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Douglas S. Taylor is the Brain Child of DarcWorX as seen in this image. Date is 07/18/2018.

It is interesting to say the least when you first contact people via Skype or in person that the folks have a preconceived idea in their minds on what you look like. We all do this, leastwise, I certainly do. For the most part, I am not let down and when I see the person they usually excel in my expectations. I certainly hope that it’s this way for you all reading this post.

I am here in my home office thinking about some real heavy stuff in reflection of all the things that transpired since the beginning of this month. I also started the beginning processes of development of Kaine Chapter Two. For those that are following, The God of the Harvest; Kaine – Chapter One I should have the continuation available in the beginning of August 2018 right here – naturally. For those who have no clue on Kaine, you can jump right into The God of the Harvest; Kaine – Chapter One today and let me know what you think. Most folks usually hit me up on Twitter. I don’t do fucking Facebook any longer or Google (NSA) + as well. I know what you’re going to say?

“Doug’s paranoid.”

More about me can be found by clicking right here.

No I am not paranoid, just check out the goon running Facebook and his congressional testimony and that should be enough right there. Nevertheless, I’ll leave you to your own speculations and imagining minds to conjure up something sweet. Speaking about sweet, I have noticed that other wonderful authors and bloggers on Twitter are being under attack by views of those of a much lesser mind. I am thrilled that authors and bloggers are standing up to these idiot-savants – That’s what sweet about it!

What am I talking about? 

Well, you see, there are these simpletons who spend all day judging authors and bloggers by the character dialog and projecting their misguided maligned judgements upon the creative individual. I cannot tell you how wrong this is as well as dishearten most any author and in any genre will feel so it seems.

Why do they do this?

I believe or like to believe that this problem with the simpletons is the fact they may be envious, hating, or just flat stupid. Yet these same near-humans can watch shows like the late “True Blood” where Sookie (Russian slang for BITCH) is fucking someone every 10 minutes per episode, so it seemed by the way, and does anyone dare accuse the actress as being a slut or something in real life?

Though, I am certain, especially in the Bible-Belt that some do sit back and pass judgement on the actress herself as they continue to watch weekly.

Morons and Hippocrates.

Her character was not the only one by the way on the series…

No, no most people do not but look only into the character as the suspension of disbelief is doing its magic. Thanks to Television, MK-Ultra, Fluoride in the public drinking water this is obviously more easy to the dark powers that be to perform. Okay, that’s another matter for another time.

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Oh, in regards to True Blood, “Pam” is my favorite character played by, Pamela Ravenscroft – Her first real acting gig too!

Okay, “True Blood” is only one example out of millions of shows and movies.

Moving on…

As I stated in much older posts in the Tombs of DarcWorX somewhere I speak about how writing is very therapeutic and so is my graphic designs. Say, if you get paid for something you love to do, you’ll never have to work another day in your life!

For those in the field(s) of literary arts, music, graphic arts, art, and so many other creative powerhouses out here that have taken the time reading and sharing my stuff, just remember, you’re going to have someone bitching about what you do. Also, as I tweeted on Twitter the other day, “Mistakes are made by those on the path of perfection…” I said some other things to encourage folks in the mentioned genre.

Here is a Golden Rule that I lived by as a Tech Contractor for the State of South Dakota and it basically applies to about anything you are doing;

  1. At first no one pays any attention to you.
  2. Then they laugh and mock you.
  3. Then they hate you!
  4. Then they have to pay you more! 

Hey gang, for the northern hemisphere it is summer and for all the good folks down in the southern hemisphere, stay safe, stay warm, and dry too.

