Narcissistic Pathology; Why You Need to be Aware!

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Some time ago I wrote a post about psychic vampires who are not some supernatural cartoon-like vampires who uses a crystal ball, tarot cards, and predict the future. Yes, there are a few people in the United States that thought that is exactly what the post is about. Now, I don’t mean to come off as the majority of the World’s Populous who believes that the American Public in general are absurdly stupid.

Moreover, it does make you wonder though.

I find it necessary to clarify the original post with this more clinical one so that any inept people will understand exactly where I am coming from. Since I write horror along with speculative fiction, suspense and thrillers, dark comedy, and own dark fantasy while pissing off the asshole community in droves. More like pissing on their fucking backs and calling it rain – They have it coming and nothing is like aggravating, annoying, and razing the trolls to ashes. Yeah, like it, love it, or leave it.

I am opinionated. This is what’s worse, I am educated and can back most anything up with a blizzard or reliable and vetted resources. You may have remembered another blog of mine called, “Black Reign Operations; What the United States Government Doesn’t Want You to Know.” Yeah all that and a bag of chips!

Psychopathic behaviors manifesting in their own lives and laying waste to all lives they touch. They don’t give a fuck about you as they fake every outer emotion to include empathy. They’re apathetic and only care about achieving their true agendas. If they aren’t hell-bent to achieve these dark ambitions, they would be soulless and outer husks of a human being void of anything making themselves a positive part of humanity.

Let’s call it like it is…

You cannot be a billionaire without these psychopathic behaviors undermining and devastating anything and everyone perceived as a threat. There is also no such thing as being a partial psychopath. You are one, or you’re not.

Good news for some and not so good news for others. DarcWorX only brings cold comfort with a tombstone finality.

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Here is a list of traits of the criminal mental disorders associated with the psychopathy, a checklist called the Hare Psychopathy Checklist Revised or the PCL-R.

  • Glib and superficial charm
    Grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
    Need for stimulation
    Pathological lying (Sociopathic Included)
    Cunning and manipulativeness
    Lack of remorse or guilt (Sociopathic Included)
    Shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness) (Sociopathic Included)
    Callousness and lack of empathy (Sociopathic Included)
    Parasitic lifestyle
    Poor behavioral controls (Sociopathic Included)
    Sexual promiscuity (Sociopathic Included)
    Early behavior problems (Sociopathic Included)
    Lack of realistic long-term goals (Sociopathic Specifically)
    Impulsivity (Sociopathic Included)
    Irresponsibility (Sociopathic Included)
    Failure to accept responsibility for own actions (Sociopathic Included)
    Many short-term marital relationships (Sociopathic Included)
    Juvenile delinquency (Sociopathic Included)
    Revocation of conditional release (Sociopathic Included)
    Criminal versatility

Sociopathic behavior is included in this list however, the sociopathic behavior never can make it this far according to the latest studies in behavioral and criminal mental disorders. The Sociopathic populous are too prone to self-imploding, too easy to unravel and get caught to say nothing of the rage and juvenile mind — a stunted sort that never makes it passed their school years, antics, and lifestyles.

Case Study of Sociopathy: Judith Rene(e) Champ AKA Judy Oberlander, AKA Rene(e) Oberlander or Champ.

For another example; You know them through unsolicited dick-pictures sent, and fowl odors of their incapacity of rational cool-headed thoughts with any kind of real plans in any great detail and an insult to your intellect. Sociopaths usually carry nothing more than a low-average to barely room temperature (on a cold day) I.Q. which is typical of the subject, Judith Champ. 

Psychopaths more often than not, have a much higher IQ than Sociopaths and thus much more successful with the ability to go unnoticed, to blend in, and for many by until it is too late. Narcissistic (pathologically speaking) will only use YOU to serve their needs and ambitions leading YOU in personal, financial, and spiritual ruin.


Both kinds thrive here in the social media. For the psychopaths, it is a training ground of emotional and mental manipulation in the furtherance of their cunningness and hone upon their agility. They will always, without exception, betray your friendship as soon as they are done with you.

As soon as they are done with you. I think it would be very fair to say that these monsters find their victims so very easily now a days utilizing the Internet and Social Media. 

There is a distinct difference between the psychopathic world and that of the sloping fore headed sociopathic communities abound. The more that you research these two types of criminal disorders, the better off, and protected you will be.

You don’t have to be a serial killer to be either one. Though it seems, that it is either one of these two pathologies who are indeed serial killers.

Let’s leave the serial killing types behind and look into the minds of the 1% of the World’s Wealth. Not much of a difference when you compare them to the PCL-R.  They look at themselves as godlike and play with the 99% of humanity imposing their pestilence of wrathful cruelty upon the masses. These monsters in their own right achieved all the wealth they can. Now they’re feeding off of their power. They become so deluded and entrenched with their power-agendas of making everyone suffer like the parasites they are. They often fail to realize that they are systematically killing off their hosts leading to their own ruin. Bill Gates, Ted Turner, George Soros, and about 2,000 nation-wide all hang out devising a means of more power and control. All these people have already made bold and horrific statements in wiping out what they believe is the surplus population – That’s you and me.


Think, “Agenda 21” and all their means that touches the very air we breath and the water we drink. To the medications we take, to the corporate tyranny circumventing every check or balance in their way. To the GMO foods and leaching poisons and yet many don’t or cannot see the end coming for the average person. Sheeple so dazed and confused and akin to the real life Zombies, the walking dead who marvel at all the shiny distractions. They are already dead. The NFL, the “Not For Long” and generalization in professional sports are all tied into the latter days of Empires. Think of Rome and this is another topic. Though, a ploy we see throughout history time and time again. And again, the American Public will be left holding the fucking check!

