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August 2016 Magazine Cover.

Created by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX Copyrighted @2016

Design Layout and Graphics by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX
It’s all in the Meta-Data!

It is a lot of fun creating powerful, useful, and enjoyable things so others may benefit in some small way. I am here for my fans and friends. Though, June 2016 I had to say goodbye to a few of my closest friends because they are friends of a very insidious person. You may have already read, “Psychic Vampires” article that discusses in great detail of such negative and highly toxic human beings. These creatures are real life people by its what’s inside, or, lacking inside them that makes them what they are.

I would also like to make mention that the article brought in a lot of readers from the Universe of Social Media. If you have read the article then there is no need for me to go into any detail about it here. If you have not read it. Please, stop right here, and do so now. 

Then come on back here.

Anyways, there are people who are quite talentless, boorish, and only shows contempt for people around them who are exceedingly leaving these fuckers in the dust.

Now as for my dear friends who are probably no longer me friends, they were not the Psychic Vampires I speak of in the least, but they are being used and or consumed in a toxic stew of negativity from one single person that at one time, I even respected.

I never tell anyone who they can or cannot be friends with. But to end the possibilities of this toxicity, I unfollowed, and blocked them from me via the social networks. I do this to keep out the caustic drama, and any more harm done to my friend who was nearly destroyed as you will read below.

Then came a dear friend who is battling depression in which I cannot or will not name. She is doing much better and every day, I think about her 20 times on the average. You see this person is a very strong person but was devastated by betrayal and her work stolen or what we all call, plagiarized. The anger and hostility that she received was beyond being just gutted, but her business and personal life affected accordingly.

Who is this spineless motherfucker?

Normally I would definitely say with listing their full name, address, IP Address, Cell Phones, Passwords to various accounts, and hack into their life setting off a cataclysmic event that would ruin this man, his marriage, his job, and those friends he is associated with along with posting undisputable evidence. Some of you reading this may seem that these measures are a bit harsh. But the cyber-sleuthing I was doing could have been a cyber-attack of exposing a real monster into the light of day with unforgiving consequences and the annihilation of his professional and personal life..

As for his friend, a close friend and fellow monster had caught my attention because of some things he was saying and doing. The new monster revealed to me, his friend, has a massive collection of child pornography that I personally seen on his cell phone and hard drive off of his desktop and laptop. The information was sent to the Pittsburg Police as well as his ISP. The bust was a layup for the police. I told one of my friends that I had to let go on what was happening to this asshole’s associate in grime. She said and I quote, “I know his wife and himself are investigating BDSM…”

Now as you know, I am one of those people who could care the fuck less in what happens between two consenting adults and it is their business and in my little private cyber investigations, I can see my friend is right about the BDSM thing. I kept digging and It only gets sicker, darker or deeper yet.

There are videos of said man with a different woman that isn’t his wife but a woman in located in Philadelphia that many of us all know. Again, I can care less, it was obvious to me she was, at the time, very consenting. However, this woman, she didn’t know she was being recorded. I didn’t find anything illegal, certainly immoral, and rather disturbing. Besides, she was wasted on cocaine she digested before and during her intimate time with this stain of humanity.

I wonder what she would do if someone, heaven forbid, grabbed those videos and posted them on YouTube or something?

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Now understand something here; no one is perfect and everyone has something in their closets.

Nevertheless I would like to share a few things with you about all of this and this is something that everyone says they don’t care about because they are not doing anything illegal. We all know, or should know that Microsoft created the perfect Trojan Horse operating system in Windows 10. Now you also must realize the feds also have keys going back to Windows 95 RC1. Apple OS, OSX, and Linux is just as violated and easy to hack into especially when you are running pirated software. Pirated software is illegal here in the United States as well as many other countries in the world.

Having said that, many of these pirated software that you download and have installed comes with some very nasty malware and back doors where your machine is working for some really evil people and their dark agendas. You may be unwittingly trafficking illegal porn, spreading the malware around, and giving these hackers great access to all your financial, business, and personal information. We read about this all the time and it seems like it’s the other guys who get it and we all kick back and thank our lucky stars it didn’t infect us. But how do you know for sure that unknowingly, you helped?

Allow me to explain…

Today’s malware is designed  in proliferation, like a real virus and uses all kinds of new techniques to infect sometimes, millions of machines. It is a full blown cyber war. A lot of the pirated software comes from Chinese, Russian, Romanian, and even from out own government because the American Government has lackeys, cheap contractors and all the while you think you’re getting one over on some corporation in a perceived victimless crime. Meanwhile your smart device, laptop, desktop, and network is severely compromised, or what we call, “Owned.”

How far does the digital rabbit hole go?

Check out the Undernet and then you shall begin to realize some real life horror.

Your digital word just got a whole lot darker…

Most people don’t even realize this until it is too fucking late and they are in some sort or another, digitally destroyed. I know people who download pirated antivirus and anti-malware suites and are asking for it but good and they usually get hit the hardest. Call pirated software something like a prophylactic. You think you are being safe and the whole time you’re getting truly fucked!

When the tears begin to fall and your secrets are viral, you’ll now know why. I wanted to bring the later up because it made my job so much easier to penetrate through the Swiss Cheese of Pirated Antivirus and Firewalls in a few machines belonging to some assholes in the London area. They’re entire systems security legs were wide open. This happens all over the world every day as more machines exponentially are being compromised and “Owned.”

