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DarcWorX International Graphics and Art Designs

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Most of the world by now has experienced various “Darc” designs and artwork throughout the social media, studios, and even clothing designing manufacturers.  My designs are unique and all to my own wither stock art brought in by Adobe Stock Images, ShutterShack, and others I give them the Darc touch and add them into my ongoing work.

My designs when finished, are my own and are copyright protected. These are my own work that I share with the Social Networks throughout the world for fans, friends, and family to use privately.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

Any and all art again is copyright protected and any and all information is stored in the metadata of every image, every portrait, wallpaper, book cover, CD/Album cover, as well as studio movie posters world-wide.

All my designs are done in the very latest in Photoshop CC and additional work in Adobe’s latest Master’s Collection. There is no job too big or two small and paid-for final design projects can be electronically delivered to any high-end printing  studio and company anywhere in the world.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

Wither you or your company needs to stand out in originality, uniqueness, and custom made, DarcWorX, a.k.a Douglas S. Taylor can develop to you needs and specifications.

Perhaps you are an independent author attempting to get your book noticed and yourself established no matter if it is an eBook or a conventional book design for traditional paperback, I can help.

Most designers forget things when it comes to book design such as the spine of the book, and the back cover where the need of the design flow must carry from the front page of the project to the end uninterrupted. Lettering design within each project is unique and used within the project adding to the total ambiance that screams professionalism throughout.

This high-quality and high standards are included in each and every project I do. Expect it. I guarantee customer satisfaction, unadulterated Darc designs and graphics. So, by all means, look around this site at the various examples, and on the official Facebook Page, Twitter, and elsewhere.

I specialize in the macabre, adult horror, and dark fantasy realms of the graphic arts world. This also includes the studios that represent my work to even include the VIDA Studio.

Projects I specialize in;

eBook Design

Traditional Paperback Book Design

Sleeve Design for Hardback Books

CD/ Album Cover Front and Back Design

Movie Billboard Design

Advertising Billboard Design

Bus Stop Billboard Movie Poster Design

HD 1080i Landscape Wallpaper Design UDH and in 1920×1080 4K

HD 1080i Portrait Poster Wallpaper Design for any common or commercial device such as Tablets, iPhones, iPods, Androids, and such.

Fabric designs are specifically created and sold through the Vida Studio and can be shipped anywhere in the world. You can visit VIDA and my gallery day or night by clicking here. All information about VIDA to include prices, available fabric designs can be seen there.

darcworx 2017 official

Is your product worth the Darc Touch?

You really cannot afford not to. So, let’s talk about your next design project with DarcWorX and myself. All payments are handled directly through PayPal.

1. Any and all projects must be defined. Based upon the design requirements and the time frame given. I require $180.00 as a non-refundable payment. This is required in any and all projects to set up my server and cloud for the working space to begin the basic designing phase. You will get a receipt upon payment within 24 hours or the initial payment made.

2. Next is 50% of the total project cost that was agreed upon. This payment sits in escrow via PayPal and can be returned minus any additional labor that has gone into the project since this secondary deposit. This is refundable along with any work that was in process.

3. The conclusion of the project; After you and your company has reviewed the final low definition work and has been approved then the final payment shall be made. This includes any additional cost such as “scope creep” changes, additional requirements added during the final processes.

4. Upon delivery of the final payment, the client will be able to download the Photoshop Design and the layers associated in 16 bit, an Adobe PDF version that is usually required for HD Printing studios, a HD PNG formatted file.

All project work defined will be sent via email to and from with attachments, agreements, and specific files. Larger attachments during the duration of the project may require access to my cloud services for retrieval.

Inquiries are always welcome on any project you may be thinking about. Just email me at: Kromaethius1962@gmail.com

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art
DarcWorX International Graphics and Art Designs