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You gotta be crazy, you gotta have a real need
You gotta sleep on your toes, and when you’re on the street
You gotta be able to pick out the easy meat with your eyes closed
And then moving in silently, down wind and out of sight
You gotta strike when the moment is right without thinking

And after a while, you can work on points for style
Like the club tie, and the firm handshake
A certain look in the eye and an easy smile
You have to be trusted by the people that you lie to
So that when they turn their backs on you,
You’ll get the chance to put the knife in

You gotta keep one eye looking over your shoulder
You know it’s going to get harder, and harder, and harder as you get older
And in the end you’ll pack up and fly down south
Hide your head in the sand,
Just another sad old man
All alone and dying of cancer

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

And when you loose control, you’ll reap the harvest you have sown
And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone
And it’s too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw around
So have a good drown, as you go down, all alone
Dragged down by the stone (stone, stone, stone, stone, stone)

I gotta admit that I’m a little bit confused
Sometimes it seems to me as if I’m just being used
Gotta stay awake, gotta try and shake off this creeping malaise
If I don’t stand my own ground, how can I find my way out of this maze?

Deaf, dumb, and blind, you just keep on pretending
That everyone’s expendable and no-one has a real friend
And it seems to you the thing to do would be to isolate the winner
And everything’s done under the sun
And you believe at heart, everyone’s a killer

Who was born in a house full of pain
Who was trained not to spit in the fan
Who was told what to do by the man
Who was broken by trained personnel

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

Who was fitted with collar and chain
Who was given a pat on the back
Who was breaking away from the pack
Who was only a stranger at home

Who was ground down in the end
Who was found dead on the phone
Who was dragged down by the stone



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Now You Can Contribute and Spread the “Darc” World!

Now You Can Contribute and Help Spread the "Darc" World!

Good evening, good afternoon, and or good “mourning” to all who follow this unique blog of horrors and grim eye-candy. I know it may have been a while since I wrote anything like, “The Sheriff” who finds himself confronted by a possible werewolf of unknown origin responsible for at least one immediate death of a loved one. One might say it’s a short story, a prelude, a sample of things to come.

Oh, yes indeed. Things are changing on DarcWorX. One of the major changes is the fact that I listen to my fans and friends. In doing so, I will not be publishing any more eBooks but instead I will be offering traditional paperbacks through Amazon Publishing and like the former eBooks, these new editions will be sold Internationally. I have taken down, “The Haunted Library” from the damp and mysterious corridors of this blogsite only temporarily. Everything else remains the same but only better. In the past, organizations along with fans demanded the paperback version of what I write. This I am going to do. Naturally, I need your help, your financial donations made possible through PayPal. This is also set up for the International Audience on a very secure and familiar service that everyone already knows.

I promise you with funding, my little “Darc” world will greatly expand in both marketing and in advertising costs.

You as an avid fan and reader has certainly experienced my personal growth in writing and in the “Darc” arts. There are many stories, short stories within this blog to easily convince you that I am indeed gifted as a writer and in graphics design. I don’t say these things lightly. I don’t say these things first hand. These positive things are said by tens of thousands of fans world-wide.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

DarcWorX nor do I ask for much. Any donation of any amount will go to what I have mentioned plus expedite the publishing of the paperbacks that will be made available only on Amazon throughout the known world. Additional funding will also go on equipment and upkeep of my future home office.

Oh yes, as I stated time, and time again. Subscriptions to this blog are free for everyone. Now, I don’t keep email addresses, and WordPress assures me that they don’t SPAM or give your email addresses out. I never see them or have to deal with that and you should not have to worry about things like that too.

Let me bring you up to speed on some other things, or additional projects. Now, I want everyone to know that “Tales From Under the Concrete” in all three volumes of these eBooks will be, as they are, buried in a deep vault and shall never see the light of day again. Leastwise in the eBook fashion. I will no doubt create an updated and overpowering version of this ominous collection that included such grisly tales as, “Dead Indian,” “The Devil in Deadwood,” and so many others that touch upon various common elements and characters like, “The Whispering Pines Sanitarium,” “Raven Blackstone,” and for the “Werewolves of Deadwood,” most will agree that needs to be its own novel or a series of novels. There is just too much going on down at, “The Gallows,” and “The Busted Bitch Saloon.”

