Morbidity News; President Trump Turning Up The Heat with China Trade War

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WASHINTON, DC – President Trump decides this morning to field questions at the White House Press Room before the cramped area filled to capacity with questionable journalists from the major corporate news. At 10:00 AM EST sharp, President Trump fires away with his statement concerning the China Trade War as he escalated the import tariff to a cool $500 Billion USD. A bold move or a foolhardy move?

“Depends on who you ask in the Beltway.” Taylor states.

“I don’t give two-shits about what you think!” Trump in response to the an unidentified rude New York Times journalist that lashed out with, “Hey Trump, whatta ‘bout what Xi Jinping is gonna do over this unbelievable move you are taking?” President Trump didn’t even get a chance to read his prepared statement yet. As many of you may know, the White House has been under fire for maligned and false tweets by Kellyanne Conway, Councilor to the President she made yesterday. According to speculations based upon her official tweets says that she may have been under the influence of Marijuana or possibility of over-medicating. Sarah Huckabee Sanders the  White House Press Secretary said yesterday evening that Mrs. Conway was unbelievably stressed out as the reporters began flocking around  her pickup truck like vultures as she was attempting to leave the White House and head to her residence. Some reporters claim that they could smell a strong scent of marijuana leaving her vehicle when she manually rolled down the window to say a few things while listening to some vintage Pink Floyd.

Marijuana is totally legal in the DC area by the way.

More on that matter of Kellyanne Conway’s possible drug dependency later.

President Trump then told everyone in the room to “Shut Up and sit down!” Then the president grabbed the podium firmly as he opened up on his statement.” I am totally going to nail China’s Trade with the United States. I’m going to nail them to a goddamned cross…” It’s clear to DarcWorX that President Trump is going to take another drastic step toward a full-blown trade war with China on Friday, saying he’s “ready” to impose tariffs on all $500 billion worth of Chinese goods the U.S. imports annually.

“Listen, I am going to hit them fuckers up with a smooth $500 billion tariff every year and for you idiots [journalists] the new tariff should grab China by their goddamned nuts!” President Trump paused as the entire room gasped depleting the entire area of oxygen. New York Times second journalist, Michelle Abramowitz is said to have fainted and fell haphazardly to the floor.

“She’s okay, she’s fine, and I have seen her do this in the men’s room under a few urinals a couple of times in Manhattan.” President Trump cautioned as he continued.

“I’m ready to go to $500 Billion U.S. with this act. I also will add an additional $5 Billion each year if they keep belly aching about it. It’s the cost of doing business with America. I know that we all may just be a little slow to catch on. Nevertheless, we’re waking up from the Obama and Corporate Kool-Aid.”

President Trump has doubled down on his arguments that the U.S. has historically been “taken advantage of…” by China and other countries through currency manipulation and unfair trade practices. “I’m not doing this for politics; I’m doing this to do the right thing for our country,” Trump said. “We have been ripped off by China and they have been shoving it right up our goddamned asses for a very long time.”

So far, the administration has imposed 25 percent tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese goods, and the total is set to rise to $50 billion in the coming weeks. Trump has also threatened 10 percent tariffs on an additional $200 billion worth of imports, including many consumer goods like computers and handbags, which could go into effect as soon as late August, pending a review process.

DarcWorX International Wallpapers and Art

China has responded in kind, levying duties on an equal dollar amount worth of U.S. imports. In total, China imported $188 billion worth of U.S. goods in 2017, so eventually it won’t be able to match President Trump dollar for dollar; however, it has threatened increased regulation and disruption for American companies doing business in the country. Escalation from both sides threatens both the footwear industry, since the majority of shoes sold in the U.S. are imported from China, and the consumer, who could see prices rise to cover the additional tariff costs.

In the same interview, the president repeated the inaccurate statement that the U.S. is running a $507 billion deficit with China (the correct figure, per Census Bureau data, was $335.7 billion in 2017). He also exaggerated the deficit with the European Union as $150 billion, rather than the accurate $101 billion.

