November 2016 DarcWorX Magazine Cover Leaks Out!

Created by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX  ©2016

Created by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX  ©2016

I know some people may never “get” why I design these monthly magazine covers which are not real magazine covers or magazines themselves that one can buy. No, just a little bit of therapy that gets my mind and soul off of the negative things of reality. Some people shoot heroin, take drugs, drink alcohol, and other very harmful things to escape that has nothing to do with creativity. Sure, creating, inventing, and writing are my preferred drugs of choice. These things give me much enjoyment and one can say, “It’s Taylor’s drugs of choice.” 

Now some of you may regard Marijuana as a drug. Though, you couldn’t be more wrong and that is all I am going to say about that.

DarcWorX is a creation and online presence let alone, a real active business that handles all my professional work. I remember some time ago that there were two trolls attempting to thwart anything I have been doing with accusations. These two individuals you can read about here.

Most really creative people, the ethereal imaginary visionaries making things happen instead of idly by doing nothing are the ones that seem to have a small group of people, if we even want to call them “people” always attempts to drag you down to their murky level, control you, and of course, hate everything you may be doing. For me, I drag out trolls and expose them and their allegations into the light. I suggest you do the very same.

If you say, “Hey, I don’t have any haters or wanna-be self-acclaimed…” Then you are not making an impact with your work, your talents, or have a social networking campaign going on. Your Internet presence is low or non existent.

Expand your social growth on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and you will see what I mean. Bad news is good news as these little shit-breeders cause their small following and those following the following to go and see what the hubbub is about. In doing so, page views are cash for us via our various sponsors. So, as these folks come and visit your work, and by the way, the proof is in the pudding, you’re raking in more cash and more free exposure. This happened to me twice here on the blog leading to a fat paycheck in the end. You almost want to thank the couple of people for all the page views.

As for many such as myself, these contrite folks are still following me via fake accounts across the social media – I find that extremely funny though ghoulishly morbid by those who do these things.

Official 2016 Late DarcWorX HD Inlet Article Banner

For the creative people, consider these things I have mentioned as an occupational hazard though it should be nothing to stop you in the lest. You should be encouraged to know, if you are having these kinds of situations, then, you’re doing your job!

I do my work unabated by the negative sources. In this day and age, the trolls can be so easily found out and dealt with via legal means if these people turn really ugly and threaten you physically, emotionally, to include your family members, and professionally.

Cyber-Bullying is something that ISP providers, social admins, and over all, the Internet no longer entertains. These attacks, those that I mentioned in the above paragraph are threats – serious threats and these are the kinds that are treated urgently.

Anything else, just block, delete, remove, and continue on without worry. If they persist, then do as I have done.

Moving on…

So, what have I been up to?

I have been working with Icone Label Pictures as their new movie graphic artist, producer, and whatever else Emilie Flory asks of me making things into a reality for the entire team in certain aspects. Yes, the short movie will become full-length, and yes, this is the real deal that is going on at Shriekfest 2016 right now. I have already been told about how well this short is doing, directed by none other than, Emilie Flory and the short story by her as well.

Now the update on the motion picture, “Starfucker” Emilie roped up two new scriptwriters that will without any doubt kick this stunning independent movie up a couple of notches. You can read more about this project of ours here.

When I get the opportunity, I still write, and blog. Though, my plate is full with other additional projects that are highly darc and deviate sure makes the time fly by. So, on that note, I shall conclude.

Thanks for reading,

Douglas S. Taylor

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Official 2016 Late DarcWorX HD Wallpapers

Starfucker: An Adult Horror Movie with an Edge!

Created by Douglas S. Taylor and Emilie Flory for Icone Label Pictures

Created by Douglas S. Taylor and Emilie Flory of Icone Label Pictures 
Copyright 2016

This is not a movie mock-up poster that I created. No, this is the real thing. Don’t want to believe it?

Please check out the 16th Shriekfest 2016 show. Yes folks, via Shriekfest catch a Blu-ray Version of this beautifully edgy short movie. Shot on location in France, Emilie draws you right into a very dark world very quickly. Sound, cinematography, and the cast is all top-notch. The editing crew – spot on!

After all, I should know. I have already seen the 1080i on my unforgiving 27” HDMI monitor that would spot anything amiss. There is nothing awry and this short movie is like a large-caliber bullet hitting your skull and shredding your brain within.