Deadwood amongst other things has its own history, gaming, adult entertainment, and more than enough paranormal activity to capture the minds and souls looking for such things. In fact, Lawrence County to include, Lead (pronounced as “Leed”) is an old gold mining town with stories of its own. For me, Lawrence County in its entirety has a lot that an over-active imagination can take in. It is a pleasure for me to write about what possibly can be called an otherwise “Raven State” that no one gives a second thought about with a grand total population of only 700,700 people with a 4 to 7% decline with the biggest export is our youth as they fly overhead.

Yeah, that saddens me some. Sure, but what are you going to do, right?


For me and my family, we chose to move out here after my exile at Pierre, South Dakota. I did my time in hell thank you very much. The prairie never done anything for me and nothing in sharp contrast to the Black Hills here. Plenty of great things to do and actually see. I am not a travel agency, but you can Google or Bing it all you want though.

As far as my life is concerned and according to Laura, Lawrence County has been the longest place I personally lived at. This is a personal record. I thought I might throw that in there too.

I would like to take this moment in time and thank the tens of thousands of folks who have come to read and take with them a little something in return. So, if you do find DarcWorX which is synonymous to me, Douglas S. Taylor. Well, I am certainly thankful for that too.

Don’t make yourself a stranger and when the time comes to release my next novel that I am working on between things, I will make sure you all will know about it and the “Haunted Library” page reinstated.

Thanks for your time, your donations, and your support.

Douglas S. Taylor

DarcWorX International Graphics and Art Designs
Thank you for your thoughtfulness and most kind. Douglas S. Taylor. Just click anywhere here on this banner.

January 2017

Official 2016 Late DarcWorX HD Wallpapers and Posters

Finally 2016 is in our rearview mirror and that year sure took a lot of talented lives that surely will be missed. The list is too long and intensive – inexhaustible, so it seems.

I’m not even going to try. Nevertheless the names and faces do cross your own mind. Then you find asking life, “Why them?”

I know I have caught myself doing so. Then we look around and the stains in this life never seemed to die off and the pestilence and plague continues upon humanity. Personally, I am looking forward to 2017 because I am an optimist and watching America show Obama the fucking door is four years too late, though, it’s happening. I call him the “Ghost President.”

I don’t want to get political since this is suppose to be a horror and macabre like blog. So, I will end it there.

During 2016, the landscape, the social landscape has changed for me on the networks. I had to let some dear friends go along with some dead-ass-weight that is useless and a drain on my energy.

Strange on how fast these so-called friends will stab a knife in your back though. Still, bad news is good news. Thanks for the traffic by the way.

Again, personally, I am working on more projects than ever so it has been a while since I made a new post. A whole new digital world and such actually. I’ll leave that here too.

I would like to wish everyone a, “Happy New Year.”


Thanks for reading,

Douglas S. Taylor

August 2016 Magazine Cover.

Created by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX Copyrighted @2016

Design Layout and Graphics by Douglas S. Taylor for DarcWorX
It’s all in the Meta-Data!

It is a lot of fun creating powerful, useful, and enjoyable things so others may benefit in some small way. I am here for my fans and friends. Though, June 2016 I had to say goodbye to a few of my closest friends because they are friends of a very insidious person. You may have already read, “Psychic Vampires” article that discusses in great detail of such negative and highly toxic human beings. These creatures are real life people by its what’s inside, or, lacking inside them that makes them what they are.

I would also like to make mention that the article brought in a lot of readers from the Universe of Social Media. If you have read the article then there is no need for me to go into any detail about it here. If you have not read it. Please, stop right here, and do so now. 

Then come on back here.

Anyways, there are people who are quite talentless, boorish, and only shows contempt for people around them who are exceedingly leaving these fuckers in the dust.

Now as for my dear friends who are probably no longer me friends, they were not the Psychic Vampires I speak of in the least, but they are being used and or consumed in a toxic stew of negativity from one single person that at one time, I even respected.

I never tell anyone who they can or cannot be friends with. But to end the possibilities of this toxicity, I unfollowed, and blocked them from me via the social networks. I do this to keep out the caustic drama, and any more harm done to my friend who was nearly destroyed as you will read below.