While most of the geopolitical pundits who claimed that America would go to war with Syria and Iran that would definitely bring Russia against the U.S., DarcWorX has stated several times that it is the Chinese threat all along. DarcWorX is not an echoe chamber that you good folks hear all the time.

“China is pissed off enough and tired of sucking on it when it comes to America. I mean, how long should the Chinese take this? No, wait,  just hold the fuck on for a quick second…

Let me tell you all a little something that you folks seemed to be sublimed to and that is China is anything but playing the fucking victim. Well, I will say that China has been out scheming to kill America all along. You have to be a fucking moron to think any different as to their actions in the past several decades. Since Clinton was promised a shipload of young underaged Chinese girls, Clinton gladly added China to the WTO and how long did it take China to begin to fuck us in the States?” Douglas S. Taylor stated before a forum in Los Angeles in 2017.


5 responses to “Morbidity News; President Trump Turning Up The Heat with China Trade War

  1. I just can say one thing… ffs why on earth don’t you guys do an impeachment to Trump?? He’s been doing more harm than good to the entire world by now and he acts doubtedly as a dictator, at least that’s what his actions show! That idiot- who I still wonder how he managed to get into the White House- don’t accept anyone who thinks differently… sorry man but I truly loathe Trump!! 😦

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    • Paula;

      You do know that this post is “Morbidity News” which is a parody, satyr, and chocked full of dark humor. Naturally, this article has a metric ton of truth and news in it. Having said this, I wanted you to understand where I am coming from.

      First off, I want to thank you for the time to read this article and thank you for the time to comment.

      I will also go on record that I am not a Republican no more than a Democrat. Also, the Republican and Democratic Parties are under one party, the Corporate Party. I may have said this in my previous post dealing with the geopolitical and the United States Government that I railed on that also was full of information, sources, URLs, and such. Sure, the previous post has my own commentary knowing I was speaking not just for myself, but, for many others.

      There was no way I was going to pretend that my vote really counts in the bid for President — The game is rigged and Trump had the power of his wallet to attempt to change things for the American Public. His approval rate was just 47.2% a couple of weeks ago. Don’t take these numbers seriously because I cannot list the source — Though it does reflect the idiots here in America. As you know, I am an Anarchist and one who believes in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and what’s left of the United States’ Constitution.

      I will say that Hillary Clinton of the Clinton Cabal is a serial liar, serial killer, an enemy of the public just to say the very least. I will also say that America was never a democracy like every village idiot likes to spout off while banging his fist off his ape-like chest while holding a Walmart beer in the other. No, President Madison said it best, “America is too fragmented to be a democracy. The power of this nation is given only to the few.” This country was built upon the Federal Republic that contains the oligarchs put into power. Most of which were never voted but chosen not by the public rather than the powers that came to be. President Woodrow Wilson sold his soul for the beginning of the heavy forces to systematically destroy the nation. He knew this in his final words on his deathbed. Power is the strongest drug in the world, Paula. You can have billions of dollars that you cannot spend in tens of lifetimes. So, to be a billionaire you must be a sociopath or a psychopath. You see, they all come down with the “God Complex.” From George Soros, the Rothschilds, DuPonts, Rockefellers, Carnegies, Walburgs, and the fucking J.P. Morgans.

      There are many conspiracy theories out and about. I don’t meddle in such shit. However, I investigate these things to find out the validity. While most idiots strongly agree that the Federal Reserve Bank is a branch or department of the United States Government. This is so ridiculous. I wrote the Editor-In-Cheif of the Rapid City Journal on three occasions to correct their articles saying that the Fed is a part of the U.S. Government.

      The Banking Cartel is at the top of the pyramid, the top of the food chain. A year or so ago, that horrid bitch, Queen Elizabeth II went to visit the 5th Earl of the Rothschilds. Right on the news clip, she had to wait for him. She was offered a chair for her and her party. Now, if that isn’t blatant enough, I don’t know what to say.