I am “spoiler-free” and you good folks will need to see this movie for yourselves!

However, I will tell you that a full-blown full-length movie is being put together in pre-production with a team of highly talented screenwriters very excited as well as gifted taking the reigns in writing. Richard Charles Stevens is co-producer along with myself. However, there are plenty of opportunities for anyone in marketing, distribution, and always room for those producers to aid in making this an International Phenomenon!

Look, let me tell you wonderful “darc” folks the real deal. This movie, this Independent Production is just going to happen and the only thing you’ll be wishing while kicking rocks walking down the road of, “Only If…” Street and on the corner of, “I Should ‘a” Boulevard.

“I should have gotten in when I had the chance…”

You will be saying just that!

Created by Emilie Flory and Douglas S. Taylor for Icone Label Pictures

Created by Douglas S. Taylor and Emilie Flory of Icone Label Pictures
Copyright 2016

As for myself, working with International and beyond boundaries had its moments for me in this project. Personally, to be perfectly honest, I had some reservations as to the name of the movie, and me being involved. I support my friends in their endeavors any way shape or form. After seeing the short movie, I was stunned. I had to watch it ten more times and again with my wife, Laura.

From that point on, there was no turning back of the challenge of creating a spectacular graphic movie poster layout that, like Emilie Flory, and Icone Labels are not some cookie-cutout Hollywood production. As you can clearly see by the Blu-ray jacketed cover, the Bus Stop full image, and this simplified billboard, well, it isn’t anything “Hollywood” about it.

This movie deserves nothing but the best and trust me, there is nothing but the best working in this project.

Official 2016 Late DarcWorX Official HD Magazine Covers

Nevertheless, this project, and my involvement at Team “DarcWorx” has been so far, most exciting. If you live in America and you are close by Shriekfest – Go to it and have a blast and tell them, DarcWorX sent you.

I am providing links below for more information that I have discussed with you all today!

Icone Label Productions

Emilie Flory’s IMDB Page

Shriekfest Official Site

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August 2016 — A New Era in Graphics and Other Needful Things.

Official 2016 Late DarcWorX HD Wallpapers

New design layout to include a complete HD Resolution to include new official logo and quality like you never seen before. All graphics regardless of whatever trolls are howling about are copyright protected and included in all metadata. You may click on an image for full size and use it ONLY for personal non-professional use. Any and all uses via digital formats or reposting of any and all content is unlawful without written authorization for reposting, redistribution, or reprinting without consent of DarcWorX and or Douglas S. Taylor.

It has been a great burden on my mind and soul with all the new stuff still needing to be completed to include the new graphics designs for DarcWorX and with professional customers from all over the world in designing book covers, movie posters, album or CD/DVD covers as well.

Now, that isn’t all I am doing. No far from it. Some of you know that I am into alternative energies, and in the past, designed and implemented “Zero Energy” devices based upon Nikola Tesla’s proven technologies over a century ago and buried by big oil and hoodwinked over the public for many generations since Tesla’s idea of free electricity. I built a small conceptual natural magnetic high-powered  coil that would easily recharge an iPod, iPhone, and iPad (both big and the smaller.) Using this technology in a “proof of concept” last summer, using the same high-powered earth magnets from two old hard drives powering what I call a single primary coil. Two of these primary coils that fed power to two large electro-magnets over and through the outer coils. So far with no moving parts and obtaining a commercial DC/AC converter you can easily pick up at any good hardware store generated enough power to easily power my home and then some. All plug and play I might add!

Oh, did I say that there were no moving parts or energy feeding into this device from an outside source?

This is what is “Zero-Based Energy” or for the scientific term, “Zero Point Energy” means in essence.

Again, please read and comprehend this wonderful in-depth article.

Making something out of nearly nothing. Then again, it isn’t really nothing since it is all around us.

I then successfully done something that hasn’t been repeated in public since the times of Tesla. I made plans to make an energy core that would easily deliver 5 KW of converted AC continuous power at 50 or 60 CPS. Oh, there is a problem with heat and that was easily overcome by two intake fans and two exhaust fans running from an AC Buss furnished by the converter. So, in the end, there are moving parts after all in the newer and more powerful plant of mine — least on paper anyways and more about that in a moment.