Then came a dear friend who is battling depression in which I cannot or will not name. She is doing much better and every day, I think about her 20 times on the average. You see this person is a very strong person but was devastated by betrayal and her work stolen or what we all call, plagiarized. The anger and hostility that she received was beyond being just gutted, but her business and personal life affected accordingly.

Who is this spineless motherfucker?

Normally I would definitely say with listing their full name, address, IP Address, Cell Phones, Passwords to various accounts, and hack into their life setting off a cataclysmic event that would ruin this man, his marriage, his job, and those friends he is associated with along with posting undisputable evidence. Some of you reading this may seem that these measures are a bit harsh. But the cyber-sleuthing I was doing could have been a cyber-attack of exposing a real monster into the light of day with unforgiving consequences and the annihilation of his professional and personal life..

As for his friend, a close friend and fellow monster had caught my attention because of some things he was saying and doing. The new monster revealed to me, his friend, has a massive collection of child pornography that I personally seen on his cell phone and hard drive off of his desktop and laptop. The information was sent to the Pittsburg Police as well as his ISP. The bust was a layup for the police. I told one of my friends that I had to let go on what was happening to this asshole’s associate in grime. She said and I quote, “I know his wife and himself are investigating BDSM…”

Now as you know, I am one of those people who could care the fuck less in what happens between two consenting adults and it is their business and in my little private cyber investigations, I can see my friend is right about the BDSM thing. I kept digging and It only gets sicker, darker or deeper yet.

There are videos of said man with a different woman that isn’t his wife but a woman in located in Philadelphia that many of us all know. Again, I can care less, it was obvious to me she was, at the time, very consenting. However, this woman, she didn’t know she was being recorded. I didn’t find anything illegal, certainly immoral, and rather disturbing. Besides, she was wasted on cocaine she digested before and during her intimate time with this stain of humanity.

I wonder what she would do if someone, heaven forbid, grabbed those videos and posted them on YouTube or something?

DarcWorX 2016 Inlet Banner

Now understand something here; no one is perfect and everyone has something in their closets.

Nevertheless I would like to share a few things with you about all of this and this is something that everyone says they don’t care about because they are not doing anything illegal. We all know, or should know that Microsoft created the perfect Trojan Horse operating system in Windows 10. Now you also must realize the feds also have keys going back to Windows 95 RC1. Apple OS, OSX, and Linux is just as violated and easy to hack into especially when you are running pirated software. Pirated software is illegal here in the United States as well as many other countries in the world.

Having said that, many of these pirated software that you download and have installed comes with some very nasty malware and back doors where your machine is working for some really evil people and their dark agendas. You may be unwittingly trafficking illegal porn, spreading the malware around, and giving these hackers great access to all your financial, business, and personal information. We read about this all the time and it seems like it’s the other guys who get it and we all kick back and thank our lucky stars it didn’t infect us. But how do you know for sure that unknowingly, you helped?

Allow me to explain…

Today’s malware is designed  in proliferation, like a real virus and uses all kinds of new techniques to infect sometimes, millions of machines. It is a full blown cyber war. A lot of the pirated software comes from Chinese, Russian, Romanian, and even from out own government because the American Government has lackeys, cheap contractors and all the while you think you’re getting one over on some corporation in a perceived victimless crime. Meanwhile your smart device, laptop, desktop, and network is severely compromised, or what we call, “Owned.”

How far does the digital rabbit hole go?

Check out the Undernet and then you shall begin to realize some real life horror.

Your digital word just got a whole lot darker…

Most people don’t even realize this until it is too fucking late and they are in some sort or another, digitally destroyed. I know people who download pirated antivirus and anti-malware suites and are asking for it but good and they usually get hit the hardest. Call pirated software something like a prophylactic. You think you are being safe and the whole time you’re getting truly fucked!

When the tears begin to fall and your secrets are viral, you’ll now know why. I wanted to bring the later up because it made my job so much easier to penetrate through the Swiss Cheese of Pirated Antivirus and Firewalls in a few machines belonging to some assholes in the London area. They’re entire systems security legs were wide open. This happens all over the world every day as more machines exponentially are being compromised and “Owned.”

China recently revealed in the news that its hacked the NSA and the Pentagon for years  and no doubt still testing fences and finding gaping holes in our government’s security at one level or another.