      Now for the Orange Orangutan. This guy known as Donald J. Trump is a sociopath. That’s right, he was made by environmental forces. Psychopaths are born that way. He was made. You have to be one or the other to be a President period!

      Trump is now at the top of being the Nation’s Manager-In-Cheif that occasionally has to be reigned back in by the ones with the real power and control. You can see this in a “Bi-Polar” actions in his words, comments, tweets, and then a 180-degree change of mind that forces him to change what he said and trying to fool the public by what he, “…really meant to say.”

      Is Trump a bully?

      I think the world view’s opinion is spot on. The last several Administrations especially from the assassination of JFK which was nothing short of a CIA Coupe to shift control from a president back to the deep state. So, Since Wilson, all the way to present we have the worst kind of monsters and nothing will change as the world will continue its sickening course until WWIII. Nevertheless, you can go further back if you like.

      Let’s Make America Great Again… This phrase doesn’t belong to Trump, this belongs to Ronald Regan who said it on a national stage. Now as a historian myself, I must ask, “When precisely was America great?”

      Paula, I asked this question over 100 times and never a solid answer. Some do attempt, but, shit, they’re fucking wrong when I point out the obvious, or should be, obvious that there was never a time America was great and doing the right thing before the fascism began. I really thought when I was a child that America and its alleys won WWII. No, we only won battles, destroyed the things that needed to be wiped off the planet, and those things that should have never been touched. War is never a “good war.” So, Operation Paperclip stole the Nazi Braintrusts and sent them here to America and thanks be to that asshole, Truman, created the NSA, the SS is still alive and well within these intelligence groups to including the various sciences and academia.

      America will not impeach Trump. Just abolish that thought right now. No sense wasting any more energy on this topic, Paula. America is in a coma called, “The American Dream” that is fluoride induced with a heavy touch of propaganda, and MK-Ultra now called, “Operation Monarch.” Yeah, tell me that the Nazi — Third Reich, and all are dead, and I’ll laugh my ass off all the way to a FEMA Prison Camp.

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      • wow what a huge reply :p anyway thank you! You know the whole world is a fraud, there are no 100% democracy, even in Portugal! I have to say Douglas, I do have a very dark vision of what our society is right now and a very negative opinion on the way the world works these days… I respect your work but I’d go crazy if I would dig things deep that way.. well nevermind I can’t think properly to write anything with sense right now – there’s a bloody dog barking out loud and it’s stresing me out. Anyway keep writing, we are here to read and support you!

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        • Hey, thanks a million, Paula. No worries about my lengthy reply. I write or type very fast and sometimes, too fast. I fully understand of waking up or being wide awake. Every day there is more being revealed to all of us about the “Matrix” or the facade. Yes, the world is indeed an evil place because the true powers running the show are psychopaths and sociopaths — There is the honest reason that anyone could bet the house on — sort of speak.

          I was about 12 years old when I stopped my Schwinn 5-speed appreciate bicycle in a park trail freshly paved and listened to the Nixon Resignation Speech on my Radioshack transistor radio. I remember how shocked I was to hear that Nixon was beating being impeached and bailing out by Mid-Day. I felt betrayed, I took it very personal as I realized that he was guilty, that he betrayed the entire nation — I know, I was painfully naive. I was only twelve. Still, I stood there listening and my immediate thoughts were, “If these motherfuckers (those in government) lied to the public with this good bullshit, what else have they lied to all of us about?”

          A 12-year-old kid coming to realize this shit, I know, right?