As usual, thanks for reading…

Douglas S. Taylor

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

DarcWorX International Graphics and Art Designs

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Real Horrors In The World…

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First things, first. You can click on any image to see the full size and download on this blog of mine…

Okay, so let me start in saying that, “Reality is stranger than fiction.” This axiom has never been truer. Some of my older friends here in the Deadwood region who has been around for about a full century in the literal sense tells me how fucked up the American country and its government has become. Some like to blame the “Baby Boomers” and to some great extent I agree with the former generation to say nothing of understanding where these older folks are coming from. In American History in which I hold a Bachelors Degree in that it is my humble opinion that the United States hit its zenith in August 20, 1955. My opinion is based upon several key points such as public works, social morality, public education, political ethics in local, state, and government levels to include the Legislative, the Administrative, and the Judicial Branches of “Checks and Balances.” Now, historians like Oliver Stone, Avram Noam Chomsky, and quite a few others speak about these kinds of evils all the time. Some may argue that Mr. Stone may not be a historian; naturally I beg to differ. Both gentlemen have no axes to grin or some hidden agenda other than telling and exposing the truth about things. I will concede in saying that these two gentlemen listed is just a couple from a sea of too many others to simply mention in this post. I will also concede in saying that most everyone in America would not even begin to read or learn upon their own to find the truth if their goddamned lives depended upon it.

The reason that I am writing this post is because I have, for me, a huge following that live outside the confines of the United States where these wonderful people see America through the lenses of this empire in a perspective that is uncanny in contrast and in opposition to the majority of the United States populace under the Fluoride Coma and the bewitching bullshit of the corporate media. Yes, America with over 800 bases world-wide is indeed nothing less than an empire and many first-hand see what the US Tyrant does best. Since my mark on the American Timeline of the height of the Republic assuming the role of “Empire” given over by Winston Churchill at the end of World War II without so much as a whimper we can see the rise and fall of our very own International Empire. Empires since the Roman Empire and excluding the Roman Republic before it lasts right around some two-hundred and fifty years. Now take into consideration of the British Empire, the French Empire, and some others. America is without exception. So, in my humble opinion, China will take over the world dominance as the new empire when America continues to implode upon itself.

See, “The Four Horsemen” documentary.

See, “Death By China” documentary.

You do realize that the United States is not first anymore in most anything for humanity and the sake of its progeny. Then again, America is number one with the following:

1. International Weapons Dealer.

2. Terrorist and Tyrant Regime Changes. Yes, we install monsters as heads of state to continued cruelty and a plight upon humanity. Think Chile, Panama, Iraq, Iran, Nicaragua, Columbia, Libya, and so many others.

3. Drone War Criminal – Warfare with the highest collateral damage of all-time!

4. Drug Dealers – Crack In America (See the CIA).

5. Creating Proxy Wars and funding them by any means necessary.

However, the world audience is beyond tired of the criminals of the United States Government and the manufacturing of world terrorism. The United States as in the Government is guilty of breaking any laws, regulations, treaties, and negotiations set forth by the United Nations as America sees fit. “America First!” says the orangutan in the Oval Office. “Let’s Make America Great Again…” He says that good bullshit too. Listen, ask any First Nation People about the American Government casually breaking any treaty with them throughout history.

Look, I am not a Republican or Democrat. There is only one party and that is the Corporate Party – Plain and simple – I’ll have no part of it. 

Lately, Trump has selected the war criminal, Gina Haspel. Again, you’re entitled to your personal opinions. Moreover, Gina Haspel has some serious negative notes of red in her career ledger within the CIA since her start as a torturer. If we look at the Nuremburg Trials that govern the entire tribunals then you can clearly understand painfully if you must. The Nuremburg Tribunal is where I solely base my opinion and clarity upon this subject. Gina Haspel is indeed an acting war criminal and anyone saying anything different is goddamned delusional – Read the fucking information provided please!

Also, since I am at it like a runaway freight rain on the subject, well, a few presidential administration from Eisenhower to the present would be doing the “Yardarm Jig.”

Ever been smacked in the chops by a runaway freight train of truth and facts?

Really, I smile when I think of Tricky Dick Nixon who should be in consideration of becoming a saint in the Catholic Church. Yes, I am serious, he should be a saint. Call him the, “Patron Saint of all the Wayward Politicians.”