It is obvious to me of these things I speak of, these things I witnessed first hand, and how gullible the moths are to the very flames that will end them. In America where society is ever increasingly becoming morally bankrupt, the general populous treats these narcissists as heroes and serial killers as of some kind of gods.

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Werewolves of Deadwood; The Legend of Connolly Pettimore


Introduction and Shit Like That

Since the beginning of my works of, “Tales From Under the Concrete” that shatters the normalcy of compliance in the macabre and horror genre, the “Werewolves of Deadwood” has appeared as short stories. This includes segments and side stories that I love to do as it adds to the ambience of not only the tale itself but that of Deadwood itself.  Now on to the next thing I would like to bring to bare and that is the fact that DarcWorX and myself, Douglas S. Taylor are one of the same. With so much written and the energy that I put into this blog over the long haul, anyone who isn’t deaf, dumb, and blind should get more than enough proof in becoming exposed to my talents without excuse.

Yes, I know that I am not for everyone in the adult horror, thriller, suspense, dark fantasy to say nothing of the macabre genres I write – I can also assure with equal measure that everyone out here isn’t for me either. Having said this, I am who I am, I write in a unique sort of way, a style of my own, and an International fanbase that expects nothing less from me. Though, this fanbase is small, means everything to me to include my loyalties with each and everyone of them. Yes, I even regard most of these people as friends. Oh, dare I even say that (enters sarcasm). For those who are just becoming writers, authors who are entering the world of the Internet along with the social media I would like to welcome you and warn you. You shall find friends and fans who are anything of what they seem to be. They are anything but positive influences and most you shall find out are envious and are cruel shadowy reflections of humanity.

Be warned.

More importantly, you continue being yourself and constantly strive to perfect your gifts and talents. Rise above and beyond the shit-eating trolls, imposters of those called friends, fans, and critics. Critics, real critics will always point out the good with those things that needs work on through a constructive atmosphere – Thank them, take their comments and opinions in heart. With all else, fuck them, press on, and give no more thought to these posers.

With the advent of the Internet, the creation of Social Media via the web, everyone has a voice. I would concede that for most, they don’t need a voice and remaining silent would be the best choice they can make. Alas, the genie as it were, is out of the bottle.

Over time, I have been accused of many crimes against humanity as suggested by this particular article of a man who disguises himself as a woman and another pretending to be a human whose interests are into exploiting Asian underage girls.

Nevertheless, if you strive to be the best you can be, you will run into parasites like these. Put the dogs in the ditch with plenty of lime and bury these and move on. I have been accused of being a racist because of the dialogs of characters and what they have said in the course of a particular story. This is utterly shameful and a pathetic of poising the well and reputation of the author.

How fucking lame is that? 

How fucking ignorant is that?

I hear it all the time about others who are more well-known. “Oh they must be pedophiles because they write or create monsters like these…” Disturbing albeit. Nevertheless, horror based upon the cruel realities in this world. Still, these hypocrites say anything to bring another down so they, these spineless fucks would make them look brighter and better – It shows how lame, it shows you stunted fucking minds is what it does.


I think there are some comments made on Amazon that I allowed to leave there about some pretty ignorant fucks who gave it their best shots. There are other comments that are good and reflect an accurate opinion. There are also some negative comments that has absolutely nothing to do with the particular book or story – What the fuck?

It is what it is…

I wanted to add this material and things said to set the stage with some of my own angst to share. I also have the need to share some sage advice to those beginning their literary journey in these realms I have made mention. Do not give into the hubris and the gut-shot howling of these lesser primates. Live your dream and perfect your endeavors.

Now let me move on with the second half of this article; “The Werewolves of Deadwood.”

I wrote in some detail a few years ago while I was still a slave to the W-2 indentured to the Game. I remember it was a terribly dark and dreary night in the month of November. Walking in the mist and patches of fog dressed head to toe in black I moved through the night unseen as my mind wondered. I will admit that my imagination became ablaze with visions of supernatural monsters like vampires, phantom specters, psychotic killers, the criminally insane on the prowl, and then like a bolt of lightening electrifying my spine, werewolves!

Yes, werewolves indeed. Right then in the absolute darkness, I could almost hear the howls of such beasts. I imagine that I was one or vicariously traveling within one following the further shore of Elk Creek hidden in the forest and brush line. I could almost feel its blazing red eyes gazing upon me as I walked alone. I remember smiling from ear to ear at the thought that I may be pray. Yes, the hunted as the werewolf hidden watched me with such contempt. Finding myself smiling even more where others may be frightening themselves with their own scary thoughts I walked on thinking about the imaginary creature that wanted the end of my life and the taste of my flesh and blood in his mouth.

I did not have the time or energy to divert to some self-induced fear. No, my mind now totally in flames of creativity. As I walked on this dreary lonely road, the world of, “The Werewolves of Deadwood” began its infancy socially secretive world. You know, the beginning of the particulars, some of the main characters came into mind, and with them, their names, where they were from, what they do in human form in Deadwood. I also thought or entertained the possibility of Deadwood having its own clan or tribe of werewolves.

Moreover as my mind burned with brilliant visions and a budding storyline, the walk home concluded as I found myself on my front porch. I was already home least physically but not mentally.

How in the hell could I be?