China recently revealed in the news that its hacked the NSA and the Pentagon for years  and no doubt still testing fences and finding gaping holes in our government’s security at one level or another.

Even our corporate news had Obama admitting to this breaches and that is the only ones they know about.

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There are so many great articles, online IT Magazines, and web pages to inform and help protect you while educating you to better manage your own digital life. Security and prevention of malware isn’t a “one time” thing but a constant battle that YOU must be involved in.

Let this article teach you a couple of things. Don’t be a fucking dick, Dick. The assholes online picking on creative people who are in this case, women, and remember, your digital life will be exploited.

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The days of anonymity have long been gone.


Psychic Vampires; Are Energy Feeding Parasites!

Created by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

As of late, I have been plagued with the sudden onset of depression within my friends. One of my friends locally,  managed to tragically kill herself by literally succumbing to the elements and found dead in a vacant parking lot here in Lead, South Dakota. We all have heard that depression can drive a person to suicide. We also understand that when a person attempts or succeeds in taking their life that they are not in their right mind. This I know and you will just have to trust me.

However, have you looked into the situation of a dear friend’s depression?

I mean, if a person has a logical reason of being depressed such as a loss of a friend, a relation to including a family member, and even a pet – This is a normal empathetic response and welcome to the human condition. It has been with us for about 351 million generations. Life’s pressures, such as the state of our failing nation, dismal economy, and a tyrannical government are more than enough reasons to be depressed to a degree. Injustices of this world, world suffering on a level ever previously known is happening and this too is depressing enough.

There are also mental psychiatric chemical imbalances of the human brain, disorders such as being Bipolar of manically high, and or manically low. These things, however, unfortunate can be explained as well and the medical and psychiatric communities attempt to help. Then, of course, is chronic or clinical depression and this too is a psychiatric condition that affects the mind, spirit, and body affects the body.

There is a host of resources to investigate to offset these conditions such as dieting, exercising, and taking natural and prescription drugs that may actually work. As one who has a Bipolar Disorder, I know full well that a simple pill or a couple of pills will not change or fix or eliminate away my condition.

Let me talk more into the psychic realm, passed the obvious mental, emotional, and physical aspects as I discussed in the previous paragraphs while allowing me to propose something more, something that lurks in the recesses of your personal world around you.

Allow me to introduce to you the possibilities of such things or people who are nothing less than a term called, “Psychic Vampires.” Others may call these kinds of people by other names, “Spiritual Vampires,” “Emotional Vampires,” or some kind of “Damaging Mental Parasite.” I know that images, faces of people are already crossing your mind right now that are suspect to what I am saying, what I am warning you about.

Whatever name you call these kinds of people, the terms used in describing them, it doesn’t really matter as long as you know there is a psychic kinetic parasitical drain on your energy, your emotions, and thoughts that affect your judgment as well as your over outlook. I shall use the term, “Psychic Vampires” in my furtherance of this topic.

The Psychic Vampires is not some paranormal, or some sort of inhuman, immortal, or supernatural creature. These Psychic Vampires are in some aspects like the Bram Stoker variety. Here, let me break it all down to you right here, and right now; these Psychic Vampires are apathetic, selfish, one-sided, and parasitically toxic to you. They don’t care about your mental, emotional, and physical well-being in the least. Oh, they pretend to be your friend, but they all want one thing in common, your life’s energy, your Che, your aurora, and to some, your very soul.

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No matter the definition used, and like the supernatural fabled counterparts, a vampire is a taker who drains its victims.

I write this article from a far older article I once wrote back around the year, 2000 or so. I have updated it twice, and now with this latest update, a third time in order to help you with knowledge and some form of positive enlightenment.

As for my friend who passed away most suddenly, the official autopsy said that she died of exposure to the elements. I know, he meant, “the natural elements.” She was walking to work at the local library where some say that she was being constantly bullied by her supervisor. This has been a common complaint by all the former employees there in my experience since I moved into the area. Is her boss, a person that I know personally, a bully, an abusive person?

The odds and opinions outweigh any good said about this person in question. Is it possible that this “bully” is actually some demented form of a Psychic Vampire?

I think not since the energy to do harm on some offensive daily barrage is certainly not characteristic of a feeding Psychic Vampire. So, a bully or a typical bully cannot be a parasite. The bully’s own energy may attract these Psychic Vampires drawing the tainted energy of some kind of non-preferred resort to sustain themselves.

A Psychic Vampire doesn’t give a fuck about anyone or anyone’s needs unless they have an opportunity to gather more energy. We must endeavor ourselves to recognize these kinds of people who are drawing energy from another person. Psychic Vampires are always on the lookout for a new opportunity. Only the strongest of these kinds of people will show charisma, outward energy, though limited in order to attract these new feeding sources, and these sources are you!

If these stronger Psychic Vampires fails, so does their attraction and strength. Again, like their supernatural counterparts, they grow weak, feeble, need to feed and grow sickly.

For the less strong and or more cautionary Psychic Vampires set up a situation of being invited into one’s own life agreeably on some level, consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly. They are not made, these Psychic Vampires are born and grow predatorily. After all, they are parasitical as well as predatorily.