You have my damned nonpartisan vote!

Most of my fellow Americans don’t know or don’t want to know the real history of America and for that matter, the rest of the world to be included. Instead, they rather feel fat and content in what they were programmed  in public education and most collages not to mention, television. Some are awake, this is certain, and you are reading one such person. When I attended collage, the first thing I was told by historical rebel was to forget everything I was ever told about American History by the Public Education System. Some of the students in the class could not detox from the brainwashing bullshit and dropped out. The professor brought forth the lies, the myths, and the speculations that were called facts and bashed these things over their heads as if they were baby seals. He exposed the criminals conspirators in public and private education for the bastardization and raping of the truth to their own adulterous needs of playing god by the brainwashing the next generations of Americans – A job well played by the way. Easy enough to do when you have all your bases covered.

The traditional and popular narrative taught to everyone in public and private schools in America is diluted with half-truths, full-blown lies, and omissions of facts and events. Yes, the Carnegies, the Rockefellers, the DuPonts, the Henry Ford Foundation(s), and other nefarious psychopaths who had more money than God that had nothing but bitter contempt for the lowlifes such as YOU and I. You can easily check out any of these institutions on the web for yourself. I have provided so far, my sources within the links in this post.

If you will not check the links for yourself, please, don’t even think of commenting against what I am saying without doing so first. Thanks.

Moving on…

Today I received some direct messages on Twitter from various people living outside the United States stating that they will no longer be following me on that medium for the single reason that they have given is that I am an American. You see, just because I am an American with all the violence and crimes against humanity conducted by the US Government, that people outside these United States, the international community is lashing out, and becoming overwhelmed with the US Terrorist Actions. Yes, we are on the perfect path to World War III. With friends like Israel and the Zionists controlling the United States who in the hell needs enemies?

It’s just a matter of “when” rather than “if.”

Hence, this very reason for the post!

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While I am on a rampage with all the United States Bullshit going on world-wide we do know that I went ten-for-ten on actually conspiracies last year for 2017. I am not a “theorist” rather than someone who has the investigative talents to go beyond the fake news. Fake news works on both extremes of the MK-Ultra and American Propaganda. Yes, MK-Ultra is still as active as it ever was. Watch television much?

A friend from overseas lives in a nation who is deeply entrenched in nothing less than a Lieutenant in America’s Allies (in which we are losing on a daily basis as of late) like England, France, and Germany. Already we have lost the Philippines and Turkey. I want to stress that Germany has in the last thirty days pulled out any and all their resources from the Syria Scene littered with genocidal tendencies and a shit-load of False Flag staged events. Speaking about False Flags as far as America is concerned, we have had our share since the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War I, and the Gulf War II – this includes Afghanistan. The CIA has been very busy as of late through the Obama Administration with the factions in the Pentagon to create and supply weapons to ISIS. Yeah, I cannot leave Trump out. Trump is nothing less than a continuation of everything against humanity and the US. Trump is continuing on where Obama has left off. On Trump’s watch so far, his watch is beyond absurd in what he is doing for world peace. Oh yes, you read that right about Obama! Now here is a good start by watching this news brief. Naturally, I back up my stuff with all kinds of links and information that you will not get in England, France, Germany, and especially blacked out within the United States. I would like to make mention for those who are critically ill with Cognitive Dissonance Disorder will also find it hard to believe that Hillary Clinton was indeed a part of building ISIS as well. Wow, how about that? The last link in this paragraph comes from the corporate news called Fox News – Even a fucking blind pig can find an acorn every so often.

Speaking about some up and coming False Flags, Israel with Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu is busy these days with presenting false evidence of Iran’s imaginary Nuclear Weapons Plants with of course, weapons of mass destruction. You all have to remember that bullshit slogan? Yeah, some good bullshit right there. The term, the slogan, the sentence, and whatever you want to call this deception seems to bewitch the sheeple here in America several times over again. Israel has done this shit before!