My mind was spinning up a new darker world. Already the world of Deadwood, my Deadwood I was creating and sharing through short stories such as the Whispering Pines Sanitarium, Blackstone Rising, and others were already in print. Yes, I was then at that time tying all these persons, places, and events though totally fiction into my world. The story of these werewolves would become part of it. With these werewolf clan would be a need of history behind them, events that happened in the past, cause and effects, ant-heroes, villains, and an age-old rival, the vampire coven. Moreover, a vampire coven unlike that of the baneful romantic glowing bullshit mythology of young teen vampires. Instead, a blood-thirsty parasitical group or coven who were akin to the idea of the destruction of the werewolf clan in some Underworld sort of way. No, I wanted to add to what I have created on my own. So, the vampire coven based upon an insurgence of a biker gang that recently moved into the area in reality and with it, a level of crime not seen since the late 19th century.

The biker gang would later be all rounded up by the DEA and FBI for the manufacturing and distribution of Crystal Meth in the Lawrence, Meade, and nearby counties. Yes, this would be something that I shall use in the story line. I had it. The vampire coven would take the place of the biker gang, but not only take the place, but to kill off the biker rat-bastards themselves. No love loss, and all overnight. This would be excellent. The Vampire coven needed a name, a leader, a few of their own meth cooks with their own brand of crimson meth. These vampires would also come to the knowledge of how to keep a shifter, (werewolf) from changing from human into their animalistic powerful supernatural selves.

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Oh, the fucking gears in my mind were grinding. First, I made mention of these things in some rendition of “Morbidity News” on here, on this blog a long time ago. Some people picked up on it and actually enjoyed the piece of fiction. However, most of those that lived in Deadwood, Lawrence County, and as far as Wyoming thought of it as some sort of fabrication, fake news being passed off as real news.

Now, how fucked up and simple-minded is that?

I then needed a dumb-like character that is a werewolf. In human form, eye-candy for the women. A tall and powerful man of the usual average intelligence from the back woods of Louisiana near the Mississippi boarder swamps. A man came to mind, his description of a dark skinned brown eyed and matching hair that is shoulder-lengthen tattooed fellow that goes by the name of Connolly Pettimore. Basically a good natured and fair man attached to a ruthless bitch for a mate also from the same region who came up here after a conflict of a clan in New Mexico. I shared a bit of history of Connolly and the troubles his mate got themselves into. I think I may even shared a measure of personal regret on his part for keeping her. Though, she blames every ill-deed on him. She is nothing less than a sociopath and quick to anger. Any other emotion is nothing but a conjuring effect on her part. Now enters the drama aspect.

As I said earlier, I wrote several very short stories of, “The Werewolves of Deadwood” that appears in the Tales Series. Nevertheless, I believe that this particular story needs to be its own novel in paperback and eBook formats.

As for Connolly and his henpecking, he will end the latter abruptly. A man can only stand so much insanity from a stunted mind. This woman, sure, she is based upon a sociopath I once had the most unfortunate time then in my most miserable life. I don’t care if man or woman, you all can see faces being painted across your mind’s eyes right about now – no doubt.

So, the story, the original piece was told through a character who is the owner of the Gallows Saloon in which was an actual place here in the historical Deadwood. I was offered an opportunity to visit this place by the late owners. Fascinating this adventure was and it was, at that time, all that I could imagine and then some. Now, some ex-FBI agent turned it into a pistol shooting range and bar – Yeah a fucking bar with drunks with loaded weapons.

How fucking stupid is that?

I couldn’t have made that shit up.

Again, the story, or the history is told by a werewolf in human form that describes John Joseph “Jack” Nicholson to a fucking “T.”

Character names withheld; the story starts with the introduction of the werewolf clan and how it fits into a dark history just before and during General Armstrong Custer’s infamous 7th Calvary’s 1st and 2nd Expedition into the Indian Reservation of the Black Hills from Fort Meade, South Dakota. Fort Meade is now a Veteran’s Hospital Facility east of Sturgis in Meade County – You never know, the question could come up in Jeopardy or something and this information may be priceless to you all.  

Yeah, the historical portion, a portion in a draft format is fascinating on its own merits though will be re-done from the ground up with a good many things in a novel format. The history speaks of actual events along with the accounts with the views of the speaker. This history laced with both facts, truths, and my license of fiction will certainly blur the lines much like the pseudo-history told as actual history in today’s classes of education, the Museum of Deadwood that has about as much truth as a few grains of Fool’s Gold.

Not to get a head of myself in the least. Connolly Pettimore hears through the elders of the Deadwood clan that resides up in Roubaix, South Dakota of the current treaties they have with the neighboring vampire coven not to mention, the manufacturing of the crystal meth operations. These facts, this alliance is something that Connolly can’t even conceive since the history of Vampire and Werewolf is more of a story of master and slave. Pettimore’s personal dealings in the south with the vampire covens there has proven only one thing of certainty; vampires cannot be trusted in the least.

For Connolly, he harbors only contempt and seething hatred since both of his parents were killed by the order of some elders of a vampire coven. Again, he would be faced with another deadly alliance in New Mexico that his woman helped greatly in exacerbating the tension placing the clan there in peril. Truce was only achieved by excommunicating Pettimore and his mate from the region. Yeah, there is far more to the story or I mean, more to it when I write it.

Nevertheless, Pettimore finds the secret location of the Vampire Coven’s Elders. He manages to ditch the warnings from his own elders and enters the secret grounds hidden in the ancient Roubaix Graveyard. There he waits in hiding for mid day. Then he executes his plan. In basic, a shallow but effective plan. He is to break in and being undetected by the surveillance system short-circuited by a huge solar flare he knew nothing about. Otherwise, he would have been out-numbered and killed by his own kind protecting the Elders. A betrayal made by a pact with his own elders and kept secret. He opens all the window protection mechanisms after quietly opening the caskets. The Elders turn to dust, screaming, flames, the whole bit.