Knowledge, wisdom, and the recognition of these toxic entities only then can we understand the freedom when we stop projecting our apprehension of hopelessness against others blaming them and all the while victimizing ourselves further.

Concurrences to give or take, the “yen” and the “yang” does not need to be granted on a conscious individualized basis. It comes from an underlying attitude as well. If you give someone energy, a positive attitude on any level, this, in turn, is given back from the recipient. This is most noticed in growing healthy relationships between people. This exchange is usually immediate but not necessarily so. Depending on the damages done by the Psychic Vampire, it could take more positive energy, but be wary that you are not the one falling into a trap of being drained. Actions always speak so much louder than words ever could.

Give your friends and loved ones, positive energy, share in their successes, and be supportive. If you cannot do these things, then you are more likely than not, a Psychic Vampire yourself.

Our experiences in life all include give and take in varying degrees and mirror back to us where we are on the spectrum selfishness and selflessness. Selfishness and self-centeredness are generally viewed as undesirable traits. Selflessness is usually viewed positively, but is there a hidden agenda for a means to an end personally?

Then you are definitely a Psychic Vampire and a stronger one at that. Psychopathic tendencies abound with you no matter how good you think you can fake empathy, no matter how long you will last unnoticed by your prey. One thing is for certain, you’ll need to feed even if this means relocating because everyone who is normal and aware are on to you.

Like your supernatural counterparts, you will give into the need to feed and the thirst always wins out with no exception. This fact alone will cause your own intrinsic eradication of all that you have worked for. You have this misfortune of your coming.

Those who give selflessly without balance can become a feeding frenzy of energy and your personal resources. This includes financially too. There is nothing off the menu of a fucking Psychic Vampires. 

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There are those that these Psychic Vampires control through various means. These people are the Psychic Familiars. Familiars are nothing more than those who take without thought are often very kind people who have learned inappropriate ways to get your kinetic energy, goodwill, with very little to no reciprocating or real appreciation of your resources. These people are mostly unwitting pawns that will introduce to you through these means, their masters, the Psychic Vampires.

These Familiars may have been once a normal and genuine empathetic persons who actually cared for others around them. Then, through time, ever so subtle, they grow obviously selfish and thoughtless of others and expect others to do things for them without any measure of reward or returning favors or support in kind. A spirit of Apathy begins to set in as they are also being victimized by their masters. A diabolical control mechanism at this point between slave and master is assured. At this point, the Familiars are owned and the sad thing is, they don’t even fucking know it!

These are just a few examples of opposite ends of the spectrum.

Most of us sit somewhere closer to the middle and as with all living things our abilities and balance fluctuate by chemical, dietary, and environmental stresses.

One last thing on Familiars; they are the followers of the Psychic Vampire in a master-slave relationship that is nothing more than the extendable reach of these parasites. Once you recognize the Psychic Vampire and his or hers network of Familiars are more than high time to cut off your relationships with these people. Whether they realize it or not, they are a conduit of a vile toxic and caustic energy and resource drain upon you and eating you away.

Allow me to express this another way. The giver’s attitude of willingness creates an opening that enables a taker to connect to the giver. Connecting to each other, although generally unseen, literally creates a physical connection that we just do not see with the naked eye at first. Others become stronger relationships that grow beyond friendships. Besides, we are tribal people no matter how much you deny this discernable fact. We see all of this, everything that I have just explained throughout every social medium.

How To Stop Psychic Vampires;

If you suspect you are a giver simply because you can without expecting anything in return you must become clear that your actions are building you strong energy. Some, such as myself become beacons in an otherwise dark world.  You must also realize that both Familiars and their masters will be drawn by your brilliance, your center of energy that radiates. You can even, through knowledge and experience tell these fucking parasites and their friends to fuck off and to include severing any cords of connectivity, Though, this may be painful and leaves the Familiars confused as they probably will not realize that they have been played. This is the marks of their bewitchment and sudden shock in losing you as a friend or loved one. As for the Psychic Vampire, they care only for their survival, their concealment, and their escape plan if necessary.

Remember; Psychic Vampires Don’t Give a Fuck About You or Their Familiars.

You must cultivate a strong mental attitude of, “No one else can thieve my energy. My need to give is fulfilled through healthy means. My generosity and kindness my own and not affected by outside or environmental forces.”

Having done so, you will know an immediate boost in your energy, your health, and general outlook. Your personal world will become brighter, more optimistic, and in a growing passion of what you love to do.

You may see yourself of giving back to your immediate surroundings and community by giving of your time and energy. The energy spent, shall be returned to you in all things healthy and balanced. Take the necessary time to get quiet into the things you love and those that love you, such as your pets who suffered no less than you have done.

Take command of your life. If you see any unhealthy lines connecting you to another that are affecting you negatively, break that connection off and shove it right up their asses sideways. Visualize severing these negative ties in whatever ways that come to you.

Find people through natural means of communication, same interests that are healthy, and of good standing with their own tribal community. If they support you or you finding them supporting you in a positive manner, return in kind. Never let your ego get in the way – Instead, share your ego with others and enjoy the life you are always meant to have.