It is also in my opinion that the stratagem of, “Weapons of Mass Destruction”  will continue to hoodwink the opiate and fluoride induced general public in America with the solid, “Weapons of Mass Deception.”

Don’t even get me started with the “9/11” False Flag and the Dancing Jews. Oh, and for extra credit, Saudi Arabia, the Head-Choppers were in on it too. 9/11 is just like 7/11 – An inside Job!

Now for those who want to be living in the “American Dream” also known as, “The Matrix” as well as the, “America Fluoride Drenched Coma” are all part of this damned problem. Yes, the United States Constitution is dead. Just check out all the media black-outs, information removed from YouTube, Facebook and other social media, and of course, those in control of the American Media. Look into the war crimes alone being conducted daily by these United States. People who speak out against these atrocities are being silenced by acts of being suicided all the time. Just talk with the Clinton Cabal and their long trail of dropping bodies and you’ll see what I mean. Yeah, don’t get me started on Bill Clinton, a serial rapist and pedophile. Here is another documentary too.

Listen, as far as the American Media also known as Corporate Media is a business and the owners, managers, and those in control of what is put out on television are to make money. If they, the US Media shows stuff on how ugly the Government truly is and in this would cause sponsors to leave in droves like rats on a fucking sinking ship. Corporations cannot stay in business without profits. In this hardcore fact, we as the American Public can and shall fight back with our wallets.

I can literally go on for weeks on this subject(s) here. I feel that I have provided enough to shock, inflame, and attack the ignorance of the public. I also provided more than enough information to encourage those of like-minded.

Before closing this post, I would like to make mention that the American Public is not the United States Government. The United States Government is the Nemesis of the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence. The United States Government is evil by any definition and this must be realized by and for the American Public who are enslaved by the real tyrannical powers that control everything in the world from the top of the pyramid of supreme power which is the banks!

See, “Ethos” about Fractured Banking and the Federal Reserve Bank.

The United States Government as far as the public opinions of the world is that of a vicious bully and tyrant responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths in modern US history alone.

Thanks for reading!

Douglas S. Taylor

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Then Along Came The Spider…

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Some things change and some things remain the same. I would like to welcome all the new folks to my blog of horror, the strange, the odd, the macabre, and the “Darc.”

I shall wish and everyone of you for all the support via the social networks in 2017. As a graphic designer to include clothing at the VIDA Studio. The stuff is available all over the world and yes, it’s selling!

I would also like to wish all those who in the “darc” past that faded away, went underground as in; the groundhogs are delivering your mail for you. Yes, all those tormented and twisted souls that are no longer with us. Yes, these lost souls fall into the category of “Who Gives A Fuck.” I must remind you that coming here like a creepy ghost in the night clicking around and, in your way, creating extra revenue to the Darc. I appreciate your ill-spent energy and bandwidth. I truly do!

Damn, almost forgot, I would like to wish everyone a belated, “Merry Christmas.” There, better late than ever.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

The above cover is based upon unholy almost actual events here in the Americas. Yes indeed, I killed Santa Claus and my friend Andy wanted pictures so, here you go!

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

I know there are folks wondering if I really have any predictions for 2018. I think I have expressed them more than well enough throughout the various platforms of social media to the point of crystal clarity. I made my predictions on the geopolitical, national, and my local area in a myriad of topics. Naturally they are both clear and foreboding. I can go on for days talking, showing, providing precious links in tying up these real facts, you know, the real truth that might make you think differently, and waking you up from the Matrix. Moreover, most won’t dare to experience the horror of reality – Real horror.

Speaking about horror and that is the heart of this blog by the way, there is so much coming for you in these realist realms for those who can see, for those who are half-awake, and those still jacked in and getting pumped with some really good MK-Ultra – Damn, there I go again. Let me just end this right here. No matter what group or stage that you may be in, it doesn’t matter, some major dude will put it all back again in due time. Just remember, the Government kills more people than any war. In fact, I believe it falls second just under poverty as the major threat goes. There is religion that is a tool for government.