Naturally there was some skeptics here that don’t have a fucking clue about the science of it all, nor do I have the patience explaining it to the local barnyard animals who pretend to understand. So, if you all need to know more about new reliable and viable “Zero-Based” energy, let your fingers do the walking and research the myriad of ways of kicking Big Oil in the ass. However, there is a very dark side when you bring forth, or in my case, resurrect an old discovery and a proven application into a full century later with materials that Tesla could only dream about making his discoveries, theories, and applications even more efficient.

Tesla, we have all the good toys!


Yes, and the dark side does raise its ugly head. Sure, this put me into the firing line of some ominous minds who doesn’t need some guy sniffing around and uncovering thing lost, things lost on purpose I may be so bold as to say. I wanted to be an archaeologist when I was a kid and during my collage years while serving in the United States Air Force. So, in a way digging around in the digital world, I have uncovered a metric ton of all kinds of shit sifting through the lies, deceit, half-truths, and myths.

Speaking of myths, did you know that 95% of the world believes that the Trojan Horse from the wonderful story of, “Helen of Troy” was actually real?

Yes, for fuck sakes. Nevertheless, I had to tell a couple of actors that starred in the movie that it was only a story and nothing to do with actual history. One of the actors, King Ajax in the movie got so mad at me he promised that he would kick my ass. I told him to bring it and when he gets done with me, well, we would settle up. My friend, Joseph Mobley knows EXACTLY what I mean by what I just said.

The Dark Side:

So the last thing that anyone in any form of government would want is some brainiac to develop “Free and reliable energy” that the third-world, developing nations, you and me can use.

The larger power-plant in design and the application of the unit never got off the ground. Those close to me know the reasons why. I have, after all, nothing I have to prove to anyone outside my tight nit of insane pals.

The concept device (not so) mysteriously gone too.

So, this summer I have done a few things differently. I got rid of a few rats in the cellar and you may have read a wonderful article I wrote called, “Psychic Vampires.”

Yeah, so then the new Desktop arrived and with it, I had to fleece out all the special APIs and nuking the drive down to nothing along with loading up my special little version of Windows 10 x64 Enterprise all locked down and kept from hemorrhaging keystrokes, software, web habits, and shit like that from going out to the NSA, CIA, and corporate America.

Oh, and if you are not running through your day to day online activities without a TOR, then that’s your ass. One thing about TOR, the American Government wants you to believe that terrorists are using such technologies — F-Secure has a wonderful TOR and man I was one of the first guys on the block to run and test the program from my area. Netflix thought I was in Oslo and signing in with my credentials I watched movies that are not offered or will be available in the United States any time too soon.

You all really need to brush the fuck up on such sweet technologies made to piss off the Pope.

I’ll have more to post very soon that has more to do with the scope of this blog and my unrelenting talent and craft deemed such by you, the fan.

Remember; The more you know, the more they hate you, and the more they gotta  pay your ass!

Knowledge is power and a power that no one can steal from within you.


Thanks for reading,

Douglas S. Taylor


August 2016 Magazine Cover.

Created by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX Copyrighted @2016

Design Layout and Graphics by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX
It’s all in the Meta-Data!

It is a lot of fun creating powerful, useful, and enjoyable things so others may benefit in some small way. I am here for my fans and friends. Though, June 2016 I had to say goodbye to a few of my closest friends because they are friends of a very insidious person. You may have already read, “Psychic Vampires” article that discusses in great detail of such negative and highly toxic human beings. These creatures are real life people by its what’s inside, or, lacking inside them that makes them what they are.

I would also like to make mention that the article brought in a lot of readers from the Universe of Social Media. If you have read the article then there is no need for me to go into any detail about it here. If you have not read it. Please, stop right here, and do so now. 

Then come on back here.

Anyways, there are people who are quite talentless, boorish, and only shows contempt for people around them who are exceedingly leaving these fuckers in the dust.

Now as for my dear friends who are probably no longer me friends, they were not the Psychic Vampires I speak of in the least, but they are being used and or consumed in a toxic stew of negativity from one single person that at one time, I even respected.

I never tell anyone who they can or cannot be friends with. But to end the possibilities of this toxicity, I unfollowed, and blocked them from me via the social networks. I do this to keep out the caustic drama, and any more harm done to my friend who was nearly destroyed as you will read below.

