A Troubled Dark Soul. A Tale of Doris V. Sutherland

Yes Doris, this is mine too.

UPDATE: 25/01/2017

Out on the Internet and social networks there seems to be a very small group of people who may or may not pretend to be your friends. These people wish for nothing less than you to fail in your endeavors. Some harbor real hatred and go around undermining your social network. This happened to me. You see, I am the kind of guy that does everything from creating a blog, websites, writing and publishing books, graphic designs, and other things.

I am all of those things and so much more. Because I am self-employed and an Inventor that delves in non-traditional energy such as solar, wind, free energy that includes a few of Nikola Tesla’s patents long removed from the United States Patents Office through nefarious means now being revealed through the scientific and technical fringe groups. All this information is fully available on the Internet. This is not some secret magic – If it were, then the genie is already out of the bottle.

Anyways, to the heart of the matter with this post. I am going to uncover and reveal a couple of ass clowns that have went way out of their way to gain my attention in a most negative way. Please, don’t feel bad that I drug  them into the light and to club upon in a verbal literary light.

They have this coming and earned with interest.

One thing these Social Goons don’t understand I have their real names, addresses, workplaces, cell, and phone numbers to say nothing about their IP and MAC addresses. Yeah, I was in the Intelligence Community a long time ago while these guys were still shitting green in their diapers.

Let us take on the first filthy belly-crawling lowlife… 

The very disturbed Doris V. Southerland classifies himself as a transgender and in all actuality very much a man just in woman’s clothing. I would like to add that I am unbiased about people’s life choices and he has certainly fooled several of the “all women social networks” this includes programs and the like. Doris is nothing more than a Bruce Jenner. This guy also joined up forces with “Women in Horror” which is supposed to be an all-female group.

I am not homophobic by any means. Please remember this while you continue reading.

I did notice that as of today she has removed all mentions and personal attacks about me and my hard work. Still, I will leave this post right where it is at so you good people can be warned when you are fucking with someone and fucking with their professional life as well.

I will be sending out warning to the women’s groups, companies, and programs so they should know of Mr. Doris’s deceptive practices. The list grows as the days pass.

Before I go on, I remember about some ten years ago, yes, a full decade that there was this person called Doris Southerland on MSN and this person I corrected him in an open forum about an Apple Product. I was not rude and my information helped many others. You see, this is what I love to do is to help others. I even create graphics for my fans, friends, and family for personal use. I don’t charge a dime for any of the HD work. More about this later.

Now, could this person be the same Doris Southerland from a decade ago?

If this is so, then this person has a far more serious problem than I can ever imagine. I am thinking this is one of a few reasons that his transgender transitions will not make it through the psychological profiles with the necessary screening processes. I just don’t see how he can.

As I stated earlier, now a days, it is all to easy to do some digital detective work. I have this person’s IP Address along with all of his false accounts using in following me. Yes, in this day and age there is no hiding for the inept.

They are very inept to cyber-security.

Regardless of Mr. Doris V Sutherland’s mental condition and that of his particular lifestyle in the latter doesn’t matter to me. Let’s take a look at something since he cannot, will not, shut up about me with his persistent personal attacks to include half-baked presumptuous assertions and outright lies. I am tired of emails with screen captures of how far this individual goes out of his way in sent in by my fan base. Not only does these barrages of haranguing messages, DMs, and emails just annoy people, it makes himself even more drastically pathetic.

If there is anything fraudulent and plagiarizing in this life, it’s the deceitful Mr. Doris V. Sutherlund parading himself as something he is light-years from ever becoming – A real woman.

Let move on to another complete ass clown who is working in collusion that goes by the name of a twitter account @HMmonster a.k.a “Klownz” who pretends that he has been wrongfully inflicted in his timeline by me. Yes, crying like a wounded barnyard animal he shouts, “foul.” Nevertheless, it is this ass-clown who started a site with his additional email account to be a some sort of misguided hero to expose me in what, I mean, what exactly?

I looked at this site and they manufactured more deceptive works, stolen my copyrighted logo, and has all the people that I moved up and away from. These people are all stagnant in their works. All of their profiles show at best a G.E.D. wording and feel to them. This is troubling since it shows these adults have stunted minds and are a blur to me as indifference.

As for “Klownz” look upon his timeline. He certainly knows me. That is why he was quick on his twinkled-little-toes to pull up material from his slanderous site he created long ago. Have a good look and ask yourself, what is this person actually trying to accomplish?

Other than young Asian women and youth, what and in whom else is he actually exploiting?

Does he actually think he is exposing me as some kind of possible fraud?

Really, Klownz, and all things here – everything such as you have claimed artificial?

Klownz, what is it really that torments your sorry soul at night about me?

While you ponder that question allow me to state the obvious on where a handicapped stunted mind such as yourself may understand.