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Hey, you all know that my musical taste is in a word, “Eclectic.” I love certain bands, groups, and such that seems to know no bounds. Having said that, why does Five Finger Death sounds like they have all been gut-shot apes complaining about, you know, mom and dad, and their misgivings. These guys have some killer tunes, nevertheless, “American Capitalist” way back in 2011. Now if these guys were/are hating on the government, then the message is lost in the Deluxe Version I have of this album.

Just my take on this as I find myself listening to this album as I am writing right up until I switch to Matchbox 20.

On this note, I close out 2017, and again, I wish you all well.

Thanks for dropping in!

Douglas S. Taylor

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September 2016 Edition

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DarcWorx Official September 2017 Cover designed by Douglas S. Taylor. For the main story of, “Boy In The Box” click here. This story is based upon Actual Events of my Childhood.

Yes indeed, summer is almost over for some of us. Though, with this climate change we’re all caught up in, some may think that this summer will never be over. However, it will and when it does, it will end abruptly according the the scientific community in this field.

So, they are saying that the changes of the four seasons will be not a gradual thing like it was for a couple of 5 millenniums. Have you not already experience this for yourselves?

You probably have.

Let me explain from my experience this year alone. I am a natural weatherman and human barometer that can read the sky, the breeze in the air, and the actions or lack of in nature around me. You know the deal when your quietly walking through the woods and all the animals grow silent. Now, if you are like me, I don’t make a sound going through my forest here in the Black Hills. In fact, I don’t have to walk in the woods to know that something is amiss or unusual. I can read the forest around me while I am sitting here at my home office.

Lucky me…

Now back to the climate itself. In the tail end of June, it grew to a record hot spell of 40 Celsius and that is 104 degrees F. I always preferred the metric system over the arcane and non-world standard of Imperial measurements. I am also a big fan of the 24 hour time keeping since I was taught this in my earliest days in the United States Air Force – Yeah, I am really a decorated veteran too.

So, the hot week in which for years previously would run through Mid August during the dreadful “Sturgis Week.” This is where we used to get our highs in humidity and seasonal highs in temperatures. Though, this year, completely different. Winter abruptly went into Spring, as did Summer. As far as Autumn is concerned, it is already here with temperatures ranging from, 16.6 Celsius to 21.1 and that is like from 62 to 70 degrees.

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I went down the high peaks here in Lead, South Dakota to speak with the Tribal Elders and they booked me an appointment with the Village Witchdoctor who gave me his prediction about the 2016 – 2017 Winter conditions to expect. He rolled some bones and took a reading through his tea leaves. Moments later, the fucker said that, “It will be bitterly cold with less precipitation. Meaning a lot less natural snow.” I asked him what his version or understanding of the word, “bitter…” He told me like — 28.8 Celsius and that comes right around – 20 F. Since I am from the “Darclands” far to the north, this is just balmy weather. For others, people up here will be crying buckets.

One thing you can be certain about is the fact that weather measured over tens of thousands of years is constantly in a smooth ebb and flow of things. Taking measurements of hundreds of thousands of years shows that Earth has been in one hell of a range of temps and such. This is long before the Industrial Age. I mean, the weather in some not so distant paths shows that the weather changed so abruptly that entire species of animals were literally stopped dead in their tracks. Mammoths, Mastodons, and entire herds of Deer caught in a vortex from the wrath of weather either triggered from natural events long before we all got up and running.

Hey, everyone today likes to blame mankind for mucking things up. With the Chemtrails and other weather modification methods are certainly fucking it all up pretty damned good. However, the Sun, like all things in nature works on cycles. Right now, the sun has been getting hotter the last couple of years. The stronger solar flares with the blasts of solar winds drive away the clouds because the solar winds are much stronger that any other cloud forming waves and winds of deeper space – Look, just Google these facts and get to know the real deal.

