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So, another year passes us and we’re all facing the “Fatal 100 Days” here in America. This term is for all the traffic throughout the nation as everyone hits the road. For some, this means quite literally. I usually keep a “Sturgis Death-Count” when all the Baby Boomers come and flock for “Bike Week.” Aging and more decrepit as ever, most of these people are living a fantasy of theirs being a biker and all with about as much experience as a newborn infant.

This year will be in record numbers as the death toll rises as the crowd will be dropping due to the staggering economy and the fleecing from local businesses and blood-sucking companies along the South Dakota Greed Corridor. Nevertheless, I think I will give up on this fatal, “Sturgis Death-Count” morbid hobby of mine.

Speaking about hobbies. I hope you all like the fresh new designs that are coming forth. I’ll even get around and change up the main banner to reflect the new official logo.

Also, I would like to talk about my latest project, “The Many Unnatural Lives of Scott Solomon Dean.” I feel rather good talking about this book since the name is copyrighted with and ISBN to boot. So, if say, someone in the UK is reading this, and I know they are, they won’t be able to get a free lunch like they did with my published short story, “Lilith.”

Yup, some poor motherfucker came along and tried their hand in taking my work and making it their own. This person just couldn’t capture the dark fantasy aspect along with the near biblical theme of the story. Instead it seemed more like a two-dimensional story with a lot of grammar mistakes.

Speaking of which, I know there are a few blogger, writer, and publisher friends of mine that frequent this little darc corner of WordPress and in doing so can easily check out my various styles of writing. I know that my ways of writing, the subject matter, adult content, and so forth just isn’t for everyone as I said before. Nonetheless, most days, it makes for a solid read no matter what some asshole may say.

Are these sacks of assholes suppose to be critics or something?

What have they truly done positive for the enrichment of their society, let alone, their neighborhood?

Instead, I bet not a good goddamned thing but go about howling like a gut-shot pig.

Are their snide and shallow comments suppose to mean anything to me at all or is it just what it is; an empty can being kicked down the road?

Nothing but noise and nonsense.

Speaking on the topic of assholes. I know right now a few of their smug faces are showering down like a black rain in your mind. For the wonderfully gifted storytellers, this is just a sign that you are moving up in the world of literary arts. Remember; first they pay no attention to you, then they laugh at you, and then they hate you (not to mention have to pay you more too). Never has these words been any truer.

For me personally, a couple of these stains seemed to be from the United Kingdom and nowhere else. Odd that is. According to my demographics here and as well as Twitter, I am being read in all the world – Even China!

Not bragging at all. But why just the UK idiots?

Yeah, all with the same IP Address to boot.

Here is a thought. What about a storyline or scripted into a thriller slasher movie where an Independent author starts making it into the big time. Say, something like a storm upon the New York’s Best Seller’s List and then a blockbuster of a movie. Then this guy or gal plans a perfect crime. He or she goes over to London and gives the idiot-savant a double-tap for their troubles and made example of across the net – Shit goes viral.

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Moving on…

Many of us, as Gillian Anne Gibson, author, blogger, and supporter-extraordinaire has just finished with her latest post of the very need to write. I can vehemently agree with Mrs. Gibson on that alone as with many of you. I also have a need to create graphics, art, and design. All three are separate and it seems only the graphically inclined know this outstanding fact.

There is also one pointed fact for me and that is no one will stop me from being me. Just get over that natural fact. I know I am speaking for a few good natured folks when I say that and the following paragraph;

Writing for me is an art and so much more. It is with all the writers of the world no matter what genre your into. Then there are those who produce, direct, and push awesome movies our way. I am of course speaking about the Independent artists out here in the droves.

All the meanwhile, Hollywood has become a fucking tar pit of regurgitations of old classic movies and the once, blockbusters into nothing more than disposable hubris. I would go on to say, a murky shadow of the once greats. I used to joke about this back in the late 1980’s with the Rocky Franchise starring none other than, Sylvester Stallone. “Hey guys, have you heard about the new Rocky movie? Yeah, he’s fighting Buddy Ebsen to defend his Heavyweight Championship!” That line gained a lot of laughter back then.

