About the Darc Author and Graphic Designer…

Douglas S. Taylor


Birthdate: 08/20/1962
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois THE SOUTH SIDE – THE ONLY SIDE!
Religious Preference: Devote Roman Atheist
Nationality: American
Publisher, Author, Screenplay, Novelist, Short Stories, Movie Producer,
B.S.Computer Information Systems, Counter-Counter Intelligence, and holds various other degrees
Race: Homo-Sapiens-Sapiens
Email: Kromaethius1962@gmail.com
Marital Status: Married.
Spouse:  Laura Jean Taylor
Languages: English, Spanish, Russian

Favorite Colors: Red, White, and Black.
Favorite Music: Classic Metal, Classic Hard Rock, Industrial Metal, Doom and Death Metal, Dark Metal, Grunge, NuMetal, Viking Metal, German, and Russian Dark Metal.


Douglas was born at a very early age when he discovered that he was obviously nude, blind, and utterly helpless. Fortunately, for all of us in that came into this world in such a drastic condition, I, like you, quickly overcame these limitations. I hate talking as if I am the third guy in this room. Therefore, it was all me writing this alone.

Thankfully, I grew up as a small youngster in Chicago’s South Side and developed certain skills that one cannot put down on his resume. From 1962 through 1967’ish, I lived in Illinois but visited other states to include, California, Arizona, Colorado, Washington State, and New Mexico before ending up in Southern Oregon. It seems my early memories were always travelling and seeing a lot of the United States along the way.

I decided to re-edit and cut this short but sweet…

I left Oregon for the USAF (the United States Air Force) in 1981 and never looked back not even once. During my career in the United States Air Force, I was involved in joining the adventurous Joint Task Force Operations that literally took me all over the world on where I continued expanding my horizons in training with other service men and women from various other branches. This also included working with the United Kingdom’s SAS, and a host of other opportunities to include the Australian Navy, and the Canadian Air Force while serving in the United States Air Force.

I am a veteran of Operation Just Cause in Panama, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Iron Cobra, and a host of other missions. In Desert Storm I earned the Bronze Star and several other citations to include the Meritorious Service with the Silver Device (earning it for the 10th time), Purple Heart, the Air Force Humanitarian Award (2nd time).

Some say I am a hero. I say that I am extremely fortunate.

I say I walk a bit slow and wand-out at the airports these days.

My DD-214 is a matter of public record since 1991!

I am a Constitutionalist and I have already bled for this nation on more than one occasion.

Official 2016 Late DarcWorX HD Wallpapers

I would like to both welcome each and everyone of you here and to warn you as well that I am very edgy, passionate, intelligent,  and caring for humanity.

Thanks for reading.

Douglas S. Taylor 

Thank you very much for your donations and support!

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