Then came a dear friend who is battling depression in which I cannot or will not name. She is doing much better and every day, I think about her 20 times on the average. You see this person is a very strong person but was devastated by betrayal and her work stolen or what we all call, plagiarized. The anger and hostility that she received was beyond being just gutted, but her business and personal life affected accordingly.

Who is this spineless motherfucker?

Normally I would definitely say with listing their full name, address, IP Address, Cell Phones, Passwords to various accounts, and hack into their life setting off a cataclysmic event that would ruin this man, his marriage, his job, and those friends he is associated with along with posting undisputable evidence. Some of you reading this may seem that these measures are a bit harsh. But the cyber-sleuthing I was doing could have been a cyber-attack of exposing a real monster into the light of day with unforgiving consequences and the annihilation of his professional and personal life..

As for his friend, a close friend and fellow monster had caught my attention because of some things he was saying and doing. The new monster revealed to me, his friend, has a massive collection of child pornography that I personally seen on his cell phone and hard drive off of his desktop and laptop. The information was sent to the Pittsburg Police as well as his ISP. The bust was a layup for the police. I told one of my friends that I had to let go on what was happening to this asshole’s associate in grime. She said and I quote, “I know his wife and himself are investigating BDSM…”

Now as you know, I am one of those people who could care the fuck less in what happens between two consenting adults and it is their business and in my little private cyber investigations, I can see my friend is right about the BDSM thing. I kept digging and It only gets sicker, darker or deeper yet.

There are videos of said man with a different woman that isn’t his wife but a woman in located in Philadelphia that many of us all know. Again, I can care less, it was obvious to me she was, at the time, very consenting. However, this woman, she didn’t know she was being recorded. I didn’t find anything illegal, certainly immoral, and rather disturbing. Besides, she was wasted on cocaine she digested before and during her intimate time with this stain of humanity.

I wonder what she would do if someone, heaven forbid, grabbed those videos and posted them on YouTube or something?

DarcWorX 2016 Inlet Banner

Now understand something here; no one is perfect and everyone has something in their closets.

Nevertheless I would like to share a few things with you about all of this and this is something that everyone says they don’t care about because they are not doing anything illegal. We all know, or should know that Microsoft created the perfect Trojan Horse operating system in Windows 10. Now you also must realize the feds also have keys going back to Windows 95 RC1. Apple OS, OSX, and Linux is just as violated and easy to hack into especially when you are running pirated software. Pirated software is illegal here in the United States as well as many other countries in the world.

Having said that, many of these pirated software that you download and have installed comes with some very nasty malware and back doors where your machine is working for some really evil people and their dark agendas. You may be unwittingly trafficking illegal porn, spreading the malware around, and giving these hackers great access to all your financial, business, and personal information. We read about this all the time and it seems like it’s the other guys who get it and we all kick back and thank our lucky stars it didn’t infect us. But how do you know for sure that unknowingly, you helped?

Allow me to explain…

Today’s malware is designed  in proliferation, like a real virus and uses all kinds of new techniques to infect sometimes, millions of machines. It is a full blown cyber war. A lot of the pirated software comes from Chinese, Russian, Romanian, and even from out own government because the American Government has lackeys, cheap contractors and all the while you think you’re getting one over on some corporation in a perceived victimless crime. Meanwhile your smart device, laptop, desktop, and network is severely compromised, or what we call, “Owned.”

How far does the digital rabbit hole go?

Check out the Undernet and then you shall begin to realize some real life horror.

Your digital word just got a whole lot darker…

Most people don’t even realize this until it is too fucking late and they are in some sort or another, digitally destroyed. I know people who download pirated antivirus and anti-malware suites and are asking for it but good and they usually get hit the hardest. Call pirated software something like a prophylactic. You think you are being safe and the whole time you’re getting truly fucked!

When the tears begin to fall and your secrets are viral, you’ll now know why. I wanted to bring the later up because it made my job so much easier to penetrate through the Swiss Cheese of Pirated Antivirus and Firewalls in a few machines belonging to some assholes in the London area. They’re entire systems security legs were wide open. This happens all over the world every day as more machines exponentially are being compromised and “Owned.”

China recently revealed in the news that its hacked the NSA and the Pentagon for years  and no doubt still testing fences and finding gaping holes in our government’s security at one level or another.

Even our corporate news had Obama admitting to this breaches and that is the only ones they know about.