What is not so fucking funny at all is the blatant fact that Hollywood will run anything into the ground. One actor that I cannot stand is Johnny Depp for various reasons as he proved to the world that he isn’t some kind or miracle worker in saving the industry as he went down with the ship with the “Alice in Wonderland” in the latest escapades where Hollywood made a mega-loss. Not even Johnny “Tonto” Depp could have kept them afloat over these disasters. Naturally, there are many remakes that do this. There is, or so it seems, an exception to this story that I would like to bring up right about now.

Let’s talk about a simmering franchise that just seems to get better with every new installment. The original movie, “The Purge” 2013 gave me the impression of another movie called, “The Assault on Precinct 13” in several ways. Though, the story line is a bit different to say the lest, I found myself barely hanging from shutting it down. The 2013 offering was all too predictable, bland, and not enough background. Do you all remember the end when people were calling into a radio station on the morning after the purge?

I certainly do and let me tell you something that many agree with is the fact that fleeting moment was far better, and more promising than the entire movie before it. Shame, the last 30 to 40 seconds better than they entire flick. Then in 2014, “Anarchy” hit the screens. This movie proved to be an improvement upon the first. More of a backdrop, and the story much more diversified as in expanding its horizons.

Now comes, “The Purge 3 that shows even more promise. Though, only a trailer, and several on YouTube at that. I just hope that the franchise can continue to escalate. Also, I like to make a note that on my Facebook Wall, I posted the trailer there and it has been removed since.

As to why?

I haven’t a clue…

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There is a lot of talk on the social networks in that many folks are complaining about the literal shit coming out of Hollywood these days. I think one thing that Hollywood is betting on is the American short term memory loss. How many times are we suppose to see “Robin Hood,” “Batman,” and “Superman” for instance?

No matter the genre, we are plagued by the rich people who has absolutely no talent calling the shots, script changes with their goons of Hollywood. Let them produce, direct, have a script, and star in the doomed motherfucker and kick back to enjoy the brooding shit-storm coming with a whole world of pain.

Nevertheless, who is really at fault here?

Is it the fools at Hollywood, or is it the fools showing up at the Box Office?

Hollywood cannot afford to make a dud after dud after dud of the same old bullshit if no one is buying this shit in the first place.

My advice, “Put your goddamned money where your mouth is and boycott the Hollywood Bullshit.”

If you do this, then not only will Hollywood tank, the theaters will face an insurmountable titanic loss, and as the chain of corporations fold, then may be, just may be, someone would catch a clue before they make way like the Dodo Bird.

Until, this happens, expect the same old shit from Hollywood and tell yourself while texting at a theater while watching the show, it’s all your fault in the first place.

Moving on… Again. 

Since I do not have permission to share a short movie just under thirty minutes long and done on a budget of $7,500 USD rocked my senses silly. Fresh new horror from the mind of someone we all never heard before. The only downside was the ambient music. Since the makers of said movie had to use non-copyrighted music without paying a mind-numbing rate on the extended licenses while keeping the budget phenomenally low with money spent to good use elsewhere. Yeah, I understood that. The music didn’t take or distract in a negative way – It’s just something that I notice since I am an audiophile.

Speaking about music undertones in movies. I was once again on my Blade Trilogy Binge. A very good and timeless production from the first movie all the way up to the annoying Ryan Reynolds. I just love the subtle ancient middle-eastern melodies during the more quieter parts. When I talk with other Blade Trilogy fans, they all seemed to have missed it. The “Blade” franchise started in 1998 through 2004. I just downloaded the latest re-print of“Blade III” and in the end, Ryan talks about the future of the Blade character played by Wesley Snipes. In contrast to my older print, the newer changes are in the end story to accommodate the up and coming “Blade IV.” Unfortunately, YouTube has yet to offer an official trailer.


You can bet the bank that I will be looking forward to it.

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