About DarcWorX…


“Let’s be for real here. Some of you may not make it out of this alive.” Blade from Blade II. Chilling, realistic, and brutally honest. You will get nothing less here on DarcWorX.

First off some ask, “What’s DarcWorX anyways?”

DarcWorX is the brainchild of, Douglas S. Taylor in which you can read more about me in the subcategory aptly named, “All About the Darc Author…”

Oh, it isn’t like I am holding a chicken’s foot over your head at the page. I mean, you’re either going to read it or not.

Let me inform you officially about DarcWorX and be as transparent as I possibly can by starting off of what DarcWorX is not.

DarcWorX is not for children or thin-skinned self-righteous religious and non-religious egomaniacs. Every so often, the bad, the evil, and the twisted wins out.

DarcWorX just isn’t, “Family-Friendly” and if you are suspecting so. It is you that plays the utter fool. So, if your children are among the haunted halls with demonic apparitions of terror then I would like to say, “We are not responsible for your lapse of parenting.”

Since the beginning of the Douginator Online Magazine through the evolution of DarkWorks Entertainment and Publishing to what it is becoming today as simply as, DarcWorX that is certainly not geared at all for the demographics above, i.e. the general public. Darc Horror, Darc Fantasy, Darc Speculative Fiction is rated a “Hard R” rated.

DarcWorX isn’t “politically-correct” and has no axes of any kind to grind. Simply meaning, DarcWorX isn’t some corporate-own bitch. DarcWorX fan base and colleagues expect nothing less than the vivid brutality in both the graphic arts designing and the stories posted upon this blog.

For everyone else who appreciates the bleeding edge of the adult orientated darc horror, the darc macabre, darc fantasies to include other works from my colleagues I share from time to time then you are right where you need to be.

Staff at DarcWorX:

Laura J. Taylor; C.E.O and C.I.O
Sami R. Taylor; Manager Graphics Department
Suki M. Taylor; Editor and Chief and Content Management
Douglas S. Taylor; The Bad Guy Playing The Bad Guy…

Contact Information:

Email: darcworx666@gmail.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheDarcWorX/


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