The United States of Shame


I would like to say a few things here. Normally, “Morbidity News” is all about some really dark humor such as, Extraterrestrial Copyright Infringements that the United States Government stolen to all kinds of creatures, mayhem, and the usual political spoofs. All the time, someone, somewhere takes the category and the articles or posts seriously. Most of which are those people who fall inline with the “Flat Earth,” “Planet X,” and “9/11 Commission’s Version of What Really Happened.” Moreover, heaven forbid that I buck the system with a thing called, “Facts,” “Truth,” and call “Bullshit” on the “official” stories by the corporate news of America. I am not a conspiracy theorist. Nevertheless, conspiracies are for real and more of the once called theories are proven to be true with each passing day.

While America is in a fluoride coma living in the “American Dream” are taking it dry right up their asses. You can sell a good line of happy horseshit right down their throats and they’ll believe that it’s just fucking good for you because every motherfucking moron around them are doing it also. Yes, and that is suppose to make things right?

The United States of Shame, an empire run by psychopaths in a fascist regime who are the same asshole-corporations who own the government and their masters, the banking cartels who are the ones at the top of the pyramid. You see, the Federal Government is not even close to the top of the pyramid scheme. I know, I know, most of you may not even hazard a guess on what in the fuck I am talking about. I can’t help you and you’re too far gone in this coma I illustrated earlier. Nevertheless, you’re doomed, and the blame is not on the government, but each of you wonderfully diluted citizens that will be left holding the check with your precious panties wrapped around your ankles.

Let’s take a look at the current Presidential Race. We have on one side, a homicidal killer, liar, extortionist, sociopath, and the worst goddamned Secretary of State in America, Hillary Clinton. Her bloody crime trail goes all the way back to at least, the run for the Arkansas’ State Attorney General by Bill Clinton. His list of crimes are equally matched to his wife and they couldn’t tell or afford you the truth about anything at any time about any event.

Is America’s memory is as long as a newborn baby’s dick?

Seems this is the obvious case. I can see via outside the control of US Corporate Media that there is a division of who is siding for whom in this election such as CNN, also known as the Clinton National News, MSNBC, and a couple of others. It’s all too appalling and once again, stretches the boundaries of absurdity. All of this as seen throughout the globe as a very bad joke no matter how you cut it. So far we have all seen the proven electronic voter election fraud(s) going on. We have seen Bernie Sanders 1 million votes mysteriously sided to Hillary’s count. We have seen things far worse than Watergate ever was and it does make Tricky Dick Nixon look like a Patron Saint of the Wayward Politicians. We have seen Clinton cheating on the last Presidential Debate with her signaling, her earpiece, and the fraudulent commentator, mediator of this event that makes the sinking of the Titanic like a Loony Tunes Melodrama. Even caught red-handed, the idiot in on the conspiracy of the debate still has a fucking job according to news sources.

Then Wikileaks a bit slow with the October promises of the new batch of emails with the following excerpts of one hell of a horror movie;


The moderator, Lester Holt, well, he should be sent to prison holding hands with Hillary and everyone responsible to include all the rat bastards in the DNC Fraud. Oh wait, remember the lawyer responsible for the heavy Class Action Suit?

Yeah, he woke up one morning and found himself dead Tony Soprano style. Boy, the motherfucking death-toll under the Clinton’s Regime has continued to climb unabated by most everyone sleeping behind the wheel of the Department of Justice. The Corleone Family would be green with envy.

Right now in the US News people are blaming Russia for the fucking computer hack when months ago, Russia was cleared by these very same people that are now blaming this country. I strongly suspect and hold the US Government, the DNC, and the Clintons in my highest contempt right along with the Bush Family.

No fucking wonder Vladimir Putin is so frustrated with the West let alone with the United States of Shame these days. Now there are millions, tens, perhaps even a hundred million or more that actually believe in their hearts that the democratic processes such as their vote actually counts — Another painful myth exposed. I cannot keep a straight face at these village idiots that believe in this “patriotic epidemic.” There is no voting that counts on a federal level, the game is rigged, and has been for a very long time. There is just too much to risk for the power-elite to leave this important stuff for chance by a mindlessly Walmart-Shopping fluoride-numbed brains of the general American public. Now, let’s say that everything is fair to you even if the powerfully-elites were out of the picture (this would qualify as a supernatural event of biblical proportions). The voting processes itself is broken and been broken, outdated, and utterly useless — It would never comes close of being fair and that’s without cheating. It was built over 238 years ago and never evolved since, never took into account the expanse of equality and left to rot on the vine.

Then there is the Republican Party as if it is suppose to be a different party all together…

All together?

Not so!

The DNC and Republicans are only comprised of one central party we’ll call the Fascist Corporate Party or FCP for short. The deception perpetrated by the FCP having mainly a two-party system is just a facade. Both candidates, (in the past) may differ on the little things like abortion, right to life, and alternative energy. But the big issue items such as the military industrial complex, the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, and the secret societies in government — No fucking way is that left to chance and the FCP makes damn sure that shit don’t happen.

Meanwhile, across town in an empty warehouse these candidates are drawn from the left and right to the middle zone of politics catering to those who are actually in control in which you are not a single part of or a matter of interest. You are, after all, in a game where you have lost any freedoms you may think you have. After all, you have been bred and manipulated to be always in the middle of the road — This is where they want you, this is where you get smacked by the Semi of deceit. Just keep standing right there.