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The Dream…


Last night I had the most vivid and surreal dream. I found myself upon another world in another time. In this reverie of the bleakness surrounding me, I was upon a great and powerful beast. Cloaked and as the bitter cold, I clutched my tattered garment as I can see my own breath. I looked up at the leper sky as this wind, a wind of broken promises threw dust into my watering eyes. I know this rancorous wind. This wailing wind is all too familiar to me in life as well as this desolate place I know not.

I looked around me and could only see that I was on a bloody field of pain and misery. These things I have known throughout my life as well. Though, nothing as graphic and pronounced as if it is a dark omen of the dread and trepidation to come. Yet all of this I thought as I gazed in silence to consider. Again, more questions without answers.

I heard long ago in the realities of my world I have departed from in my slumber that hell is the impossibilities of reason. Have I reached such a malevolent place?
I sat there upon my blackened beast reconciling all the things I am taking into account. Off into the great and distant dismal horizon as I could only see the countless rotting corpses and among them captured in their own mortal finality, I can see all the false flags and banners of hollowed hopes and the deafening silence of insurmountable defeat save for the wind giving cause to the flapping of these banners and flags. Most I can see, none is alive, no man, or beast among the unimaginable carnage.

Perhaps these tens of thousands of bodies frozen into the earth where they fell in death were of what I can perceive is of three different armies.  Among the dead were their ancient religious relics. I recognized these artifacts – each of them.

Stunned by the vestiges around me with the notion that I was beginning to draw a conclusion, at best, formulating a cause for such violence and barbarity unimaginable. My heart began filling with sorrow and dismay as I moved on making my way. I would soon discover a dark slowly moving river of the terrors within. I can see just below the waterline waiting for another victim, waiting for me to fall into their arms only to be brought down to the depth of this wretchedness.


This spellbinding river of rancid with the stench treachery and of deceit began to show me the callous of such revulsions of how all this death became. Fascinated but cautious to the shadowy promise of sudden death I kept safe from the banks of this sable river of both horrors and mysteries. My suspicions confirmed that this mighty battle of legions upon legions fighting to their own deaths in a falsehood spun by their faiths and those that cast such damning lies. For among the dead I saw the bones and decay of children caught up in this great battle.

The wind unceasing, I turned away from the banks and found an old bridge. This eerie bridge as I could clearly see is made from many skulls and spines of the dead. I crossed over precariously only feeling more alone and alien to such a place.

I whispered, “What God would demand or closer to this horror would approve of such a great waste of humanity that I bare in witness?” This question of course went unanswered as the path before me would take me yet to another landscape of black vespers rising into the same sky poisoned by the acrid toxins which would turn to a poisonous rain devouring any chance of life from the earth.

The air now growing still of the rotting sea of bodies all around I continued to press on though as the rain burned my face and exposed skin stinging like many small vipers. Though, the true poison from such a rain has an odor of condemnation, jealousy, pride, greed, and avarice.

“Is this the abstruse work of some sorcerer that bewitched so many, too many, to fight and die upon?” Again, I whispered in spite of the stinging lacerating rain.

As that of the wind, the rain had come to end as I continued winding through the destruction of humanity. The air still strong with the rotting and the essence of unrelenting vengeance. As I continued following the course laid out before me through this mysterious means that I truly know not the reasons of travelling through such a hellish place ever so foreboding.


As I rose higher along the side of a slow rolling hill I could see before me on the horizon a great chair amongst the heaping bodies as I lead my beast towards this mighty chair made of precious stone and jade. There as I drew ever nearer I could see it is the remains of some great king who died so many years before like the great sea of others. I can clearly take into account of his heavy golden crown upon his brow while holding a large sword with both of his skeletal hands as he sat there through the ages of time in his rotting clothing and rusted armor. I can see he is or in life, wearing a single eye patch as I found myself whispering once more, “In the land of the blind, the one eye man is king. King under this leper sky.” I scorned.

I continued as I entered a strange mist and into a heavy fog froth with phantom spirits of the damned that lie decomposing for legions of miles untold. Like Sirens, these phantoms sang out their acrid songs of their beliefs and of their superstitious leading them only to a lethal outcome.

In this daunting fog and mist, I can see those behind the phantoms clutching on strings as if these specters were nothing more than marionettes controlled by these otherwise, taskmasters of the utmost cruelest tyranny possible.

Then like a clap of thunder booming overhead I shunned myself from the impending doom of the onslaught of the brooding weather.

I heard a gentle whisper from somewhere beyond saying it was time for me to leave this place and to wake up…


In this Month’s Edition…

Design and Layout by Douglas S. Taylor

Leave the big decisions for DarcWorX!

It does my heart good to see an old image like this as to be used in April 2016’s cover as I listen to something rather “darc.”

There are those who have nothing better to do with their day as to come here and get their panties in a bind. Nevertheless, none of that stops me from what I love to do and how I do it.

Fore everyone else, I hope you enjoy these mock-up magazine covers as much as I like putting them all together.

I think that says enough about the subject in the small inset banner above. “Remember duckies, all get got.” David Bowie said in 2015. Never truer words. I like you sure do miss him and for me on a personal level, I never expected to outlive him in the least. I know that other friends believe that David just went home to a neighboring galaxy. I like to think that as well. The very thought brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

Regardless, there are always some rabid dogs that need to be brutally put down, and if you have none that needs a good filler for some shallow grave somewhere; then you’re not being creative enough.

Besides, have you noticed that people that speak ill of you end up getting theirs?

