Psychic Vampires; Are Energy Feeding Parasites!

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As of late, I have been plagued with the sudden onset of depression within my friends. One of my friends locally,  managed to tragically kill herself by literally succumbing to the elements and found dead in a vacant parking lot here in Lead, South Dakota. We all have heard that depression can drive a person to suicide. We also understand that when a person attempts or succeeds in taking their life that they are not in their right mind. This I know and you will just have to trust me.

However, have you looked into the situation of a dear friend’s depression?

I mean, if a person has a logical reason of being depressed such as a loss of a friend, a relation to including a family member, and even a pet – This is a normal empathetic response and welcome to the human condition. It has been with us for about 351 million generations. Life’s pressures, such as the state of our failing nation, dismal economy, and a tyrannical government are more than enough reasons to be depressed to a degree. Injustices of this world, world suffering on a level ever previously known is happening and this too is depressing enough.

There are also mental psychiatric chemical imbalances of the human brain, disorders such as being Bipolar of manically high, and or manically low. These things, however, unfortunate can be explained as well and the medical and psychiatric communities attempt to help. Then, of course, is chronic or clinical depression and this too is a psychiatric condition that affects the mind, spirit, and body affects the body.

There is a host of resources to investigate to offset these conditions such as dieting, exercising, and taking natural and prescription drugs that may actually work. As one who has a Bipolar Disorder, I know full well that a simple pill or a couple of pills will not change or fix or eliminate away my condition.

Let me talk more into the psychic realm, passed the obvious mental, emotional, and physical aspects as I discussed in the previous paragraphs while allowing me to propose something more, something that lurks in the recesses of your personal world around you.

Allow me to introduce to you the possibilities of such things or people who are nothing less than a term called, “Psychic Vampires.” Others may call these kinds of people by other names, “Spiritual Vampires,” “Emotional Vampires,” or some kind of “Damaging Mental Parasite.” I know that images, faces of people are already crossing your mind right now that are suspect to what I am saying, what I am warning you about.

Whatever name you call these kinds of people, the terms used in describing them, it doesn’t really matter as long as you know there is a psychic kinetic parasitical drain on your energy, your emotions, and thoughts that affect your judgment as well as your over outlook. I shall use the term, “Psychic Vampires” in my furtherance of this topic.

The Psychic Vampires is not some paranormal, or some sort of inhuman, immortal, or supernatural creature. These Psychic Vampires are in some aspects like the Bram Stoker variety. Here, let me break it all down to you right here, and right now; these Psychic Vampires are apathetic, selfish, one-sided, and parasitically toxic to you. They don’t care about your mental, emotional, and physical well-being in the least. Oh, they pretend to be your friend, but they all want one thing in common, your life’s energy, your Che, your aurora, and to some, your very soul.

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No matter the definition used, and like the supernatural fabled counterparts, a vampire is a taker who drains its victims.

I write this article from a far older article I once wrote back around the year, 2000 or so. I have updated it twice, and now with this latest update, a third time in order to help you with knowledge and some form of positive enlightenment.

As for my friend who passed away most suddenly, the official autopsy said that she died of exposure to the elements. I know, he meant, “the natural elements.” She was walking to work at the local library where some say that she was being constantly bullied by her supervisor. This has been a common complaint by all the former employees there in my experience since I moved into the area. Is her boss, a person that I know personally, a bully, an abusive person?

The odds and opinions outweigh any good said about this person in question. Is it possible that this “bully” is actually some demented form of a Psychic Vampire?

I think not since the energy to do harm on some offensive daily barrage is certainly not characteristic of a feeding Psychic Vampire. So, a bully or a typical bully cannot be a parasite. The bully’s own energy may attract these Psychic Vampires drawing the tainted energy of some kind of non-preferred resort to sustain themselves.

A Psychic Vampire doesn’t give a fuck about anyone or anyone’s needs unless they have an opportunity to gather more energy. We must endeavor ourselves to recognize these kinds of people who are drawing energy from another person. Psychic Vampires are always on the lookout for a new opportunity. Only the strongest of these kinds of people will show charisma, outward energy, though limited in order to attract these new feeding sources, and these sources are you!

If these stronger Psychic Vampires fails, so does their attraction and strength. Again, like their supernatural counterparts, they grow weak, feeble, need to feed and grow sickly.

For the less strong and or more cautionary Psychic Vampires set up a situation of being invited into one’s own life agreeably on some level, consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly. They are not made, these Psychic Vampires are born and grow predatorily. After all, they are parasitical as well as predatorily.

Knowledge, wisdom, and the recognition of these toxic entities only then can we understand the freedom when we stop projecting our apprehension of hopelessness against others blaming them and all the while victimizing ourselves further.