In essence if the Earth was void of mankind, right now, the world would be getting warmer because of the factor of the solar cycles. Would it be as drastic without mankind?

I think not. I believe it would be less of an incline of hotter temperatures, but the end result would eventually happen before it would become cooler. We just expedite things with the not-so high tech weather war between Russia, China, and mainly the United States Empire. Yeah, you can Google that yourselves too.

I digress…

One thing is for sure, Halloween is coming upon us, and in this, my faith will be restored as the Great Pumpkin will raise his huge orange head while Sally is on all of her fours is begging like a bitch in heat as Linus is balling her raw in the pumpkin patch as Snoopy is in a serious dogfight with the notorious Red Baron…

Click here to visit the Haunted Library now!

If I had a religion to pick, I guess my beliefs would be on the Great Pumpkin because it would feed a lot of people.

I would also like to add a thing about belief systems – Not the usual hypocrisies of Theisms but that of the lesser.

Witchcraft is not a religion. You practice witchcraft good or bad. Nevertheless, there is a strong measure of belief in it. However, it was never intended to be a religion. Pagans, which are either practicing Witchcraft or not have their own religious or superstitious beliefs. 

Witches – Yeah, I love witches, don’t get me wrong. I can lick a dozen in a New York Second in my woods. I have casted some serious spells upon those ever so lucky enough causing them an uncontrollable protein spill of precious body fluids with my tongue alone.

And on that humorous note I’ll end it all here.

Thanks for reading,

Douglas S. Taylor

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January 2016 and then Some…

By DarcWorX

January 2016 finally made it upon us and some may say at a terrible cost. It’s true on so many levels with the loss of friends, family, and celebrities. Did you notice the typical corporate news sure kept track for us all. Yeah, and what about all the casualties of an endless war that will never be finished. The American Empire will be replaced and usher in the Chinese Empire. Oh, the doom and gloom. Nevertheless, however you want to look at things or not to look at, it’s gonna happen whither you like it or not. Again, oh, you want horror that is real, you don’t have to look far these days.

Now I don’t want to sound like some pessimist or something. I have hopes and aspirations just as much as the next guy and moreover, there is this painful reminder of reality.

As I write this listening to Gary Numan bleeding through my headset I am reminded of the myriad of deceptions goings on in DC and their dreadful work on a world-wide level. That is the purpose of my other blog.

Moving on with other things. I have been working on my latest full-length novel, “The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean.” In fact, one day I looked at the progress of the eBook and yes, I am thinking, Trade Paperback, and I might bring forth other of my works in traditional print. Nevertheless, I looked over the script and having Microsoft Word 2016 read it all back to me of all that I have done I came to the conclusion that so far, so it seems, was (past tense intended) to political and not brutal and grimy enough. It just didn’t seem the right fit and what I really wanted to take this “darc” novel to the depths of depravity, unfettered evil, and violence on an all new level in which for me is nothing at all to do.


As I deleted the entire project – save the book cover. I completely deleted the entire thing. I know some people out there on the social media complained about the characters, the violence, the ethnic vulgarity, and trying in their vane attempts to shame me as if I think and act that way.  Now, how fucked up as that?

You may have tasted some of this in the short story of, “The Devilman in Deadwood.” It is a story about Lucifer played by Rob Zombie in my mind and Samuel L. Jackson as a lowlife pimp. The cutting board, or the whore is played by H. Annette Mobley. They find her cut up like a jigsaw puzzle in a cheap hotel bath tub. Yeah, some of the bitches in the bible belt certainly has a problem with that one.

Was the story anything so shockingly new?

Not really, I created and set the stage based on the reality of our society albeit the supernatural premise. Was it suppose to be a morality tale, a canned motif of the overused regurgitated premise of “Good verses Evil” where the devil was suppose to lose or something?

Anyone with half a brain should know one certain thing, I don’t write happy endings. Maybe you might want to stick with the beaten path of DreamWorks and Disney.

