Real Horrors In The World…

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Okay, so let me start in saying that, “Reality is stranger than fiction.” This axiom has never been truer. Some of my older friends here in the Deadwood region who has been around for about a full century in the literal sense tells me how fucked up the American country and its government has become. Some like to blame the “Baby Boomers” and to some great extent I agree with the former generation to say nothing of understanding where these older folks are coming from. In American History in which I hold a Bachelors Degree in that it is my humble opinion that the United States hit its zenith in August 20, 1955. My opinion is based upon several key points such as public works, social morality, public education, political ethics in local, state, and government levels to include the Legislative, the Administrative, and the Judicial Branches of “Checks and Balances.” Now, historians like Oliver Stone, Avram Noam Chomsky, and quite a few others speak about these kinds of evils all the time. Some may argue that Mr. Stone may not be a historian; naturally I beg to differ. Both gentlemen have no axes to grin or some hidden agenda other than telling and exposing the truth about things. I will concede in saying that these two gentlemen listed is just a couple from a sea of too many others to simply mention in this post. I will also concede in saying that most everyone in America would not even begin to read or learn upon their own to find the truth if their goddamned lives depended upon it.

The reason that I am writing this post is because I have, for me, a huge following that live outside the confines of the United States where these wonderful people see America through the lenses of this empire in a perspective that is uncanny in contrast and in opposition to the majority of the United States populace under the Fluoride Coma and the bewitching bullshit of the corporate media. Yes, America with over 800 bases world-wide is indeed nothing less than an empire and many first-hand see what the US Tyrant does best. Since my mark on the American Timeline of the height of the Republic assuming the role of “Empire” given over by Winston Churchill at the end of World War II without so much as a whimper we can see the rise and fall of our very own International Empire. Empires since the Roman Empire and excluding the Roman Republic before it lasts right around some two-hundred and fifty years. Now take into consideration of the British Empire, the French Empire, and some others. America is without exception. So, in my humble opinion, China will take over the world dominance as the new empire when America continues to implode upon itself.

See, “The Four Horsemen” documentary.

See, “Death By China” documentary.

You do realize that the United States is not first anymore in most anything for humanity and the sake of its progeny. Then again, America is number one with the following:

1. International Weapons Dealer.

2. Terrorist and Tyrant Regime Changes. Yes, we install monsters as heads of state to continued cruelty and a plight upon humanity. Think Chile, Panama, Iraq, Iran, Nicaragua, Columbia, Libya, and so many others.

3. Drone War Criminal – Warfare with the highest collateral damage of all-time!

4. Drug Dealers – Crack In America (See the CIA).

5. Creating Proxy Wars and funding them by any means necessary.

However, the world audience is beyond tired of the criminals of the United States Government and the manufacturing of world terrorism. The United States as in the Government is guilty of breaking any laws, regulations, treaties, and negotiations set forth by the United Nations as America sees fit. “America First!” says the orangutan in the Oval Office. “Let’s Make America Great Again…” He says that good bullshit too. Listen, ask any First Nation People about the American Government casually breaking any treaty with them throughout history.

Look, I am not a Republican or Democrat. There is only one party and that is the Corporate Party – Plain and simple – I’ll have no part of it. 

Lately, Trump has selected the war criminal, Gina Haspel. Again, you’re entitled to your personal opinions. Moreover, Gina Haspel has some serious negative notes of red in her career ledger within the CIA since her start as a torturer. If we look at the Nuremburg Trials that govern the entire tribunals then you can clearly understand painfully if you must. The Nuremburg Tribunal is where I solely base my opinion and clarity upon this subject. Gina Haspel is indeed an acting war criminal and anyone saying anything different is goddamned delusional – Read the fucking information provided please!

Also, since I am at it like a runaway freight rain on the subject, well, a few presidential administration from Eisenhower to the present would be doing the “Yardarm Jig.”

Ever been smacked in the chops by a runaway freight train of truth and facts?

Really, I smile when I think of Tricky Dick Nixon who should be in consideration of becoming a saint in the Catholic Church. Yes, I am serious, he should be a saint. Call him the, “Patron Saint of all the Wayward Politicians.”

You have my damned nonpartisan vote!