Pettimore realizing that the guardians are coming upon him, he bolts out of the den of elders and blocking the only door behind him with some sort of old railroad tie. He watches the place burn and all those that die inside. This obviously includes his own species.

With this knowledge gained and the betrayal of his own Elders he goes to back into Deadwood where those there in power have a very hard time believing Pettimore. Proof is presented as a small band of werewolves investigate and report back. The coupe ensues with the demise of the treacherous werewolf Elders. This swift and bloody action raises issues with the Custer, South Dakota and Wyoming Clans. A Blood War is immanent as sacred laws seemed broken because of the deaths of the werewolf elders. This will have to wait as the more powerful covens of North Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota along with Nebraska demands retribution of the near total destruction of the meth-making, hence, money-making coven in Lawrence County.


One thing is for certain, Connolly Pettimore may be a hero to some in the region, a hero to those immediately around him but has a death bounty on his head along with those who help conceal him from a twisted form of vampire justice and then, if he survives, he may have to face the wrath of his neighboring clans.

Well that about does it here for me with this subject. It would be considered kind indeed if you would let me know of your thoughts. I know I have exposed some intriguing plots within plots and a high-powered overall synopsis.

I will also say, don’t get any fancy ideas of using any of this matter and subject as your own. Though, you may kid yourself into thinking of taking this work as your own and that would be a fucking grave mistake since all this, everything is copyright protected to include all within.

This brings me to the finality, the conclusion of this article, this post on WordPress. Unlike many other bloggers that have posted some sort of Anti-Plagiarism banner. You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This is proprietary work owned by DarcWorX. I have seen my work on other blogs. I have seen my stories and literary material on other blogs and stories. Yet, these same dullards say my work is poorly written as to discourage me. They take the entire story and the only thing that is changed is their name pinned to it.

These egregious actions do reveal themselves and those phony fucks pay dearly and more often than not, much more than they can afford.

For all those new talented writers, authors, and such. Protect your work. Learn what is, “Fair Use,” “Public Use,” “Non-Copyright” and “Stock Images.” I recommend the following, “Adobe Photo Libraries,” “ShutterShack,” and a vast array of online catalogs of additional images you can graft into your own, make it your own like any other business online and traditional magazines do.

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The Sheriff


Today I find myself out checking the higher trails on my usual routine as the sun was at its zenith, in which says so little in these parts. One thing is the fact that the sun sits lower and rides along the hills, just above actually. Secondly, the sky, seems to be a storm, a bad winter’s storm brewing up in the north as the low-pressure front is just coming upon us.

Listen to me, I sound like a fucking weatherman. I crack myself up sometimes at the shit I say to be quite honest. The new snow, the heavy snow anticipated is the whole reason I am out here today and making, well, a full day of it. You see, world renowned snowboarders, skiers, and the likes will be swarming down from all over the world.
Even in the spite of the time of the season means very little up here. One could always say, “It’s so damned gloomy all the time…” They’d be right in saying that while they’re constantly bellyaching about their trivial shit.

Nevertheless, this portion of the Black Hills is a very secluded, and some might say, “With trails less traveled upon.” In that would be the truth. Though, once upon a damned time, this area all around me was bustling with active gold mining, a railroad, a small town just up the side of the eastern slope here that included a brothel and a school for all the whore’s children. Mining isn’t much of a family life, was it?

It isn’t much of a life period as history would tell us. That is if you were some piss-ant working for the owners of these old mines now in utter ruin. Sure, there are a few openings but you have to know where to look and hope to god you don’t fall into some old air shaft leading a couple of thousand feet down. Most are about a couple of hundred or so into utter darkness. Regardless, it’s more than enough to fuck up your whole day if you fell into one. No one would know, no one would find you. Out of the entire history of this area, there has never been made mention of anyone that fell, and saved, or for that matter, ever recovered.

This area, yeah, it’s not for kids and idiot adults to go off this beaten path. Most of the folks, those even from out of state don’t come up here. They don’t visit the old graveyard now overgrown by the woods reclaiming the scarred land. They don’t even know about the wretched ruins of the old Miller’s Place that looks like an old castle made of crumbling stone. Shit, it’s all cordoned off and there are trees, squirrels, ravens, and whatnot that holds residence there. The state was going to restore that some time ago since the Millers were so filthy rich and powerful. They ate up and owned most of the mines eventually. I don’t really know anything more about those kinds of people or the history, which is not all too flattering according to the local historians. Still, that old place, all dilapidated and all, yeah, that’s on my rounds too. I’ll be seeing that soon enough. You see, it sits up along that ridge east of me. One will see it if you keep on walking south along the trail. Comes into view now and then. That is if it isn’t covered by the low clouds, fog, and the likes.

Regardless, no one has any business leaving the trail and heading up there to look around or explore. Never a good outcome.


You see, the Northern Black Forest remains shrouded in heavy mist and the kind of darkness that plays upon the weaker minds out here. I mean, just the gloom in the area, and pick whatever season, it don’t matter and it just throws up one hell of an “Unwelcomed” sign to anyone with some wits about them.

Out here miles from nowhere is not for the frail of heart. In fact, you must cultivate a strong mental attitude if you’re out here. People lingering around these parts especially in the winter has one hell of a death wish. You see, they just don’t last long and if these fools are lucky enough maybe by late spring or mid-summer, their mortal remains may be found. But that’s the exception to the rule in these parts. Out here, most of the time, it’s the wildlife, the environment that gets you in the end. And trust me I know all too well.

It’s my job, it’s what I do as sheriff and all.

Do you want to hear something that will raise the small prickly hairs on the back of your goddamned neck?