Though, this observation of mine does carry some street-cred to Karma. Yeah, I would like to see more of karma and less bullshit going on. I mean, let us think if all of a sudden that Karma came through for a moment. Something like the Christian Fairytale of “Passover” where all of Egypt’s first born died throughout that night – Naturally, that good bullshit never happened. Nevertheless, let us take a flight of fancy for a moment.

Yeah, here comes Karma like a ruthless runaway freight train that jumped the rails and hits the psychopathic 1% of the United States. Oh yeah this means you too Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, all the goons at the Pentagon, Capital Hill, the White House, and the good little shit-eating minions in Langley, Virginia. Let us not forget Homeland Security, the NSA, and the beloved FBI to boot.

Speaking about the FBI and with the Apple company. Did you know that some time ago that Apple was and still is working with the NSA?

Sure, any one of you can easily vet that information out. So, why all the hubbub with the FBI wanting the same access?

I believe it is all nothing more than a marketing ploy by Apple cashing in on giving you, the public, a royal fist-fucker’s jamboree at this, and cashing in on both the street-cred with the cash!

Apple isn’t fooling anyone. The FBI isn’t fooling anyone. Just read some of the latest comments on most any corporate-controlled news sources here in America. Ask anyone outside the United States on their thoughts about the American Government and the mother of all terrorists – Bring a chair because you’ll be in for it for quite a spell.

Now getting back to this bullshit called, “Karma.”

As one would suspect that Karma would be a very busy mystic force with setting the world right. Even if Karma did that all in one night, the very next day there would be soulless bastards to step up to the plate and take over. Even if a billion people just vanished – Rest assure corruption would raise its fucking head at the first signs of opportunity. Even if we gave Karma a full week of shredding the evils of this world, it wouldn’t be enough.

Nice thought though, isn’t it?

There is no god no more than some vast force called Karma that sets the universe right ever so often. Not a chance in hell. Oh, if I actually believed in such a place in which I don’t.

Yeah, I write about it and have art that scares the good little Christians and superstitious people.

The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean

The above is just an example. It is true that I also write about some really chilling things that leave you in cold comfort. For those who have an expanding vocabulary and diction. Even if someone would cruise through my vast music collection that many would draw the conclusion that most of my stuff is anti-Christian and or anti-God. I believe in the Bible God as much as I believe in some dude personified as Lucifer, the Devil, Satan, or some other entity. Please, I spoke enough of this stuff many times before.

Again, I do have so much fun about it all just the same.

If Karma is really for real and all. I think it would come as an Earth-Ender event. It would have to be and if so, it has happened about six times already. Go ahead and check that out too while you’re at it.

Moving on…

Speaking about my writing. I have been caught up in a whirlwind of things drawing me away from my latest endeavor, “The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean.”

I guess that’s life, you know with real-world stuff like helping friends, doing the 2015 taxes, and maintaining my appearances in the darkness where no one can even see me – I’ll let that set in for a second. As some of my living friends say, “It’s not how good you play the game. It’s how good you look doing it!”

Again, never truer words…


Getting on with other things I have been observing and of course, been questioned about is some shows or series that I have been watching on Netflix.

As of late I have been watching the first edition of the “X-Files” from season one through the last on Netflix. I admit in the beginning it was fascinating. Then I began seeing gaping holes in the storyline not only include the short story line of many of the episodes but the overall X-Files mythology of a government conspiracy working with aliens and extraterrestrials caught in the middle of some kind of celestial war. Some of it, though as entertaining as hell had chasms void of any reasoning. Yeah, the excuse is that’s, “Hey fucker, it’s in the script.” It sure ruins the suspension of disbelief, don’t it?

Now I am well into season seven of the X-Files and yes, I saw the movie too. Well for me – Only one guy speaking here — it’s starting to really wear me down with the same sort of peat and repeat of the same old elements regurgitated by different names and faces. This is television and you can feel the numbing effect as it attempts to lull you into a coma – Part of the American Dream with television as a whole. I do like the wit of the FBI’s Special Agent Fox William Mulder that cracks me up now and then. Hell, all along I wasn’t aware that anyone in the FBI has any sense of humor?

So, will I continue to attempt to make it through to the end of the old X-Files or will I leap from a possible train wreck like that of my experience with the “Walking Dead.”

Too Late

Yeah, about that show of, “The Walking Dead.” I began watching it at the beginning of season one. I thoroughly enjoyed the world turning into zombies. I always thought that the Southern United States were kind of governed by zombies anyway – A quick reflection of history of the South. Moreover, one can easily say that the United States Congress is full of idiot zombies. I cannot defend the indefensible.

So, here we are in Atlanta, Georgia as the starting point to a small group of unfortunate survivors. Season two shows a bit more of an expansion but something still remains, no real history on how everyone became the walking dead other than some disease or shit. Season Three – I bailed after a couple of episodes. Sorry, got old as hell and damned fast about it. Entirely too predictable. Also I’ve been noticing a lot of the same zombies that in previous episodes have been dispatched one way or another.

Oh, and by the way, have you all noticed that are into the horror genre that the zombie craze has dropped a few notches among places like, EVERYWHERE.

Just a bunch of mindless drones led by some instinct. No, not for me. I needed something more than that.