Out of over 500,000 people world-wide who reads me, follow, friends me, and have been with me since time began have about a total of 1 million eyes looking at my stuff at any time from all over the world at any given time.

Let us take serious look at the war crimes, crimes against all humanity, and for those who believe in God, crimes against God that I have single-handedly committed in one fell swoop according to these two righteous beings beyond the grips of any sin and (lack of) moral character.

Sarcasm strongly applied since Klownz enjoys exploiting young Asian girls some so young, I highly doubt the legality let alone ethical and moral credence he exploits. All this sick information came in from a dash of his own followers on Twitter. Klownz does enjoy horror as long as it is real, Asian, and very questionably young women victimized in one way or another.  Yeah, this sick insect does a lot of this through his network of friends. Birds of a feather indeed flock together. It will be of no short surprise if we hear or read about his Asian Fascinations and or hobbies of late.

I am as they have suggested; I am all that is evil personified in the world today. According to these two sorry ass dweebs, I am just that.

Perhaps with the charges these two contrite people make against me, well, maybe, I should be captured and hauled away to the likes of a Nuremberg or The Hague Tribunal to stand with all the other “condemned harden criminals?”

The Terrorist and Treasonous Charges brought against me are as follows;

They accuse me of plagiarism. Yes, so this means that everything you’re looking and reading here are directly stolen from other blogs, books, articles, authors, and assigned my name to any of these graphics.

Of course, other than those that I have personally and professionally copyrighted. If only these two slanderous idiots actually read the metadata, copyright usage, and really read up on “fair usage”, “Public Domain,” to include stock images sold in a host of companies throughout the world such as ShutterShack, Adobe, and all kinds of others to be molded into whatever legal work I do.

Take a serious look on the Internet. Even these two people use imaging that are far from their untalented and spineless minds.

Now since I am on this topic in which dear Mr. Doris and his clueless sidekick doesn’t understand and truly, I doubt if either one can comprehend to resort over their stunted minds, and cease for only a few moments from their vain attempts in their well-poisoning tactics as to understand US Copyright Laws and Finnish Laws.

In doing so, one might say that using one of my images in their ghoulish display is in fact, a copyright infringement all to their own.


Calling the kittle black, tisk, tisk..

Nevertheless, I don’t live in America any longer but reside in Espoo Finland. According to the laws here, in spite of the childish allegations and tactics these two self-promoting lawyers, the law is in my favor. I have done nothing at all criminal as these two ass clowns have suggested. I am not like them and for one, Klownz cannot say what he is doing is legal let alone, moral in the least.

For you two idiots, ask yourselves this; were are all these allegations of copyright infringements that are used against me in some legal forum such as a courtroom?

I have all day, please take your time and look again at your feeble attempts.

Or is all this something much more nefarious?

Yes, jealousy and hatred. What else could it possibly be?

Talented people say this all the time about the shit-birds attempting to hold others, those with real talent down, to hold them back, or somehow, controlling these good creative folks.

Is this what these two spineless trolls are attempting to do here?

With me, really?

How’s it really working out with you both so far?

Yeah, I am sticking with the sociopathic nature over abundantly demonstrated by these two nitwits.

Cases in Point: 

FACT: You see, @HMmonster has went out of his way to follow many people who are following me by poaching my following and yet claiming all along with Mr. Doris V. Southerland that all of my following and or followers are fake, false, or bought. I think that is what they have claimed. I so hate to take what people have said out of context. Though, if I ever need someone to take me out of context, I will call upon either of these two people.

FACT: So, why do these simpletons create these false “sock puppet” accounts posing as other people. IP addresses don’t lie.

FACT: I never would know either of these two goons if it were not for my “fake” following alerting me. So, if you happen to be following me – You might want to give these two morally bankrupt people a shout out and let them both know how fake you are indeed.

All of this is not some self-serving attempt at retribution on my behalf though in any rate you care to measure, these two whack jobs has clearly went out of their depths to do all their little sick routines.

No, in fact, I really feel sorry about these two contrite individuals, I really do. I smile as thinking with all the eyes I have reading and all they eyes following me, why only these two individuals claiming such egregious acts of shame?

How am I suppose to take these two, very contrite, and very disturbed people seriously in their manufacturing of an ill-sought out campaign against me?

As me going out and legally suing the sin right out of them both. This I would surely win, but these two don’t even deserve that. Just a good old fashion verbal beating in this article and nothing more. Well, some authorities may be looking into Klownz’ online activities as of late.

Let me present another FACT: Why would Twitter remove in specific, Mr. Doris V. Southerland’s slanderous tweets?

Go ahead Mr. Doris and take your time looking down way down your wretched poorly written timeline.

Notice something amiss?

Same goes for your partner, @HMmonster. It will be entertaining to see what else they can come up with together.

After all, if they put their heads together, they make a perfect ass out of themselves.


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