Last week before all the people from out of state for all the snowboarding fiasco would be showing up, I was out here like I am now. The only thing different is I’m carrying this rifle. I didn’t need anything like this out here before. That in the past. I saw something that gives me more than enough cause to carry such a cannon. Better to be safe than sorry – better to be alive than dead, I say. That is, if you’re carrying special ammunition like I have. I won’t bore you with the details.

Back to the story of my adventure up here from last week…

I guess I was up by Murderer’s Creek along the old Iron bridge, the “Hanging Bridge” aptly named for the executions of some gold miners gone wrong along with some of the other social “Shames,” Interesting name for the despicable who found a noose around their condemned necks. You’ll find all this just south around that bend in front of us.

That bridge and most of the old events are now two full centuries ago and whatever ghost town it later becomes fell to the insurmountable grip of these woods. These very haunted woods. Just before noticing the sun dipping lower across the hills is when I saw the bloody unmistakable tracks of an adult Silverback Werewolf. The tracks left off to the right side of the bridge, breaking through the thin ice as it stomped through the shallow creek to the freshly laid maiden snow on the other side and disappearing into the tree line.

I reached down resting on my feet for a closer examination when I took into the account the size of an animal, a paranormal creature that some professor says doesn’t exist. I put the creature about three hundred plus pounds and nearly seven feet tall by its gate. I suppose some village idiot would think its Bigfoot or some Bullshit like that – I would leave it right at that. No need for anyone really discover the brutal truth otherwise. I took off my heavy glove from my right hand as the frost built up on my beard. With my index finger, I dipped it carefully into the small freezing pool of blood in the right paw print and tasted it. I found my eyes widen as the blood began telling me the story. You see, I have a secret to tell; He is not the only changing out here in these woods.


And before you go off half-cocked and say something you’ll soon regret, I for one was born this way just like a few of my kind in the region. You might say, “We’re as old as the hills.” You wouldn’t be too far off the mark.

Listen, you’ve been around my kind, my kind are your doctors, your teachers, bartenders, friends, in-laws, and the like to include police and law enforcement. Moreover, I got this problem and it’s bigger than you or I.

The blood I tasted wasn’t his at all. The blood belonged to the victim, a woman that would be found brutally raped while he was still in human form. How do I know this?

The blood never lies…

The blood doesn’t hide anything…

All is revealed through the blood…

I can see through my mind’s eye of what her blood was telling me. I saw that he began to change into his normal self-reaching into her stomach and pulling out her backbone. My ears rang with the snap of her spine. Damn, she was very much alive at the time. The Werewolf barely knew of her and under his false pretenses of being quite the charmer and lover boy. The bastard, he brought her along this otherwise beautiful winter’s day. Oh yeah, a right down gorgeous day all things considering.
Yeah, after he finished with her, sexually, and otherwise, he dumped her remains under the ice of the creek about a mile further up. The blood also shows me his identity in human form and of course, again in his more natural form.

There just isn’t any way I can cover up this hideous crime this time with the people involved. The victim is a resident and much loved in the region. I know the woman killed, her father in which is a good man, and his wife, Betty that I’ve been banging for at least a full decade now. For those of you pretending to hold the higher moral ground, you can hold that against me too. But remember, when you slip, you fall a long ways down and I hope it hurts. Judge if you must, but Betty and I are more than a thing.

Now, this awful news was going to hit the family the hardest. The community will panic as it did before, and even before that as I can remember as for the last full century clearly.

Snowboarders and the like will be flocking to this region and I can’t hide this one. No nothing like the other ones.

I rose up and reaching for my radio, I called it in. I’ll lead my deputies to a haphazard roundabout to the woman’s mangled body. When the dust settles, I’ll square things up with this new idiot stranger in town…

DarcWorX 2017 Official

January 2017

Official 2016 Late DarcWorX HD Wallpapers and Posters

Finally 2016 is in our rearview mirror and that year sure took a lot of talented lives that surely will be missed. The list is too long and intensive – inexhaustible, so it seems.

I’m not even going to try. Nevertheless the names and faces do cross your own mind. Then you find asking life, “Why them?”

I know I have caught myself doing so. Then we look around and the stains in this life never seemed to die off and the pestilence and plague continues upon humanity. Personally, I am looking forward to 2017 because I am an optimist and watching America show Obama the fucking door is four years too late, though, it’s happening. I call him the “Ghost President.”

I don’t want to get political since this is suppose to be a horror and macabre like blog. So, I will end it there.

During 2016, the landscape, the social landscape has changed for me on the networks. I had to let some dear friends go along with some dead-ass-weight that is useless and a drain on my energy.

Strange on how fast these so-called friends will stab a knife in your back though. Still, bad news is good news. Thanks for the traffic by the way.

Again, personally, I am working on more projects than ever so it has been a while since I made a new post. A whole new digital world and such actually. I’ll leave that here too.

I would like to wish everyone a, “Happy New Year.”


Thanks for reading,

Douglas S. Taylor

Cracked Actor Coming Soon!

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“There are always those that say hindsight is twenty-twenty. In my life this is not true in the least. My hindsight is in all truth, a bit fuzzy, distorted, and, at times, based upon actual events. Fortunate for you that this account is in all things, grimly true. The story yet to unfold is contritely factual, and for me, it is crystal clear. For those that cannot stomach strong adult content – Exit doors are on the left and let us who are adults continue unabated and uninterrupted. I, we, thank you in advance…

It is strange on how a broken mind such as my own works. I can certainly remember what I had for breakfast yesterday, cannot remember names of people for shit, and some memories well, should be better off left alone in the boggy swamp of my mind. Some memories are so clear to me that it really does seem like it recently happened – like yesterday so it were.”  Excerpt from “Cracked Actor.”