Even our corporate news had Obama admitting to this breaches and that is the only ones they know about.

DarcWorX 2016 Inlet Banner

There are so many great articles, online IT Magazines, and web pages to inform and help protect you while educating you to better manage your own digital life. Security and prevention of malware isn’t a “one time” thing but a constant battle that YOU must be involved in.

Let this article teach you a couple of things. Don’t be a fucking dick, Dick. The assholes online picking on creative people who are in this case, women, and remember, your digital life will be exploited.

<Enter the Anonymous Slogan Here>

The days of anonymity have long been gone.


In this Month’s Edition…

Design and Layout by Douglas S. Taylor

Leave the big decisions for DarcWorX!

It does my heart good to see an old image like this as to be used in April 2016’s cover as I listen to something rather “darc.”

There are those who have nothing better to do with their day as to come here and get their panties in a bind. Nevertheless, none of that stops me from what I love to do and how I do it.

Fore everyone else, I hope you enjoy these mock-up magazine covers as much as I like putting them all together.

I think that says enough about the subject in the small inset banner above. “Remember duckies, all get got.” David Bowie said in 2015. Never truer words. I like you sure do miss him and for me on a personal level, I never expected to outlive him in the least. I know that other friends believe that David just went home to a neighboring galaxy. I like to think that as well. The very thought brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.

Regardless, there are always some rabid dogs that need to be brutally put down, and if you have none that needs a good filler for some shallow grave somewhere; then you’re not being creative enough.

Besides, have you noticed that people that speak ill of you end up getting theirs?

Though, this observation of mine does carry some street-cred to Karma. Yeah, I would like to see more of karma and less bullshit going on. I mean, let us think if all of a sudden that Karma came through for a moment. Something like the Christian Fairytale of “Passover” where all of Egypt’s first born died throughout that night – Naturally, that good bullshit never happened. Nevertheless, let us take a flight of fancy for a moment.

Yeah, here comes Karma like a ruthless runaway freight train that jumped the rails and hits the psychopathic 1% of the United States. Oh yeah this means you too Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, all the goons at the Pentagon, Capital Hill, the White House, and the good little shit-eating minions in Langley, Virginia. Let us not forget Homeland Security, the NSA, and the beloved FBI to boot.

Speaking about the FBI and with the Apple company. Did you know that some time ago that Apple was and still is working with the NSA?

Sure, any one of you can easily vet that information out. So, why all the hubbub with the FBI wanting the same access?

I believe it is all nothing more than a marketing ploy by Apple cashing in on giving you, the public, a royal fist-fucker’s jamboree at this, and cashing in on both the street-cred with the cash!

Apple isn’t fooling anyone. The FBI isn’t fooling anyone. Just read some of the latest comments on most any corporate-controlled news sources here in America. Ask anyone outside the United States on their thoughts about the American Government and the mother of all terrorists – Bring a chair because you’ll be in for it for quite a spell.

Now getting back to this bullshit called, “Karma.”

As one would suspect that Karma would be a very busy mystic force with setting the world right. Even if Karma did that all in one night, the very next day there would be soulless bastards to step up to the plate and take over. Even if a billion people just vanished – Rest assure corruption would raise its fucking head at the first signs of opportunity. Even if we gave Karma a full week of shredding the evils of this world, it wouldn’t be enough.

Nice thought though, isn’t it?

There is no god no more than some vast force called Karma that sets the universe right ever so often. Not a chance in hell. Oh, if I actually believed in such a place in which I don’t.

Yeah, I write about it and have art that scares the good little Christians and superstitious people.

The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean

The above is just an example. It is true that I also write about some really chilling things that leave you in cold comfort. For those who have an expanding vocabulary and diction. Even if someone would cruise through my vast music collection that many would draw the conclusion that most of my stuff is anti-Christian and or anti-God. I believe in the Bible God as much as I believe in some dude personified as Lucifer, the Devil, Satan, or some other entity. Please, I spoke enough of this stuff many times before.

Again, I do have so much fun about it all just the same.

If Karma is really for real and all. I think it would come as an Earth-Ender event. It would have to be and if so, it has happened about six times already. Go ahead and check that out too while you’re at it.