          I was already reporting on the Geopolitical scene in a class project by cutting articles out of the Medford Mail Tribune. I started that in the 5th Grade. Moving on, by the time I was leaving 6th Grade I have discovered, painfully again that the local newspaper on the national and geopolitical scene was nothing more than a propaganda echo chamber. However, we did not have the Internet back then. I spent a lot of time at the local and county library looking up stuff on microfiche of other national and international papers. I discovered such powerful news outlets such as the New York Times, the BBC, PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, and local stations were all in collusion of what I simply called back then as, “Bullshit.” The Bullshit moniker got me into serious trouble with the “Common Narrative” with the public school system. I remember giving a presentation in Debate Class, sometime in my 8th Grade journey about the evil “Henry Kissinger” and the Nobel Prize awarding some very evil people. Paula, I had all the ammunition, all the facts, resources listed, and even proof of the “Chicago Boys” who did their worst under Kissinger to fragment and take over via a regime change in Chile that killed over 100,000 people with additional tens of thousands that, “…went missing.”

          Still, with the over-preponderance of facts and date, I was shut down and dismissed as a loon. I caught a 3-day suspension and the character assassination of my budding investigative journalism.

          To make a long story short, my late father joined the PTA and a bonified member of the Board of Public Education which fired up an internal investigation based all upon my research and data. The information was even re-vetted by Oregon State University shocking the very foundations there as well. I was eventually exonerated but the damage by public opinion at school ruined me. I was removed from writing my column in the school paper, I was removed from the Debate Team after being rewarded the 1st Place in Debate ironically with the “Kissinger Dossier.” Two teachers would later be fired and one suspended for the rest of the school year. I was transferred to a different middle school across town. Still, I had my so-called, “Fan-Base” of fellow friends that was heavy into the news. Yeah, a couple were even “Conspiracy Theorists” that always livened up the conversation at my clubhouse over some righteous music and weed.

          Just a footnote; Chicks back then didn’t like smart intelligent lads such as my friends to include myself. Also, the clandestine tactics of “Regime Change” is alive and well to this very moment.

          Moving on…

          I know all too well about information-overload and really getting a person down to the point of being suicidal — No fucking joke, I know too many people that got themselves clinically depressed to the point of professional treatment and therapy. Everyone that I personally know has had something just short of a fucking psychotic break to put it mildly. I strongly feel that when I person gets to this very dark and painful point, that they need to unplug, disconnect, and get out and revisit those things that made you happy once upon a time.

          Your friend,


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          • Well at that age Douglas I played with dolls LOL! I don’t like politics, I question too much and everything, I always need to know the whys, whoms, whats and wheres (I have no idea if this is correct to write- the whys?? :p), I worry too much about everything, I analyse things too deep as well, not much in the political sense like yourself even though I always get mad when politician do exactly the opposite they said they would do… I’m no anarchist sorry for that I am a socialist but honestly these days I don’t put my faith on anything at all less politics! As you have read in some of my poems I live in a dark place and probably I am myself a very dark person who was in time very happy and smiling not anymore. The world has changed, people changed, everything is going from bad to worse, we can’t trust anyone and it’s really hard to be ourselves these days without an harsh judgement from others, this is sad! People do seem numb lately and all they care is live in their la la land world, they reject negativity, truth… I feel weird and misplaced, always trying to find my place in this world. I can’t see things the way most people do there is always this darkness you know that keeps showing me how things truly are and though this might sound bit insane when I look into people’s eyes all I see is evil and monsters!! Damn this sounds terribly crazy, perhaps all my life experiences with people were so bad that I can’t see the good in them at all thus my difficulty on trusting them as well but some how once in a while I come across with minds alike, people who make me feel that I am not that weird or misplaced as I think I am; I am to believe that no one likes to be near someone who see things as they are, no wax or beautification, as far as I am concerned most people live in a world that doesn’t exist but only in their heads! All this political correct idea is so… annoying! I speak my mind and say what I truly feel, truth back & white… this might be one of the reasons why it’s so difficult to make new friends :p anyway Douglas temperatures in Portugal are insanely high – around 45º celsius- it’s too hot for this time of the year and unsual at all. I hate hot weather 😦 Take good care of you my friend 😉