World War Z, a movie scrapped and then redone by the same outfit. No wonder that Brad Pitt seemed so disconnected. I mean, how many more times did they plan on getting this horrible movie right?

World War Z’s plot and the entire story was fragmented at best.

Now, “I am Legend” was for me, a most excellent zombie movie. You see, this movie showed something like I was working on. It was showing a thinking zombie community of sorts. Imagine that, a tribe of zombies that can – to an extent – think for themselves to a degree.

Some time ago I rattled the Zombie-Fan community with something I was twittering and Facebooking about. Started out as something like a timeline of events based upon the development of, “RU-486” which is a chemical and viral concoction that went, well, terribly wrong. You know, a super-agent to infect the United States Armed Forces with the ability of strength, longevity, and endurance. Now, I know that synopsis sounds familiar. Remember the real-world World War II that in the fall of the Third Reich that was suppose to endure a thousand years barely lasted five years. Okay, then came “Operation Paperclip” where the United States would snatch up all these war criminals of some very hideous crimes committed by themselves but had something to offer in the way off sciences and technologies.

Some of you may have remembered me doing these sorts of creative things.

So the story goes,this is where the first mentions of “RU-486” was to be altered and weaponized by the Nazis and tested out in trials upon the Jewish Death Camps without any real success. Information of this story goes as far back as the invention of Mustered Gas and a few other notorious atrocities. The history would go as far back as the Russians during their civil war and mysteriously shelved. I don’t want to get into the particulars because someone might catch an idea of my work like the pricks with, “The Fifth Angel” and “Lilith.”

Imagine that.

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Douglas S. Taylor


If it were only true!

March 2012 Magazine Cover and a Whole Lot More!

Copyright Protected © 2016 By DarcWorX

Copyright Protected © 2016 By DarcWorX

Hello and thanks again for visiting. First off, I apologize in the email notifications being sent out stating these posts are temporary, and the like. I have been working with WordPress to bolster up on security and browser smart-devices the world over. Much of this heavily-lifting was done by the magnificent WordPress Team. Many thanks are in order – Great job, Gang!

As many of you good people and dedicated fans of DarcWorX aka, myself. I want to thank everyone of you with a special darc satyr I first wrote on Facebook to include a friend called, Heidi Heartbreaker.

Also included in this post is a darc humor and a darc political story. I strongly suggest that you folks be warned that this is a parody based on actual events ripe with the conspiracies from past to present.

Now for those who really love this stuff as much as I love writing it, this piece is akin to the award-winning post, “Morbidity News Special Report; ETEATIG is Suing U.S. Government!” I realize that the mentioned post went over a metric ton of heads out here. Those that got it, really got it good. Least those folks that are into the Independent Authors, and well, the Independent Genre entirely.

I will also furnish within the post links to my other site, Black Reign Operations which is an Investigative Journalism site of mine. The information there is not a “Conspiracy Theory Site” but one of  actual conspiracies that the site diligently proves. Needlessly to say, the information there and the sources listed are secrets that the government doesn’t want you to know.


The Unknown Man in the Darc

Listen, we have worked decades, and I literally mean decades of dummying down America. How fucking dare, you Heidi to attempt to wake up the good saps of America with your contrite “Conspiracy Theories” on things. You’ll never complete your plans. I can assure you, Mrs. Heartbreaker, all duckies get got in the end! 

Let me enlighten your sweet ass on a few things first before you get involved in some tragic accident, plane crash, or suicided for your troubles. We have created False Flags since the Spanish-American war. I’ve personally been instrumental in assassinating a president in broad daylight and corrupting heads of state in other countries so they would play ball with my regime or be buried face down in a jungle somewhere in some banana . It’s my elite cartels I represent that controls every aspect of government. I am a faction in the CIA and NSA as well. Just so you know who you’re fucking with. We spent a shitload of time scheming in the dark, tons of cash, and adding fluoride to the public water system. Heidi, this kind of work costs mega-money and serious lethal time invested. I suggest you start drinking some if you want to see tomorrow.

We don’t need you to exacerbate the situation here, Heidi.

Allow me to further enlighten you and for God Sakes, we own the Pentagon, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the DEA, all the way down to the BSA as well as the USPS too!

We’re behind the scenes in commercials, news, radio, the net. Oh, I bet you’re watching TV right now. You can partake in our mind-numbing tactics. We tell the saps how to think, what to say, and what they do. We got this shit down solid, Heidi.

Let me do you a real service of how this shit started…

Shit, it was us who created fractured banking in the United States in the first goddamned place. Fractured Banking is solely based upon debt. It generates perpetual debt that the taxpayers and thus the government can never pay off. You see, when we were pulling strings on “Jew-Hating” Nixon to get us off the gold standard we had completion of the Banking Cartel.


Now it’s time for a deeper and clearer look into how far the rabbit hole really goes.

We’ll go back to the days of Woodrow “Sell-Out” Wilson about the Federal Reserve Act. My people were writing up the Fed’s Constitution on Jackal Island way back in 1910. You must understand, we owned Wilson, we guaranteed his campaign – Check that; our campaign to get a stooge into the Oval Office. There would be many more we would elect in such a high position and Heidi, we never leave anything to chance. Yeah, we owned the whole entire Electoral Processes faster than a Methhead all jacked up.

