud after dud after dud of the same old bullshit if no one is buying this shit in the first place.

My advice, “Put your goddamned money where your mouth is and boycott the Hollywood Bullshit.”

If you do this, then not only will Hollywood tank, the theaters will face an insurmountable titanic loss, and as the chain of corporations fold, then may be, just may be, someone would catch a clue before they make way like the Dodo Bird.

Until, this happens, expect the same old shit from Hollywood and tell yourself while texting at a theater while watching the show, it’s all your fault in the first place.

Moving on… Again. 

Since I do not have permission to share a short movie just under thirty minutes long and done on a budget of $7,500 USD rocked my senses silly. Fresh new horror from the mind of someone we all never heard before. The only downside was the ambient music. Since the makers of said movie had to use non-copyrighted music without paying a mind-numbing rate on the extended licenses while keeping the budget phenomenally low with money spent to good use elsewhere. Yeah, I understood that. The music didn’t take or distract in a negative way – It’s just something that I notice since I am an audiophile.

Speaking about music undertones in movies. I was once again on my Blade Trilogy Binge. A very good and timeless production from the first movie all the way up to the annoying Ryan Reynolds. I just love the subtle ancient middle-eastern melodies during the more quieter parts. When I talk with other Blade Trilogy fans, they all seemed to have missed it. The “Blade” franchise started in 1998 through 2004. I just downloaded the latest re-print of“Blade III” and in the end, Ryan talks about the future of the Blade character played by Wesley Snipes. In contrast to my older print, the newer changes are in the end story to accommodate the up and coming “Blade IV.” Unfortunately, YouTube has yet to offer an official trailer.


You can bet the bank that I will be looking forward to it.

DarcWorX 2016 Inlet Banner
DarcWorX 2016 Official Wallpapers

A Ghastly Holiday Season to All!

Cover Design and Graphics by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

Cover Design and Graphics by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

Yes indeed, DarcWorX is eerie, creepy, darc, and all kinds of cynical about things. This blog shows it in a huge way. In fact, I received critical acclaim on a very ironic and sarcastic story done for the “Morbidity News.” You see, there is an Editor-in-Chief of a major newspaper in America that thoroughly enjoyed the story so much he had to write an email to me directly.

I am most certain for those who were seeking darc sarcasm on a monumental level laced with darc humor have and will continue to enjoy how the aliens are suing the United States Government and the Obama Administration over patent infringements.

Yes, this particular story is different to say the least. For me, it was nothing less than refreshing.

Enough about that. I also would like, and more importantly so, wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. Last year I wrote a pretty darc venture for the 2014 holiday season. I shall refrain from mentioning that some of my fans and friends may not make it to see 2016 or passed the first couple of days – This should go without saying in the finalities of one’s life tragically ending ever so abruptly.

There is that creepy darc side of me hemorrhaging in black pools of venom of sorts…

Nevertheless, I do wish for the best for everyone especially during these troubling times as I mentioned in previous articles on my other blog. Yes, Black Reign Operations is something completely different than here. As some of you may know, I have a flare for investigative journalism and at times I would share that here. However the investigative journalism or my commentary about real-world-horror and atrocities wasn’t a good fit in this atmosphere. Besides, the demographics show that readership would dip during such postings.

By creating a new blog specifically for my real-world stuff, the demographics for that particular site has reached over 52,000 strong. Yes, people wanting, demanding, and acquiring truth. It is not a conspiracy theory site but one of many conspiracies that the United States Government is involved. Black Reign Operations is a site to inform, not sensationalize, not to scare nor entertain the reader. There on that blog I share with you the facts in the overabundance of credible sources. It is your responsibility to check out the over preponderance of data to make a clear and informed decision. Everyone knows that the United States Government is losing the Information War as alternative, underground, and corporate uncontrolled news is now making it to the masses.

It has been almost 5 or maybe 6 years since I got rid of my television and opted for my own programming made available in droves upon the Internet. I have a short list mentioned on my other blog. Who needs US, British, and other Lieutenants in bed with America and the respective news services?