Concurrences to give or take, the “yen” and the “yang” does not need to be granted on a conscious individualized basis. It comes from an underlying attitude as well. If you give someone energy, a positive attitude on any level, this, in turn, is given back from the recipient. This is most noticed in growing healthy relationships between people. This exchange is usually immediate but not necessarily so. Depending on the damages done by the Psychic Vampire, it could take more positive energy, but be wary that you are not the one falling into a trap of being drained. Actions always speak so much louder than words ever could.

Give your friends and loved ones, positive energy, share in their successes, and be supportive. If you cannot do these things, then you are more likely than not, a Psychic Vampire yourself.

Our experiences in life all include give and take in varying degrees and mirror back to us where we are on the spectrum selfishness and selflessness. Selfishness and self-centeredness are generally viewed as undesirable traits. Selflessness is usually viewed positively, but is there a hidden agenda for a means to an end personally?

Then you are definitely a Psychic Vampire and a stronger one at that. Psychopathic tendencies abound with you no matter how good you think you can fake empathy, no matter how long you will last unnoticed by your prey. One thing is for certain, you’ll need to feed even if this means relocating because everyone who is normal and aware are on to you.

Like your supernatural counterparts, you will give into the need to feed and the thirst always wins out with no exception. This fact alone will cause your own intrinsic eradication of all that you have worked for. You have this misfortune of your coming.

Those who give selflessly without balance can become a feeding frenzy of energy and your personal resources. This includes financially too. There is nothing off the menu of a fucking Psychic Vampires. 

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There are those that these Psychic Vampires control through various means. These people are the Psychic Familiars. Familiars are nothing more than those who take without thought are often very kind people who have learned inappropriate ways to get your kinetic energy, goodwill, with very little to no reciprocating or real appreciation of your resources. These people are mostly unwitting pawns that will introduce to you through these means, their masters, the Psychic Vampires.

These Familiars may have been once a normal and genuine empathetic persons who actually cared for others around them. Then, through time, ever so subtle, they grow obviously selfish and thoughtless of others and expect others to do things for them without any measure of reward or returning favors or support in kind. A spirit of Apathy begins to set in as they are also being victimized by their masters. A diabolical control mechanism at this point between slave and master is assured. At this point, the Familiars are owned and the sad thing is, they don’t even fucking know it!

These are just a few examples of opposite ends of the spectrum.

Most of us sit somewhere closer to the middle and as with all living things our abilities and balance fluctuate by chemical, dietary, and environmental stresses.

One last thing on Familiars; they are the followers of the Psychic Vampire in a master-slave relationship that is nothing more than the extendable reach of these parasites. Once you recognize the Psychic Vampire and his or hers network of Familiars are more than high time to cut off your relationships with these people. Whether they realize it or not, they are a conduit of a vile toxic and caustic energy and resource drain upon you and eating you away.

Allow me to express this another way. The giver’s attitude of willingness creates an opening that enables a taker to connect to the giver. Connecting to each other, although generally unseen, literally creates a physical connection that we just do not see with the naked eye at first. Others become stronger relationships that grow beyond friendships. Besides, we are tribal people no matter how much you deny this discernable fact. We see all of this, everything that I have just explained throughout every social medium.

How To Stop Psychic Vampires;

If you suspect you are a giver simply because you can without expecting anything in return you must become clear that your actions are building you strong energy. Some, such as myself become beacons in an otherwise dark world.  You must also realize that both Familiars and their masters will be drawn by your brilliance, your center of energy that radiates. You can even, through knowledge and experience tell these fucking parasites and their friends to fuck off and to include severing any cords of connectivity, Though, this may be painful and leaves the Familiars confused as they probably will not realize that they have been played. This is the marks of their bewitchment and sudden shock in losing you as a friend or loved one. As for the Psychic Vampire, they care only for their survival, their concealment, and their escape plan if necessary.

Remember; Psychic Vampires Don’t Give a Fuck About You or Their Familiars.

You must cultivate a strong mental attitude of, “No one else can thieve my energy. My need to give is fulfilled through healthy means. My generosity and kindness my own and not affected by outside or environmental forces.”

Having done so, you will know an immediate boost in your energy, your health, and general outlook. Your personal world will become brighter, more optimistic, and in a growing passion of what you love to do.

You may see yourself of giving back to your immediate surroundings and community by giving of your time and energy. The energy spent, shall be returned to you in all things healthy and balanced. Take the necessary time to get quiet into the things you love and those that love you, such as your pets who suffered no less than you have done.

Take command of your life. If you see any unhealthy lines connecting you to another that are affecting you negatively, break that connection off and shove it right up their asses sideways. Visualize severing these negative ties in whatever ways that come to you.

Find people through natural means of communication, same interests that are healthy, and of good standing with their own tribal community. If they support you or you finding them supporting you in a positive manner, return in kind. Never let your ego get in the way – Instead, share your ego with others and enjoy the life you are always meant to have.

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