Example: We didn’t want Al Gore to ruin things. His wife is a total fuck-up to boot. So, we called in George W. Bush’s little brother to smooth things out in our favor with the Florida issue. I was there in the shadows to insure things went our way.

I know what you’re thinking and you can keep your thoughts to yourself if you like breathing Contrail laced air. You see, we give the good saps in America the illusion that they have a say in the voting processes – They don’t!

They don’t even know that they are in the game – our game where the house, that’s me and my kind always wins!

Talking about the good little lemmings. More like coked out hamsters on a wheel sort of thing. Look what we did to Compton, Watts, Harlem, and other places that the CIA flown in crack cocaine so we would have even more money to buy weapons for the good little terrorist groups in the Mideast. Real terrorist groups, Heidi.



Flash to the past…

Yeah, GP Morgan was the man back then baby girl along with others such as Rockefeller, the Rothschild’s, and so forth. GP Morgan, now there was a man with true decisive vision. You see, GP fostered rumors and promoted runs on the little banks just to show to the rubes that with the Federal Reserve, shit like the times of 29 could be avoided. But we still fucked over America anyways and no body alive ever knew what we were doing. We bought up the competition for pennies on the dollar. We live for this shit and we’ll fuck over anyone who gets in the goddamned way!

I got to tell you that the glory days of the Bush Family was instrumental except for that fuck, Granddaddy Bush who was on our board was caught red-handed in skimming from the top in which we fired his shagging ass. I told everyone that he was a fucking thief amongst thieves – a real gold-bricking opportunist. I told everyone, “Look you motherfuckers, Granddaddy Bush was a Tire Repair Man – Yeah, a fucking tire repair stooge.” Alas, they didn’t listen evidently.

Then comes his son. Now what I’m about to tell you is pretty much unknown and on the down-low. Father Bush fought in WWII. He was stranded on a remote island with 14 others. By the time the Navy finally found them — Daddy Bush was the only man alive and the others were victims of cannibalism.

Well with that kind of fortitude and dedication, we placed his ass eventually as the head of the CIA. Now I want to be straight here with you all. Daddy Bush wasn’t all that creative or imaginary. He had trouble making up names. This fact is shown in the names of his two fighter aircraft and again using the name of “Al-Qaeda” a name of a database in which has all the CIA assets in Afghanistan when the Mujahedeen, aka, the freedom fighters, aka, the Taliban during the invasion of the Soviets.

Yeah, that’s right, the same name given during the 9/11 Conspiracy that I was very, very instrumental in the beginnings – Bush Daddy suggested we call the imaginary Terrorists by the same fucking name.

How lame…

Point man back in those days then was a rich Arab by the name of Osama Bin Laden. Oh, he was a fully paid valuable asset. A few decades later, Osama Bin Patsy also known as the Primary Camel Jockey that Papa Bush wanted to use as the “Middle Eastern” boogieman.

Lack of imagination and a reflection of a very shallow gene pool. A one-handed golf clap in the dark would be appropriate for Team Bush!


I just slapped my forehead in despair and told the group that this is so absurd and no one would buy into this good bullshit.

Boy oh boy, was I wrong or what?!?!?

To this very day, the average rube still believes 9/11 was an outside job masterminded by the Arab Poster Child, Bin Laden. Oh, the media slaves, and marionette did their magic in the spite of the absurdly of a rushed plan into making the saps believe it was the not so lucky lad from the fucking dunes, Osama Bin Laden. You see, Baby Bush, or Little W wanted you all to know that Bin Laden was the arm-chair quarterbacking this whole affair hiding in a cave armed with a Cell Phone, Laptop, and Satellite Phone?

Fuck me, please already!

I was asked to resign from the program actually called, “Operation Goodin-Tighte.” When you have very imaginative skills in dark creativity, you need a man like me as Papa Bush said to me once when he was president passing gas at the Oval Office, “Wish I had ten more just like you…” How quickly he has forgotten.

I wished to hell he would have opened a fucking window first!

Clinton, Bill Clinton said the very same thing when he was throwing an Arkansas Orgy at the very same room that Papa Bush first told me. Yeah, the sex was great, the job as the Late Warren Zevon stated ever so aptly in his 1982 album, “The Envoy.” I have all his albums since by the way. Warren was also in the inner sanctum and I bet you didn’t know that. You see, where there ever is a problem, like Zevon said, “…Wherever there is a problem in the world, the President(s) sends his Envoy – They send me…”

I was that man that fixed things if you know what I mean. Speaking about fixing things, I began fixing the Superbowl Games since 1981. Why else is the scores always lopsided?

Now you know…

I am kind of retired these days on most things.

Still, the NSA and CIA has me to cap a few heads of state and taking care of some twit that is able to connect the dots in the grand scheme of things. I enjoy killing, it’s better than therapy, drugs, whores, and medication any day of the week. Though, I’ll tell you this much about my assassinations. I wish I could kill a motherfucker more than once. Now I would be a very excitable boy as Warren puts it, god rest his fucking soul. I got a picture of him and I back in Egypt shaking bloody hands. He had a cool way of laying things out.


Yeah, Obama is nothing new. In fact, he’s a total fuck-up. However, I have my own fleet of drones at my disposal. I have the fucking Joystick to prove it!