Something I Need To Say!

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It is truly amazing to see right through the American Propaganda and for those in the race for the presidency of how incredibly absurd it has become.

Then there are the revelations of, “The Voting System is all rigged!” Like, it is something that just happened recently to present day. In the recent history, we have seen Al Gore get stripped as the one that the system has chosen. Then, the sudden debauchery of Florida. Does anyone remember who was Governor of that state at the time?

Some of those who didn’t know then should have figured it out. You can still find accurate and independent journalism with additional articles showing the viable validity of what I along with many people have known for a long time.

The voting scandals and cheating to say nothing of the polls being manipulation in statistics. We also are fully aware of the Electronic Cheating Scandal(s) that has been going on. Much of this news is still out on the internet for you to catch up on. Yes, you will find people admitting and charged for some of these actions. Nevertheless, most went unnoticed, unchallenged, and not serving prison time. How quick the corporate own press tends to bury things.

As you may be reading this, the America Corporate News campaign jumps right your living room and tells you what to think, what to say, how to say it, is on a rabid rampage.

America, even the slowest among you must be catching a clue in all the deception. We have seen that cheating in the DNC is a clear case without exception. We have seen Barry Sanders fold under the White House pressure and selling out. Yes, Sanders in a sell-out and nothing more. If Sanders can be easily persuaded by Obama and crew. Just stop and think what he would have caved into in the White House. Alas, we see that Barry, a victim of the election and voting fraud is also in playing along with these crimes of sedition and treason.


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As of late, it seems Hillary Clinton’s smear campaign is working very well as with the media backing her hypocritical ass up — Except for Fox News which is a fucking joke anyways. Really, Trump’s locker room talk a decade ago is the only thing you can put a finger on?

Sure, I don’t believe for a second that Trump is innocent of abusing, bashing, and fondling women. I am dead set against that and there is no room for someone with glad hands in the Oval Office.

Though what the psychopathic Clinton Camp is forgetting is that Bill Clinton is nothing less than a Serial-Rapist and in collusion with Hillary guilty of a myriad of capital crimes against the United States Constitution, and treason against the people of this nation. She should be in the Big House waiting for her public execution. She shall not be alone in doing so. No, far from it.

Nevertheless in my lifetime, when I stop and think, “Can it get more fucked up than what it is?” Then the rug gets pulled out from underneath me with an all new level of divisive diabolical treachery revealed.

Regardless of the wretchedness of Hillary Clinton, she should have been serving several life sentences in the very least. She has proven time and time again, lying, killing, cheating, and committing high treason seems to go unchecked.
Even WikiLeaks with the mountain of data on the many, many sins of Hillary should have been more enough to find her neck in the noose goes unchecked, unchallenged by the corrupt government to include the FBI, DOJ, and a long list of alphabet lettered agencies.

You can say what you must about the clown, Donald Trump and if anything, the last three debates he has come up short with help from the corporate news against him as if he needed any help to implode upon himself. I predicted this while discussing stuff with Heidi Duggan some time ago.

Even if Trump did win come November 8, 2016. How long do you think he would survive before being “suicided,” involved in a tragic air or car crash?

Some of my peers argue the reality that Trump would wake up and find himself dead. They say, his private security is too good, top-notch, and all that shit. I did show these folks a graveyard of foreign nationals, people in US Government at one time, and people speaking out against the atrocities that said the same thing!
As David Bowie once said, “All duckies get got!”

Trump would be just another victim of the CIA Public Display of Assassination that would be sending a very strong message out to all on the side of Trump — That you will not succeed against the real ultimate powers that run the marionette government. I am talking about the banking cartel who is the highest echelon of power that the world, those of us that can see through the bullshit knows.

As for the CIA, these diabolical actions are nothing new. They have toppled governments, regimes, and a US President. This would not be the first nor last time that this sinister agency would drop a perceived threat on national television.

Like some of you, I don’t own a television and it has been over 6 years now. I decided against it since the High Speed — Ultra High Speed is here. Television is a lost cause. On the Internet, there are various news sources, reputable, and offer independent fact-checking sources that will lead you to the eye-witness journalism with their boots on the ground. Undisputable, reliable, facts that allow you to make your own mind up without political, geopolitical, or corporate spin.

I would like to take a moment and warn you. Before you go and start using the Internet for the betterment and detoxifying yourselves of the “American Dream,” you will naturally see things once hidden, never brought to light before. This includes the onset of rational thinking that will make you walk away from all the sheeple you were among.

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With the Internet, the American Public can view the world’s view of the wicked U.S. Empire to include, what is actually really happening. In my quest for things and getting down to the bottom of the bullshit I discovered the height, depth, and width, of the corporate-controlled media and hence, hijacked your very own minds.

Ask yourselves the following:

1. Who created ISIS\ISIL within the US Government?
2. Exactly what were the motives that led to the leader of Libya slaughtered?
3. Why was Seal Team 6 executed?

This is a start — Use the Internet right in front of you. You will find videos, documents, and real news right at your fingertips.

Now, it seems that the American Government needs an evil personified in a foreign leader or regime. The Corporate news has been of recent fooling the American public that the Russian Government is responsible for the DNC Hacking. The Russians were cleared of any involvement or cyber wrongdoing just three months ago by the very same people that said the Kremlin had nothing to do with it. Clinton claims that 14 security agencies say that it is the Russian and Putin himself.

Where is the evidence to such an egregious claim?

Why would the Russian hack just the DNC when there are far more critical cyber attacks that can easily be completed?