Really, let the all grown up writers and readers that are into the macabre, eerie, and horrific dark worlds of fantasy alone.

Hey, I was even going to share some of it, the latest of my work in a sinister sample for you to dine upon. Oh, yes, I wrote some 18 pages of the new manuscript yesterday.

But you see, this idea of mine would be stolen once again in plagiarism. It would give cause of a lowlife to write something as they usually do, “…poorly written and too much swearing…” Then these same spineless motherfuckers steal it and the only thing that is changed is the author’s name – my name.

I use Grammarly which is a viable online service. Check it out. You can run your work to check for plagiarism plus the additional tools to correct your style of writing.

So, I won’t be sharing anything powerful from my realm of darc-writing that is deep. The copy and pasters can swallow my cock straight up. Besides, there is so much creative material right here on this blog to sample.


Yes, the self-deception untalented ass-clowns outweigh the truly talented and all those such as myself that will never stop what I am doing. Sorry, I don’t cave into the opinions of the majority. Hell, I don’t pretend to be for everyone and as I said before, everyone isn’t for me.

In other news…


Thanks for reading,

Douglas S. Taylor

A Ghastly Holiday Season to All!

Cover Design and Graphics by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

Cover Design and Graphics by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

Yes indeed, DarcWorX is eerie, creepy, darc, and all kinds of cynical about things. This blog shows it in a huge way. In fact, I received critical acclaim on a very ironic and sarcastic story done for the “Morbidity News.” You see, there is an Editor-in-Chief of a major newspaper in America that thoroughly enjoyed the story so much he had to write an email to me directly.

I am most certain for those who were seeking darc sarcasm on a monumental level laced with darc humor have and will continue to enjoy how the aliens are suing the United States Government and the Obama Administration over patent infringements.

Yes, this particular story is different to say the least. For me, it was nothing less than refreshing.

Enough about that. I also would like, and more importantly so, wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. Last year I wrote a pretty darc venture for the 2014 holiday season. I shall refrain from mentioning that some of my fans and friends may not make it to see 2016 or passed the first couple of days – This should go without saying in the finalities of one’s life tragically ending ever so abruptly.

There is that creepy darc side of me hemorrhaging in black pools of venom of sorts…

Nevertheless, I do wish for the best for everyone especially during these troubling times as I mentioned in previous articles on my other blog. Yes, Black Reign Operations is something completely different than here. As some of you may know, I have a flare for investigative journalism and at times I would share that here. However the investigative journalism or my commentary about real-world-horror and atrocities wasn’t a good fit in this atmosphere. Besides, the demographics show that readership would dip during such postings.

By creating a new blog specifically for my real-world stuff, the demographics for that particular site has reached over 52,000 strong. Yes, people wanting, demanding, and acquiring truth. It is not a conspiracy theory site but one of many conspiracies that the United States Government is involved. Black Reign Operations is a site to inform, not sensationalize, not to scare nor entertain the reader. There on that blog I share with you the facts in the overabundance of credible sources. It is your responsibility to check out the over preponderance of data to make a clear and informed decision. Everyone knows that the United States Government is losing the Information War as alternative, underground, and corporate uncontrolled news is now making it to the masses.

It has been almost 5 or maybe 6 years since I got rid of my television and opted for my own programming made available in droves upon the Internet. I have a short list mentioned on my other blog. Who needs US, British, and other Lieutenants in bed with America and the respective news services?


Okay, back to the Christmas thing. I went to Walmart yesterday to brave the “Season of Corporate Greed and Avarice.” As I sat on a bench to get out of the herd’s way while allowing my mistress several unfettered minutes looking over women’s clothing for herself. I could not help that many peoples’ face look like they all should be on some anti-depressant for their Golden Globe Award-Winning looks of clinical depression. The ambiance of the entire Walmart experience is of dread. I haven’t seen a single smile. Instead, children crying at being disappointed by various things and their single mothers teary-eyed knowing they can’t afford such things.