Technologies of the most heinous I have at my disposal. Cruise Missiles at six-million a pop too. Shit, I may be spying on you right now through various insidious means necessary. If not, allow me to make up a sweet air-tight case on you. If you’re using Windows 95 RC2 and above, we’ll be in your computer, smart phones, and all kinds of goodies if we’re not already monitoring you. There isn’t any operating system we can’t get into.

I also want you to carefully consider, Heidi that I will re-task a satellite if you even think about going off the grid.

Shit, let me tell you something more. If this religious shit about a hippie named Jesus was actually true, you can bet the house that we had boots on the ground in Jerusalem when he was under Intensive Investigations by my predecessors. Then of course, the powers that be had the motherfucker crucified. Hey it was all kosher with the Israelis at the time – I mean if it were all real and shit.


Here is something more you might want to think about, Heidi.

Looking back on things back at the golden age of taking over the government here in America I had a couple of problems with the Bush Family fucking up the game plan. I reminded Daddy Bush, “Who capped that rat-bastard president and his brother?

Not to mention, who pulled the fucking trigger on Martin Luther King?

Yeah, I have the rifle to prove it. I liked King, but he said the wrong things and needed to be slightly adjusted via a bullet through his skull. Yeah, he had a dream, motherfucker! So get back to the game plans and read the fucking scripts before another assassination should accidently happen, old man!”

The look on his face was priceless!

I also reminded Daddy Bush that we owned, President Ronald “I don’t Recall” Reagan and that we own the entire political shit and the fact we always owned the Bush Family. Yeah, those were the days. Do you remember, the “Contra-Aid” scandal?

Yes, indeed, the CIA got caught in the South American Cookie Jar. So, the CIA got slapped as the Agency goes. I was tasked to kill off certain CIA members and the handlers, the middlemen, and those countrymen involved.

Henry Kissinger would be green with envy at the body count I racked up. Of course, if you want to ask Kissinger about the whole affair, you’re gonna need an Ouija Board to fucking do it with!

AT&T won’t get you there. Besides, we own AT&T and like a good little trite they are for the NSA and the FBI, their always too busy spying on you.

Again, looking on back in the day. One job I hated to do was capping King. I really hated that job. I just hope he’ll never take it personally; it was just business.

As for Obama, that’s when I decided to go into semi-retirement. I mean, I had to draw the line in the sand on total absurdity. What a delusional double-minded nightmare he must be to manage. He’s crazy as a bagful of cats!

I will also go on record with you, Heidi that the fact that Obama encourages our world enemies imaginary or not.

Oh yeah, I was never officially here or otherwise…

The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean

DarcWorX’s February 2016 Official Magazine Cover…

Designed by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

Last year I remember talking about how much I (usually) hate the month of February. I guess it’s the time of the year, but then again, I love the season of Winter. In fact, I love all four seasons, and I live in a place that offers that to me. So, what is it then I dislike so much about it?

It could be the fact of the assholes born in this month. I believe this is more accurate to how and why I feel the way that I do. Stains, I mean some serious shit-stains upon humanity are born in this month that I have the unfortunate unpleasantries of knowing. Most of these stains are dead. One remains, and for this wretched bitch, her days draws ever nearer. Folks say, “Good people die young…” It is a saying and as we all know that at times it can feel that way. Nevertheless, the opposing thought of, “Bad people live forever…” This too seems at times true enough.

It is not quite February yet…

Having said that, it seems 2016 in general has started out pretty damned grim with the deaths of Lemmy of Motorhead, Glenn Frey, David Bowie, Allen Rickman, and some other truly talented people wistfully taken away. Personally, I think David Bowie just went back home.

This may just be my observation, but, doesn’t seem like when a popular musician dies, iTunes is the first to exploit the loss in financial gain?

I certainly see it. As far as iTunes goes, it seems more of an obituary of Musician at the Music Store. It’s been this way for some time. iTunes isn’t the only place or company (Apple) that does these things.

Companies and corporations play upon every human emotion available. Like the corporate news, it will “invent” some sort of Greek Tragedy on their own. January, 2016 must be a fucking cash-cow for this.

So, other than my thoughts aside, what have I been up to?

Other than fixing broken computers for people, I have been working on my latest endeavor, “The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean.” In fact, it’s a complete re-write of the beginning. I know for my fans out here who have purchased, “Tales From Under the Concrete Volume III” that there are two excerpts of novel projects. Unfortunately or fortunately, however you want to look at things, the older version of said story in said book only exists in Volume III. Same for “Cold Fusion” which it’s shelved right now.

So, with the social media campaign continuing on building up more followers and those exposed to my work continues to flourish in the spite of a couple of loaded shit-stains reading this article; there is no stopping me, motherfuckers!

They and I know who they are. Yes, this system captures all IP Addresses, Service Providers, and other geographic demographic data. If this catches you by some kind of surprise then all’s I can say is, “Unplug your Internet. Discontinue services with your ISP, and shred your hard drive, smartphone, and other electronic devices. In fact, just bury yourself in a shallow grave somewhere…”

You have to be pretty fucked up in the head if you think no one can track you. Personally, I don’t do that at all. This system, WordPress, and the authorities do it for me. Since I am on this topic, I never track or keep email addresses. The system uses this information that is protected by WordPress and would be freely given over to the NSA and FBI at the very slightest suggestion.

Kind of spooky and all too well known…