Most of my fellow Americans don’t know or don’t want to know the real history of America and for that matter, the rest of the world to be included. Instead, they rather feel fat and content in what they were programmed  in public education and most collages not to mention, television. Some are awake, this is certain, and you are reading one such person. When I attended collage, the first thing I was told by historical rebel was to forget everything I was ever told about American History by the Public Education System. Some of the students in the class could not detox from the brainwashing bullshit and dropped out. The professor brought forth the lies, the myths, and the speculations that were called facts and bashed these things over their heads as if they were baby seals. He exposed the criminals conspirators in public and private education for the bastardization and raping of the truth to their own adulterous needs of playing god by the brainwashing the next generations of Americans – A job well played by the way. Easy enough to do when you have all your bases covered.

The traditional and popular narrative taught to everyone in public and private schools in America is diluted with half-truths, full-blown lies, and omissions of facts and events. Yes, the Carnegies, the Rockefellers, the DuPonts, the Henry Ford Foundation(s), and other nefarious psychopaths who had more money than God that had nothing but bitter contempt for the lowlifes such as YOU and I. You can easily check out any of these institutions on the web for yourself. I have provided so far, my sources within the links in this post.

If you will not check the links for yourself, please, don’t even think of commenting against what I am saying without doing so first. Thanks.

Moving on…

Today I received some direct messages on Twitter from various people living outside the United States stating that they will no longer be following me on that medium for the single reason that they have given is that I am an American. You see, just because I am an American with all the violence and crimes against humanity conducted by the US Government, that people outside these United States, the international community is lashing out, and becoming overwhelmed with the US Terrorist Actions. Yes, we are on the perfect path to World War III. With friends like Israel and the Zionists controlling the United States who in the hell needs enemies?

It’s just a matter of “when” rather than “if.”

Hence, this very reason for the post!

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While I am on a rampage with all the United States Bullshit going on world-wide we do know that I went ten-for-ten on actually conspiracies last year for 2017. I am not a “theorist” rather than someone who has the investigative talents to go beyond the fake news. Fake news works on both extremes of the MK-Ultra and American Propaganda. Yes, MK-Ultra is still as active as it ever was. Watch television much?

A friend from overseas lives in a nation who is deeply entrenched in nothing less than a Lieutenant in America’s Allies (in which we are losing on a daily basis as of late) like England, France, and Germany. Already we have lost the Philippines and Turkey. I want to stress that Germany has in the last thirty days pulled out any and all their resources from the Syria Scene littered with genocidal tendencies and a shit-load of False Flag staged events. Speaking about False Flags as far as America is concerned, we have had our share since the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War I, and the Gulf War II – this includes Afghanistan. The CIA has been very busy as of late through the Obama Administration with the factions in the Pentagon to create and supply weapons to ISIS. Yeah, I cannot leave Trump out. Trump is nothing less than a continuation of everything against humanity and the US. Trump is continuing on where Obama has left off. On Trump’s watch so far, his watch is beyond absurd in what he is doing for world peace. Oh yes, you read that right about Obama! Now here is a good start by watching this news brief. Naturally, I back up my stuff with all kinds of links and information that you will not get in England, France, Germany, and especially blacked out within the United States. I would like to make mention for those who are critically ill with Cognitive Dissonance Disorder will also find it hard to believe that Hillary Clinton was indeed a part of building ISIS as well. Wow, how about that? The last link in this paragraph comes from the corporate news called Fox News – Even a fucking blind pig can find an acorn every so often.

Speaking about some up and coming False Flags, Israel with Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu is busy these days with presenting false evidence of Iran’s imaginary Nuclear Weapons Plants with of course, weapons of mass destruction. You all have to remember that bullshit slogan? Yeah, some good bullshit right there. The term, the slogan, the sentence, and whatever you want to call this deception seems to bewitch the sheeple here in America several times over again. Israel has done this shit before!

It is also in my opinion that the stratagem of, “Weapons of Mass Destruction”  will continue to hoodwink the opiate and fluoride induced general public in America with the solid, “Weapons of Mass Deception.”

Don’t even get me started with the “9/11” False Flag and the Dancing Jews. Oh, and for extra credit, Saudi Arabia, the Head-Choppers were in on it too. 9/11 is just like 7/11 – An inside Job!