I am going to forego the Republican’s best contender, the clown of Manhattan, Donald Trump that obviously lost his Frontal Lobe a long time ago. Yes, you can bet the bank I hate him too.

Moving on…

Do you have a W-2 Statement?

Then you’re a slave. Leave color and ethnicity out of it. You all are active and complacent slaves paying, and some of you, enjoying paying your illegal taxes by an illegal agency that is not apart of the United States Constitution or any of its Amendments.The IRS is the only non-congressional, non-constitutional entity given the right to steal your wages, your earnings, and has the power to leave you homeless or worse, in prison.

What did the public do before 1933? 

Public programs voted in to include public schools, public libraries, roads, rails, the government both local, regional, and federal were running just fine. The entire public infrastructure was doing and according to the Constitution of fair taxes levied would continue to do so up to present day. Real taxes both state and federal are instantly taken out of all kinds of legal things, groceries, sales tax, gas tax, road and vehicle tax, state property tax, federal property tax, business sales and such. The list goes on and on. Yet, most of you are so numb, you don’t realize that the IRS has no authority to make you pay a third of your yearly salary every fucking year.

In the Court of Law, there are precedencies of causes where common ordinary people charged with IRS Federal Tax Evasions won their cases by never filing in the first place. To make it easy, if you file, and you lied, or owe, you’re fucked. Don’t file ever again, and fix that goddamned W-2 while you’re at it.

Need proof?

Use the goddamned Internet!

There are, for your viewing enjoyment, entire documentaries on YouTube, Netflix, and other resources. If anything I have written here in this particular post you find in revelation and challenging your ideas to include what your fellow sheeple think, then perhaps you need to step off the Fluoride Train and continue to wake the fuck up. Oh, I forgot to say, the use of adult language is used throughout this blog in the use of dialog, character dialog, and in my very own words are prolific. This is an adult blog for, wait for it, adults. So, if you find anything offensive, pissing you off, and have a need make a formal complaint, do it here.

We have staff that cares…

“So Doug, when did the United States Government sell us all out?”

I am so glad you have asked and the answer is straight forward as it is poignant; Woodrow “Sell-Out” Wilson back in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act of, you guessed it, January, 1913.

Let me go a couple three years earlier when JP Morgan and his banking buddies were all got together in the same room in a resort located on Jekyll Island, Georgia. These Goons then drafted up a mean spirited contract that would be used to form the Federal Reserve. Yes, most people believe that the Federal Reserve is a part of Government, of Federal Government, but this is not true either and I know that may sting some peoples’ numbed minds. Not to worry, you’re not alone. The corporate-controlled media gets it all wrong all the time too. So, JP Morgan and crew, see the Federal Reserve Act for a list of those who he ran along side with him. Oh, and I bet you don’t even know this, but Grandpa Bush was even a Nazi-Owned President of the Reserve before he got his hands caught embezzling money, you know, stealing cash from said bank of robbers?

The fucking irony…

So, from 1910 up unto the act became an act, JP Morgan made goddamned sure of the so-called stability of the idea of a Federal Reserve by creating several schemes of panic to cause a run on the local banks throughout America. Morgan would tell you, “These assholes never saw it coming…” caressing his hands together. This act of sedition not only fooled the public, but gave cause for some horse’s ass to be bought and paid by the newly forming and soon to be, the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel a presidential runner — Hence Wilson. Yes, Woodrow was their man. Again, not your man.

Now again for the inept, Woodrow in his run for power comes into a cascade of political funds he never would imagine to help him in his quest to pass gas in the Oval Office came from his new bosses, those of the fractured banking cartel, the Federal Reserve Bank.

What about the other guy that ran, what ever happened to him?

Listen, nobody wants to hear or try to remember who came in second, third, and finally, last place in anything.

The Federal Reserve had their man and again, the first act as President was the Federal Reserve Act in January, 1913.

Then came the times of 1929 when the stock market crashed and a serious run on the mom and pop banks throughout the nation, just like before by the personal actions of JP Morgan did, happened all over again. Now according to the Federal Reserve’s promises, some shit like the Great Depression was not suppose to happen at all, hence the reason of the Federal Reserve’s Financial Stability good bullshit Policies. No, instead, JP Morgan and crew literally paid pennies on the dollar buying up all the small banks as fast as they could in a bum’s rush.

This ploy, again the American Public took it all straight up the ass. It worked in the beginning, it worked then, and guess what?

It still works today!

The American People are still without blemish or shame, taking right up the ass continuously since and, for a few generations of slavery yet to come. This game will never change, it’s just too little too late for the American Dope as the sun begins to set yet on another fading empire. “But Doug, whatta ’bout the ‘Too Big to Fail?'” America should have said, “Go fuck Yourselves!” Then these charlatans would have died out or figured out another scheme to hoodwink the American Public. There would be blood in the water for sure and the strongest would have eaten the rest.

Is it me, or did I miss something on the latest American Bail-Out?

If we financial forgave these fucking sharks then these same financial predators should have forgiven the home owners and debtors as well, right?

This of course didn’t happen, couldn’t happen, and is against everything in the American Psychopath’s Corporate Handbook. Instead, a lot of empty foreclosed homes left in decaying ruin. Now there happens to be just as many as all the homeless veterans and homeless people living out in the remote regions just outside of the lenses of the Corporate News that can move in securely and mortgage free —

Nice Pipe Dream, I know.

Thanks for reading,
Douglas S. Taylor


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