Moving on…

Speaking about my writing. I have been caught up in a whirlwind of things drawing me away from my latest endeavor, “The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean.”

I guess that’s life, you know with real-world stuff like helping friends, doing the 2015 taxes, and maintaining my appearances in the darkness where no one can even see me – I’ll let that set in for a second. As some of my living friends say, “It’s not how good you play the game. It’s how good you look doing it!”

Again, never truer words…


Getting on with other things I have been observing and of course, been questioned about is some shows or series that I have been watching on Netflix.

As of late I have been watching the first edition of the “X-Files” from season one through the last on Netflix. I admit in the beginning it was fascinating. Then I began seeing gaping holes in the storyline not only include the short story line of many of the episodes but the overall X-Files mythology of a government conspiracy working with aliens and extraterrestrials caught in the middle of some kind of celestial war. Some of it, though as entertaining as hell had chasms void of any reasoning. Yeah, the excuse is that’s, “Hey fucker, it’s in the script.” It sure ruins the suspension of disbelief, don’t it?

Now I am well into season seven of the X-Files and yes, I saw the movie too. Well for me – Only one guy speaking here — it’s starting to really wear me down with the same sort of peat and repeat of the same old elements regurgitated by different names and faces. This is television and you can feel the numbing effect as it attempts to lull you into a coma – Part of the American Dream with television as a whole. I do like the wit of the FBI’s Special Agent Fox William Mulder that cracks me up now and then. Hell, all along I wasn’t aware that anyone in the FBI has any sense of humor?

So, will I continue to attempt to make it through to the end of the old X-Files or will I leap from a possible train wreck like that of my experience with the “Walking Dead.”

Too Late

Yeah, about that show of, “The Walking Dead.” I began watching it at the beginning of season one. I thoroughly enjoyed the world turning into zombies. I always thought that the Southern United States were kind of governed by zombies anyway – A quick reflection of history of the South. Moreover, one can easily say that the United States Congress is full of idiot zombies. I cannot defend the indefensible.

So, here we are in Atlanta, Georgia as the starting point to a small group of unfortunate survivors. Season two shows a bit more of an expansion but something still remains, no real history on how everyone became the walking dead other than some disease or shit. Season Three – I bailed after a couple of episodes. Sorry, got old as hell and damned fast about it. Entirely too predictable. Also I’ve been noticing a lot of the same zombies that in previous episodes have been dispatched one way or another.

Oh, and by the way, have you all noticed that are into the horror genre that the zombie craze has dropped a few notches among places like, EVERYWHERE.

Just a bunch of mindless drones led by some instinct. No, not for me. I needed something more than that.

World War Z, a movie scrapped and then redone by the same outfit. No wonder that Brad Pitt seemed so disconnected. I mean, how many more times did they plan on getting this horrible movie right?

World War Z’s plot and the entire story was fragmented at best.

Now, “I am Legend” was for me, a most excellent zombie movie. You see, this movie showed something like I was working on. It was showing a thinking zombie community of sorts. Imagine that, a tribe of zombies that can – to an extent – think for themselves to a degree.

Some time ago I rattled the Zombie-Fan community with something I was twittering and Facebooking about. Started out as something like a timeline of events based upon the development of, “RU-486” which is a chemical and viral concoction that went, well, terribly wrong. You know, a super-agent to infect the United States Armed Forces with the ability of strength, longevity, and endurance. Now, I know that synopsis sounds familiar. Remember the real-world World War II that in the fall of the Third Reich that was suppose to endure a thousand years barely lasted five years. Okay, then came “Operation Paperclip” where the United States would snatch up all these war criminals of some very hideous crimes committed by themselves but had something to offer in the way off sciences and technologies.

Some of you may have remembered me doing these sorts of creative things.

So the story goes,this is where the first mentions of “RU-486” was to be altered and weaponized by the Nazis and tested out in trials upon the Jewish Death Camps without any real success. Information of this story goes as far back as the invention of Mustered Gas and a few other notorious atrocities. The history would go as far back as the Russians during their civil war and mysteriously shelved. I don’t want to get into the particulars because someone might catch an idea of my work like the pricks with, “The Fifth Angel” and “Lilith.”

Imagine that.

Thanks for reading,

Douglas S. Taylor


If it were only true!