Now for those who want to be living in the “American Dream” also known as, “The Matrix” as well as the, “America Fluoride Drenched Coma” are all part of this damned problem. Yes, the United States Constitution is dead. Just check out all the media black-outs, information removed from YouTube, Facebook and other social media, and of course, those in control of the American Media. Look into the war crimes alone being conducted daily by these United States. People who speak out against these atrocities are being silenced by acts of being suicided all the time. Just talk with the Clinton Cabal and their long trail of dropping bodies and you’ll see what I mean. Yeah, don’t get me started on Bill Clinton, a serial rapist and pedophile. Here is another documentary too.

Listen, as far as the American Media also known as Corporate Media is a business and the owners, managers, and those in control of what is put out on television are to make money. If they, the US Media shows stuff on how ugly the Government truly is and in this would cause sponsors to leave in droves like rats on a fucking sinking ship. Corporations cannot stay in business without profits. In this hardcore fact, we as the American Public can and shall fight back with our wallets.

I can literally go on for weeks on this subject(s) here. I feel that I have provided enough to shock, inflame, and attack the ignorance of the public. I also provided more than enough information to encourage those of like-minded.

Before closing this post, I would like to make mention that the American Public is not the United States Government. The United States Government is the Nemesis of the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence. The United States Government is evil by any definition and this must be realized by and for the American Public who are enslaved by the real tyrannical powers that control everything in the world from the top of the pyramid of supreme power which is the banks!

See, “Ethos” about Fractured Banking and the Federal Reserve Bank.

The United States Government as far as the public opinions of the world is that of a vicious bully and tyrant responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths in modern US history alone.

Thanks for reading!

Douglas S. Taylor

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5 responses to “Real Horrors In The World…

  1. Wow, this is a blog worth reading and I mean it, no wax in here, I am so tired of reading bullshit and shallow blogs in the net and the more I look for serious articles the less I find but I’m glad that there are still a few who have no issues by telling what they think and feel and for that Respect!!
    In my opinion those people who stop following you just cuz you’re American are plain ignorants and idiots!! Yes, that douchebag Trump is messing the whole world but that doesn’t means that all Americans are pricks!! Not all americans voted on that asshole therefore those people are just as bad as he is. What saddens me the most these days is to see that people rather stay in ignorance than actually try to understand how thinks are or even study a little bit of history! For instance, things in the Middle-East aren’t well but it’s us, Europe, who have to deal with all the refugees the consequences of everything wrong Trump does or leads to… It’s unbelivable the amount of racism going on in the USA!! I reckon that everybody might have a slight racist attitude now and then but not the way things are over there!! Like I said on twitter in Portugal we have so many asians, refugees and muslims as well as other nacionalities, people come here to live in harmony and I see no problem in that! Most of them arrive here without knowing talking portuguese but bloody hell we help them to communicate with us and in time they start learning our language, so what’s the problem of having people over there talking spanish?? I really don’t understand…if we were like those racist american people we should do the same in Portugal – well you’re in my country so talk portuguese and not english, and yes we have loads od americans living in Portugal. I don’t know, I don’t live there but when Trump won the election I couldn’t believe my eyes…it was a shock!! Anyways, not feeling very well today so apologies for any bad english.

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    • Thank you so very much for your time in reading and of course, your comments. I had to add more to include Trump. I must tell you that Washington ‘s Manager in Cheif and his village idiots are driving the United States straight to hell in a handbasket. I once had another blog that really exposed the Geopolitical Scene and those things that the NSA, CIA, DOH, and the Pentagon does NOT want anyone to know. As an investigative journalist amongst other things, I tend to dig, dig, and dig while listing my sources in such matters. I have also given public speeches, seminars, and the like in the local region mostly at the collages. People in America and I am speaking in general upon the majority, well, they believe that they still have a choice in voting on who will be our next president. The whole thing is rigged, and it has been rigged for a very long time, there is just too much for those who are in control to leave to the general public. Time and time again we see this. Hillary Clinton in the 2016 campaign running against Bernie Sanders cheated him out of the lead. The DNC was proven in electoral fraud not to mention the RussiaGate Scandal via the Steele Dossier which is nothing but bullshit that cost the American Public billions in the investigative processes.

      As far as WordPress goes, I can write without worrying being stricken off like some of my posts on Facebook, and elsewhere. I don’t usually write geopolitical commentary or exposing conspiracies here on this blog. Moreover, some may not like it and unsubscribe — Needless to say, I really don’t give a flying fuck. I am brutally honest in whatever I may do. Sure, I get death threats, people hating on me, and saying total bullshit. This does not stop me but only encourages the shit out of me.