DarcWorX 2016 Inlet Banner

There are so many great articles, online IT Magazines, and web pages to inform and help protect you while educating you to better manage your own digital life. Security and prevention of malware isn’t a “one time” thing but a constant battle that YOU must be involved in.

Let this article teach you a couple of things. Don’t be a fucking dick, Dick. The assholes online picking on creative people who are in this case, women, and remember, your digital life will be exploited.

<Enter the Anonymous Slogan Here>

The days of anonymity have long been gone.


Black Reign Operations; A New Blog!


Screenshot of the new blog of Black Reign Operations


In the course of the last few days I have been deeply preoccupied with the design and development of another side of me. As many of you know that I occasionally write posts and articles that are outside the scope of speculative fiction, horror, and the macabre. Some of these posts may seem a bit, “left-footed” to what I normally share here on DarcWorX.

Hence the new site

Everything you need to know about the mission statement of what is going on over there is available by clicking here. The tone, the ambience, and the material is obviously completely different and worlds away from this site.

Black Reign Operations is a journalistic blog about some of the things I formerly discussed here. I hope that many of you at least take a look at the site I have been creating and of course, the rich content chalked full of resources, links, references, and sources of the truth and facts of each new article.

Thanks again,

Douglas S. Taylor

DarcWorX and Friends…

Created and developed by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX

First and foremost I would like to thank Emilie Flory, Director and Mastermind of ICONE LABELS for an Idea she popped into my head some time ago. I think it was like 3 months or thereabouts when I was knee-high in some personal battles and other stuff. Needless to say, the name of “DarcWorX” is her idea solely. Sure, I told the French woman to mind her old god damned business like that would do any good, right?

So, this little seed Emilie popped into my head began to grow and grow until today I caved in. Emilie Flory can be so infectious like this. Of course, she’s uber-talented and a close friend of Gillian Anne Gibson of Whatever, Ontario. You know, the also uber-talent bitch that writes better than me, and yeah, I still hate her goddamned guts for it too! Actually, Gillian Anne Gibson is a precious friend and spoke to her once on the phone. Other than that, she obtained a court order to prevent me from speaking on the phone, stalking, and flying a drone over her home. Things like that. Gillian is also my favorite dead girl in the movies.

Here is a short skit;

“So, tell me about this one here with a bullet through her forehead?” Detective Dick Johnson asked kneeling down above Jilly’s naked body and by the looks of things, a very cold day as the other, a junior detective with his notepad open penciling things down in a fevered pitch.

“Sir, the whore is Gillian Anne Gibson of Backwaters, Canada. She has been working the streets and a pole jokey down at the Busted Bitch Saloon. You know, where your wife also works on the side when she’s not at the circus blowing off donkeys?”

“Are you trying to be fucking funny, Watson? You just bought a month being busted down to traffic. How’s that grab your hairless ass? Report there on Monday!” Johnson replied bitterly.

“Looks like a closed casket for Ms. Gibson.” a street cop standing by Watson now frowning said sarcastically with a half of a smirk.

“You know some day O’Neil you’re gonna be one hell of a police chief.” Johnson quipped saturated with sarcasm looking up at the cop, “I really thought you’d have more respect for your goddamned mother lying here like this, you sick fuck…”

“Well, as a matter of fact, some of her patrons are really going to miss her. Vice has been working with her in some sort of investigation. Shit, she might not even really be a whore, you know, a prostitute?” O’Neil elaborated.

Detective Johnson arose looking up at O’Neil, “Whose running Vice these days, O’Neil?”

“Captain Emilie Flory, you know that ultra-hot looker that spends a lot of time at the armory?”

“The French babe?” Johnson added.

“Yup, the one that took home the state marksmen award four years in a god damned row. I don’t think the Captain knows how to miss.”

“A fucking Clint Eastwood with tits…” Johnson smirked.

“Well, I guess I am going to have to pay the Frenchwoman a fucking visit. Maybe she might know something.” Johnson turned away and headed for his dark sedan.

Then the police crime photographer came in for a few close shots, “Man, would you look at this fine sweet piece of… Man, I love my fucking job!” Smiling while snapping photos.

“Let’s get her to the morgue before her body cools.” The Medical Examiner shows up smiling down at the remains while the remaining policemen and detectives look oddly at the old man sporting a thin comb over.

Don’t forget to change the URL to HTTPS:// and stay up to date.

Again, I would like to thank Emilie Flory for the idea – But I fucking won’t!