I think a little critical thinking is required here…

America Propaganda at its best!

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I also realize what I have written here and what some of you may research is actually correct to include my commentary on some serious level of rational thought with a keen knowledge of history is not only viable but justly explained.

If you find anything within this post that challenges your belief systems no matter on what level and stave off your own ego long enough to look into the more than available facts, then, and only then will a whole new world will become into view.

Take the fucking Red Pill!

Thanks for reading!

Douglas S. Taylor

The United States of Shame


I would like to say a few things here. Normally, “Morbidity News” is all about some really dark humor such as, Extraterrestrial Copyright Infringements that the United States Government stolen to all kinds of creatures, mayhem, and the usual political spoofs. All the time, someone, somewhere takes the category and the articles or posts seriously. Most of which are those people who fall inline with the “Flat Earth,” “Planet X,” and “9/11 Commission’s Version of What Really Happened.” Moreover, heaven forbid that I buck the system with a thing called, “Facts,” “Truth,” and call “Bullshit” on the “official” stories by the corporate news of America. I am not a conspiracy theorist. Nevertheless, conspiracies are for real and more of the once called theories are proven to be true with each passing day.

While America is in a fluoride coma living in the “American Dream” are taking it dry right up their asses. You can sell a good line of happy horseshit right down their throats and they’ll believe that it’s just fucking good for you because every motherfucking moron around them are doing it also. Yes, and that is suppose to make things right?

The United States of Shame, an empire run by psychopaths in a fascist regime who are the same asshole-corporations who own the government and their masters, the banking cartels who are the ones at the top of the pyramid. You see, the Federal Government is not even close to the top of the pyramid scheme. I know, I know, most of you may not even hazard a guess on what in the fuck I am talking about. I can’t help you and you’re too far gone in this coma I illustrated earlier. Nevertheless, you’re doomed, and the blame is not on the government, but each of you wonderfully diluted citizens that will be left holding the check with your precious panties wrapped around your ankles.

Let’s take a look at the current Presidential Race. We have on one side, a homicidal killer, liar, extortionist, sociopath, and the worst goddamned Secretary of State in America, Hillary Clinton. Her bloody crime trail goes all the way back to at least, the run for the Arkansas’ State Attorney General by Bill Clinton. His list of crimes are equally matched to his wife and they couldn’t tell or afford you the truth about anything at any time about any event.

Is America’s memory is as long as a newborn baby’s dick?

Seems this is the obvious case. I can see via outside the control of US Corporate Media that there is a division of who is siding for whom in this election such as CNN, also known as the Clinton National News, MSNBC, and a couple of others. It’s all too appalling and once again, stretches the boundaries of absurdity. All of this as seen throughout the globe as a very bad joke no matter how you cut it. So far we have all seen the proven electronic voter election fraud(s) going on. We have seen Bernie Sanders 1 million votes mysteriously sided to Hillary’s count. We have seen things far worse than Watergate ever was and it does make Tricky Dick Nixon look like a Patron Saint of the Wayward Politicians. We have seen Clinton cheating on the last Presidential Debate with her signaling, her earpiece, and the fraudulent commentator, mediator of this event that makes the sinking of the Titanic like a Loony Tunes Melodrama. Even caught red-handed, the idiot in on the conspiracy of the debate still has a fucking job according to news sources.

Then Wikileaks a bit slow with the October promises of the new batch of emails with the following excerpts of one hell of a horror movie;


The moderator, Lester Holt, well, he should be sent to prison holding hands with Hillary and everyone responsible to include all the rat bastards in the DNC Fraud. Oh wait, remember the lawyer responsible for the heavy Class Action Suit?

Yeah, he woke up one morning and found himself dead Tony Soprano style. Boy, the motherfucking death-toll under the Clinton’s Regime has continued to climb unabated by most everyone sleeping behind the wheel of the Department of Justice. The Corleone Family would be green with envy.

Right now in the US News people are blaming Russia for the fucking computer hack when months ago, Russia was cleared by these very same people that are now blaming this country. I strongly suspect and hold the US Government, the DNC, and the Clintons in my highest contempt right along with the Bush Family.

No fucking wonder Vladimir Putin is so frustrated with the West let alone with the United States of Shame these days. Now there are millions, tens, perhaps even a hundred million or more that actually believe in their hearts that the democratic processes such as their vote actually counts — Another painful myth exposed. I cannot keep a straight face at these village idiots that believe in this “patriotic epidemic.” There is no voting that counts on a federal level, the game is rigged, and has been for a very long time. There is just too much to risk for the power-elite to leave this important stuff for chance by a mindlessly Walmart-Shopping fluoride-numbed brains of the general American public. Now, let’s say that everything is fair to you even if the powerfully-elites were out of the picture (this would qualify as a supernatural event of biblical proportions). The voting processes itself is broken and been broken, outdated, and utterly useless — It would never comes close of being fair and that’s without cheating. It was built over 238 years ago and never evolved since, never took into account the expanse of equality and left to rot on the vine.

Then there is the Republican Party as if it is suppose to be a different party all together…

All together?

Not so!

The DNC and Republicans are only comprised of one central party we’ll call the Fascist Corporate Party or FCP for short. The deception perpetrated by the FCP having mainly a two-party system is just a facade. Both candidates, (in the past) may differ on the little things like abortion, right to life, and alternative energy. But the big issue items such as the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, and the secret societies in government — No fucking way is that left to chance and the FCP makes damn sure that shit don’t happen.