      America is a bigot government. America is a tyrannical government. America is racist. These things Trump has brought out in the 2016 elections and still to this day. I speak Spanish, Russian, Celtic, and United States English. There are many folks that do not speak any English at all to me and all that I need to do is click on the “translate” button. This may not be perfect, but I get the gest of what they are saying.

      I do hope you feel better soon and don’t worry about your “English.” I think anyone will know and understand what you are trying to convey.

      Your friend,
      Douglas S. Taylor

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      • thank you for replying and all I have to say is that when we fail to say the truth we fail in trying to make this world a better place, if this makes any sense to you! I’ve lost many friends for my big mouth, for always saying what I think and feel but my motto is to be honest and sincere and truthful, if people can’t handle with the truth their problem not mine! To hear the truth is not always nice, sometimes I don’t like it myself but hey I’m the 1st to criticize me or remark my misakes and flaws. The world is behaving like the ostrich, always burying the head into the sand not to see what’s in front of them! I used to write a lot about things I hated, I got tired literally however I am trying to resume my writing again and start talking about something else rather than my illness or my poetry. Just a note: bloody hell i speak more english than my own language…humm my only friends are english, damn brexiteers!! Sorry got lost in my thoughts XD

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        • Of course, you make perfect sense. I too have lost many friends over time by telling them the truth one way or another. However, in this day and age, people who speak and share the truth are being threatened, killed, as well as their families. Accidents and suicides happen all the time. Just ask the CIA who does indeed carry out black projects on American Soil. Covert operations are being conducted here all the time. FEMA has over 900 prison camps throughout America that all have railroad services. When I make mention, show maps, show videos to include compelling documentaries, I still have people who want to argue against it. First they don’t pay attention to you, then they mock you, and finally, they kill you.

          Even here where I live, though as I said before, I went ten for ten on the 2017 conspiracies. I don’t own a television and why should I? I have several computers, ultra-high speed internet with Wi-Fi. I only watch news outside the United States such as Al Jezerra for example. I get a lot of additional news via the web. Making the world a better place is something too large and ambitious for me to get my mind around. I know what you mean though. Instead, I just try to make my surroundings a better place and those that are around me. I know and shock people on the Internet and like you, the blogs that I read are anything but the “Facebook” narcissistic type — Shallow and ever evaporating. Really, most of these blogs have the nutritional value of a glass of warm sand!

          My friend, she is a medical doctor who really loves me and my mind. She asked me a few years ago where I was getting my information and news from. She only used her Apple to write emails, chat, and play games on Facebook. After sitting down with me and my Alienware Machines, she found out in a hurry there is another world, another universe out here. She found out, and painfully, about 9/11, Sandy Hook, Orlando, Roseburg, and the very long history of False Flags in America. I remember seeing her cry on where I had to love up on her and made her take a break from all of it. She became too overwhelmed by the dissolution. She then took a trip to Europe in 2014 as she usually does every 5 years or so. When she came back abruptly, she told me about the hatred towards Americans in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. She will not be going back. She then went to South America on where she did not feel that she would be attacked. She just got back from Africa.

          My DarcWorX blog only shows one small aspect of me — The creative dark writing in adult horror, dark fantasy, dark humor, and my graphics work outside the studio in San Fransisco.

          I must go for now and do take care, Paula.

          Your friend,

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          • Well you must tell your friend to visit Portugal, everybody is welcome here and there’s no terrorism, she would like, despite my hating for some portuguese that disgrace our history this is my country and I am proud of our past achievements in History, these days all that Portuguese think about is tourism… darn! I understand you and like you I totally hate Facebook, really it seems that everybody there are awesome and successful people making me feel like shit… well I deleted most people, just have a couple of old foreigner friends and never go there :p. I think that when we are on social media, blogs or similar we only show a part of who we really are! I am a bit dark person, my poetry (published on Booksie) is all about dark poetry, everything about myself here is surrounded by darkness if you know what I mean, nevertheless I also have a brighter side.. I guess… I wouod like very much to come back and write about what troubles me towards society and the world these days but it will take time due to health problems, so I take one day at a time but like I said is always good to know that I have a place where I can go and read some real content… and by the way, you are right no one like to listen older people talk about what’s wrong but it has a positive side as well we don’t give a crap on what they think!! Keep the good work and have a great weekend, take care 🙂