Seeing all this around me it really does remind me of a modern-day “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens minus Jacob Marley and the three ghosts.

I must admit that my Walmart experiences has always been one of confusing my inner guidance system. I mean, my senses of direction, eye-fatigue, and just plain irritability. I have experienced this for a very long time. Not just at Walmart with their toxic atmosphere of Chinese poisons leeching out via the onslaught of products, but rather, something more insidious, something more malevolent that seems to practically personify into being there. Of course, there are other very large stores and malls that I get bewildered in a barrage of various things. I get this too in casinos as well. One might say it is the electronics for the RIDS, surveillance electronics, and the fucking florescent lighting.  So a while back I did a study on eye protection to help screen out whatever glare and other eye-sensory problems because of the drain upon my sight. I purchased a powerful pair of DVX Sun/Safety Glasses. DO NOT GET A PAIR BY WALMART!

I first saw these at Walmart, looked, and tried on a set I really liked. You can even get these in your visionary prescription. One thing I did notice that in most every pair of sun glasses say above $50.00 or more there were flaws in all of them. Abhorrent flaws that are criminally unsafe for your eyes. Every fucking pair had something wrong from variances to include warping in the lenses, to scratches, to faulty hinges, and lastly, bad frames that were twisted or bent out of place.

I went and paid a visit at my family’s local eye doctor. You see, they sell the same DVX line and models by Wiley X. Now, I looked at the exact same pair, model, and all. I noticed a couple of things straight away. I found the Wiley X trademark and information imbedded in the inside of the molding of the carbon frames. I also noticed I could not find anything wrong other that the eye-doctor’s version was heavier with thicker lenses. I also noticed something else. The lenses blocked out more UV and cut down glare by 50% to my guesstimation. I also checked out other models of the same presumed manufacturer. Peeking my interest I notice that the other models were of different quality as those I looked at in Walmart. All at the Eye Doctors were exceptional without flaw. Now there is another difference too. The price.

At Walmart, my particular model runs at $79.99 a pair. At my eye doctor’s starting price is $99.99 and above. My eyes are worth the $20.00 difference and I am getting the real thing instead of the obvious knock-offs at Walmart. Not even the so-called eye professional at Walmart could tell me anything about the “DVX” glasses there as to who made them and where.

That should be a sign…

Back to it. So wearing sunglasses is a must for me. Twice in the USAF I suffered from snow blindness. It is something that becomes with each passing easier to get. I wear them year around. I prefer to wear them to protect my eyes both physically and via UV.

I did notice walking into casinos with them, the light-fatigue I was accustomed to were gone and all the lights did not bother this night-creature. I also seemed a lot less confused with sense of direction. So my next test, a bigger casino and again no eye-fatigue but my sense of direction was amiss as usual. Then I went to Walmart wearing them like a visionary shield and no eye fatigue and a much better sense of direction. That is when, while wearing these glasses, I noticed I didn’t seem irritable. I certainly could concentrate on things. Always had an ability of the Hunter’s Focus with the exception of large stores or gatherings indoors.

I don’t want to make mention of some paranormal activity at Walmart but I do believe when a person makes something that the essence of that person is in some of the products. Maybe this would explain the doom, the dread, and the anxiety I along with too many people obviously feel so thusly the look upon their faces.

Walmart in Spearfish is a good place to go if you are all kinds of giddy and have a need to be brought down into a vast ocean of depression. Still, there is something more than the essences I am assuming – a HYPOTHESIS of mine nonetheless.

I wonder what kind of electronic beams are we exposing ourselves to at such a store?

I wonder about how toxic the atmosphere in a Walmart is and this may explain the headaches and maybe the depression that I have seen with my own eyes?

Truly, I really want to know!

I bet on a scientific level it would be surprising to say the least.

Anyways, thanks again for reading, and have a happy holiday season!

Douglas S. Taylor