Meanwhile, across town in an empty warehouse these candidates are drawn from the left and right to the middle zone of politics catering to those who are actually in control in which you are not a single part of or a matter of interest. You are, after all, in a game where you have lost any freedoms you may think you have. After all, you have been bred and manipulated to be always in the middle of the road — This is where they want you, this is where you get smacked by the Semi of deceit. Just keep standing right there.

I am going to forego the Republican’s best contender, the clown of Manhattan, Donald Trump that obviously lost his Frontal Lobe a long time ago. Yes, you can bet the bank I hate him too.

Moving on…

Do you have a W-2 Statement?

Then you’re a slave. Leave color and ethnicity out of it. You all are active and complacent slaves paying, and some of you, enjoying paying your illegal taxes by an illegal agency that is not apart of the United States Constitution or any of its Amendments.The IRS is the only non-congressional, non-constitutional entity given the right to steal your wages, your earnings, and has the power to leave you homeless or worse, in prison.

What did the public do before 1933? 

Public programs voted in to include public schools, public libraries, roads, rails, the government both local, regional, and federal were running just fine. The entire public infrastructure was doing and according to the Constitution of fair taxes levied would continue to do so up to present day. Real taxes both state and federal are instantly taken out of all kinds of legal things, groceries, sales tax, gas tax, road and vehicle tax, state property tax, federal property tax, business sales and such. The list goes on and on. Yet, most of you are so numb, you don’t realize that the IRS has no authority to make you pay a third of your yearly salary every fucking year.

In the Court of Law, there are precedencies of causes where common ordinary people charged with IRS Federal Tax Evasions won their cases by never filing in the first place. To make it easy, if you file, and you lied, or owe, you’re fucked. Don’t file ever again, and fix that goddamned W-2 while you’re at it.

Need proof?

Use the goddamned Internet!

There are, for your viewing enjoyment, entire documentaries on YouTube, Netflix, and other resources. If anything I have written here in this particular post you find in revelation and challenging your ideas to include what your fellow sheeple think, then perhaps you need to step off the Fluoride Train and continue to wake the fuck up. Oh, I forgot to say, the use of adult language is used throughout this blog in the use of dialog, character dialog, and in my very own words are prolific. This is an adult blog for, wait for it, adults. So, if you find anything offensive, pissing you off, and have a need make a formal complaint, do it here.

We have staff that cares…

“So Doug, when did the United States Government sell us all out?”

I am so glad you have asked and the answer is straight forward as it is poignant; Woodrow “Sell-Out” Wilson back in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act of, you guessed it, January, 1913.

Let me go a couple three years earlier when JP Morgan and his banking buddies were all got together in the same room in a resort located on Jekyll Island, Georgia. These Goons then drafted up a mean spirited contract that would be used to form the Federal Reserve. Yes, most people believe that the Federal Reserve is a part of Government, of Federal Government, but this is not true either and I know that may sting some peoples’ numbed minds. Not to worry, you’re not alone. The corporate-controlled media gets it all wrong all the time too. So, JP Morgan and crew, see the Federal Reserve Act for a list of those who he ran along side with him. Oh, and I bet you don’t even know this, but Grandpa Bush was even a Nazi-Owned President of the Reserve before he got his hands caught embezzling money, you know, stealing cash from said bank of robbers?

The fucking irony…

So, from 1910 up unto the act became an act, JP Morgan made goddamned sure of the so-called stability of the idea of a Federal Reserve by creating several schemes of panic to cause a run on the local banks throughout America. Morgan would tell you, “These assholes never saw it coming…” caressing his hands together. This act of sedition not only fooled the public, but gave cause for some horse’s ass to be bought and paid by the newly forming and soon to be, the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel a presidential runner — Hence Wilson. Yes, Woodrow was their man. Again, not your man.

Now again for the inept, Woodrow in his run for power comes into a cascade of political funds he never would imagine to help him in his quest to pass gas in the Oval Office came from his new bosses, those of the fractured banking cartel, the Federal Reserve Bank.

What about the other guy that ran, what ever happened to him?

Listen, nobody wants to hear or try to remember who came in second, third, and finally, last place in anything.

The Federal Reserve had their man and again, the first act as President was the Federal Reserve Act in January, 1913.

Then came the times of 1929 when the stock market crashed and a serious run on the mom and pop banks throughout the nation, just like before by the personal actions of JP Morgan did, happened all over again. Now according to the Federal Reserve’s promises, some shit like the Great Depression was not suppose to happen at all, hence the reason of the Federal Reserve’s Financial Stability good bullshit Policies. No, instead, JP Morgan and crew literally paid pennies on the dollar buying up all the small banks as fast as they could in a bum’s rush.

This ploy, again the American Public took it all straight up the ass. It worked in the beginning, it worked then, and guess what?

It still works today!

The American People are still without blemish or shame, taking right up the ass continuously since and, for a few generations of slavery yet to come. This game will never change, it’s just too little too late for the American Dope as the sun begins to set yet on another fading empire. “But Doug, whatta ’bout the ‘Too Big to Fail?'” America should have said, “Go fuck Yourselves!” Then these charlatans would have died out or figured out another scheme to hoodwink the American Public. There would be blood in the water for sure and the strongest would have eaten the rest.

Is it me, or did I miss something on the latest American Bail-Out?

If we financial forgave these fucking sharks then these same financial predators should have forgiven the home owners and debtors as well, right?

This of course didn’t happen, couldn’t happen, and is against everything in the American Psychopath’s Corporate Handbook. Instead, a lot of empty foreclosed homes left in decaying ruin. Now there happens to be just as many as all the homeless veterans and homeless people living out in the remote regions just outside of the lenses of the Corporate News that can move in securely and mortgage free —

Nice Pipe Dream, I know.

Thanks for reading,
Douglas S. Taylor