Okay, back to the Christmas thing. I went to Walmart yesterday to brave the “Season of Corporate Greed and Avarice.” As I sat on a bench to get out of the herd’s way while allowing my mistress several unfettered minutes looking over women’s clothing for herself. I could not help that many peoples’ face look like they all should be on some anti-depressant for their Golden Globe Award-Winning looks of clinical depression. The ambiance of the entire Walmart experience is of dread. I haven’t seen a single smile. Instead, children crying at being disappointed by various things and their single mothers teary-eyed knowing they can’t afford such things.

Seeing all this around me it really does remind me of a modern-day “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens minus Jacob Marley and the three ghosts.

I must admit that my Walmart experiences has always been one of confusing my inner guidance system. I mean, my senses of direction, eye-fatigue, and just plain irritability. I have experienced this for a very long time. Not just at Walmart with their toxic atmosphere of Chinese poisons leeching out via the onslaught of products, but rather, something more insidious, something more malevolent that seems to practically personify into being there. Of course, there are other very large stores and malls that I get bewildered in a barrage of various things. I get this too in casinos as well. One might say it is the electronics for the RIDS, surveillance electronics, and the fucking florescent lighting.  So a while back I did a study on eye protection to help screen out whatever glare and other eye-sensory problems because of the drain upon my sight. I purchased a powerful pair of DVX Sun/Safety Glasses. DO NOT GET A PAIR BY WALMART!

I first saw these at Walmart, looked, and tried on a set I really liked. You can even get these in your visionary prescription. One thing I did notice that in most every pair of sun glasses say above $50.00 or more there were flaws in all of them. Abhorrent flaws that are criminally unsafe for your eyes. Every fucking pair had something wrong from variances to include warping in the lenses, to scratches, to faulty hinges, and lastly, bad frames that were twisted or bent out of place.

I went and paid a visit at my family’s local eye doctor. You see, they sell the same DVX line and models by Wiley X. Now, I looked at the exact same pair, model, and all. I noticed a couple of things straight away. I found the Wiley X trademark and information imbedded in the inside of the molding of the carbon frames. I also noticed I could not find anything wrong other that the eye-doctor’s version was heavier with thicker lenses. I also noticed something else. The lenses blocked out more UV and cut down glare by 50% to my guesstimation. I also checked out other models of the same presumed manufacturer. Peeking my interest I notice that the other models were of different quality as those I looked at in Walmart. All at the Eye Doctors were exceptional without flaw. Now there is another difference too. The price.

At Walmart, my particular model runs at $79.99 a pair. At my eye doctor’s starting price is $99.99 and above. My eyes are worth the $20.00 difference and I am getting the real thing instead of the obvious knock-offs at Walmart. Not even the so-called eye professional at Walmart could tell me anything about the “DVX” glasses there as to who made them and where.

That should be a sign…

Back to it. So wearing sunglasses is a must for me. Twice in the USAF I suffered from snow blindness. It is something that becomes with each passing easier to get. I wear them year around. I prefer to wear them to protect my eyes both physically and via UV.

I did notice walking into casinos with them, the light-fatigue I was accustomed to were gone and all the lights did not bother this night-creature. I also seemed a lot less confused with sense of direction. So my next test, a bigger casino and again no eye-fatigue but my sense of direction was amiss as usual. Then I went to Walmart wearing them like a visionary shield and no eye fatigue and a much better sense of direction. That is when, while wearing these glasses, I noticed I didn’t seem irritable. I certainly could concentrate on things. Always had an ability of the Hunter’s Focus with the exception of large stores or gatherings indoors.

I don’t want to make mention of some paranormal activity at Walmart but I do believe when a person makes something that the essence of that person is in some of the products. Maybe this would explain the doom, the dread, and the anxiety I along with too many people obviously feel so thusly the look upon their faces.

Walmart in Spearfish is a good place to go if you are all kinds of giddy and have a need to be brought down into a vast ocean of depression. Still, there is something more than the essences I am assuming – a HYPOTHESIS of mine nonetheless.

I wonder what kind of electronic beams are we exposing ourselves to at such a store?

I wonder about how toxic the atmosphere in a Walmart is and this may explain the headaches and maybe the depression that I have seen with my own eyes?

Truly, I really want to know!

I bet on a scientific level it would be surprising to say the least.

Anyways, thanks again for reading, and have a happy holiday season!

Douglas S. Taylor