Morbidity News Special Report; ETEATIG is Suing U.S. Government!

The actual ETEATIG craft over Somewheres, Illinois, circa 1949. The US version is called the, “YF-669” is identical in many ways.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Supreme Court will be listening to the argument of ETEATIG, or known as, the Extraterrestrial Engineering and Advanced Technologies Industrial Group challenging various military and secretive government groups belonging to the United States in what is called, “Proprietary Advanced Technologies Theft” and “Reverse-Engineering Practices” that infringe grossly on a multitude of ETEATIG patents, copyrights, and blue prints signed by the ETACGO or the Extraterrestrial Alliance Copyright Group Organization. Litigations of a mind-boggling list of charges and truckloads or submittable evidence has arrived to substantiate the “Out of Staters” legal  claims.

“Not lookin’ good for the home team.” says Gillian Gibson.

Previous lawsuits by ETEATIG has been hidden from the average American by Corporate Media diverting attention away showing hubris as usual to keep the American public in a deep coma or as, Jake Summers of Medford Oregon stated, “Living the American Dream!” Jake Summers is a proponent of intellectual property and copyrights of the ETEATIG.

“You goddamned straight I am! Fuckers [People] like Bill Gates, the late Steve Jobs, and the entire 1% has not only been stealing or acquiring by illegal and immoral means of intellectual proprietary technologies from our own peoples here on earth but of space as well. These motherfuckers [the 1%] cannot continue to get away with it! Goddamned you all!” Summers concluded as he was being tasered by the local police.

“First, I really didn’t believe that Aliens, I mean the political-correct term of, ‘Extraterrestrials’ existed. Then I was shown actual footage of the Paris Airshow of 1912 where it is clearly seen in the amazement of nearly twenty-five thousand people on hand the unveiling of what looked like a forward swept winged version of the F-15 with canards.” Emilie Flory, PhD in French History and also a Paris resident said to the United Nations back in April, 2014 while showing the early footage before the delegation.

“One can see that in 1973, the F-15 designs were stolen directly from the ETEATIG with of course, modifications of the wing design. McDonald-Douglas couldn’t get the forward swept wings to work right resulting in several deaths. The early F-14 Tomcat of the US Navy accidently misread the plans entirely by allowing the wings to fold backwards. Their techno-snafu was spun to say it was designed for a multi-role fighter capable of supersonic speeds when the wings were folded back.

In the east, It would be much later before the Russians would fully develop the forward swept fighter to kill the F-22 and F-23 off the fucking map as seen in the 2014 Paris Airshow. Needless to say, the United States screwed the pooch on both fighters on their own. A real turkey, the lot of them and now America is holding the check as the rest of the world won’t even buy one at 50% off the ticket price.

Naturally, the US claimed that this Russian Aircraft is a fake. However, it flies twice as fast, twice as high, and at a mere fraction of the cost of the now defunct and scrapped F-22 and F-23 US Fighters nobody in the world wants after the Pacific War Games hosted by Japan. I know it sounds a little redundant here. I have to stress the point how badly the US fucked things up. No fucking wonder they [US] calls it ‘Skunk Works.’

I am no friends of the Russian Federation, but let’s face it, they can still make some great kickassery in the fighter department and don’t even get me started in the new Sukhoi SU-34 . The Russian Federation unlike it’s western counterparts has worked with the ETEATIG to build such a new bird. It is our understanding that the F-16 was also stolen by the US decades later when the ETEATIG first demonstrated its tactical Fleet Assault Fighter in the 1916 Paris Airshow.” Dr. Flory concluded.

“The American NASA folks has stolen so much of the ETEATIG stuff it is hard to tell the depth, width, and breath of it all.” Brad Suggs, (D.) Senator of North Dakota stated in a formal Congressional Hearing in early October, 2015.

“All’s I know is the FBI also found emails, documents, plans, and other top secret documents on Hillary Clinton’s personal server that had more than a thousand to be exact of belongings to ETEATIG.” Director Stoned Elvis of the FBI claimed.

“Such clandestine US locations like that of Groom Lake also known as Area 51, Deadwood, South Dakota, and Canada’s Whitby, Ontario all had a field day at the expense of the ETEATIG’s superior technologies. Every one of these so-called top secret sites to include Skunk Works was busy little bees reverse-engineering and violating the United Federation of Planets and specifically, the ETEATIG. Now it has all caught up with them and it’s time to pay the piper.” Senator George Biddle, (R.) of Oregon stated.

“The picture above in the article is an actual ETEATIG built spaceship that was juicing up on some high voltage replenishing the Unobtanium and Dylithium power plants within the ship’s interior. Mind you, this photo was taken by Jeanie Davis of Somewheres, Illinois back in 1949.

Now three years ago, Skunk Works, DARPA, and the NSA joint venture called, ‘Operation; Quarterback’ designed the US version of said ship acquired [stolen] on behalf of the Neanderthals within the CIA. The government’s version of the ship classified as ‘YF-669’ flew from Groom Lake to Phoenix, then to the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. The cloaking aspect or technologies we reversed from ETEATIG’s plans didn’t work so well. Over 25,000 people in Phoenix saw the ship during nighttime hours [thank god].” General Richard “Dickey” Peters, USAF testified under oath just before tendering his formal resignation.

“For the CIA’s involvement of ‘Operation; Quarterback’ we flew a mission into Northern Mexico when the cloaking device was finally working as expected. The YF-669 landed just south of Juarez, Mexico and the cartels loaded up over two kilo-tons of high grade be secretly sent to Compton, Watts, Harlem, and Chicago’s Southside. Moneys of converting this drug into crack cocaine were to be used by the CIA to support ISIS in the destabilization in the Mideast specifically, Syria and Iran.” Oliver North testified.

“Humans gaining access to such a technologies [ETEATIG] today is like giving a toddler a loaded AK-47 to gum and drool upon for fuck sakes alive!” Senator Peter Kidder, (D.) Illinois said.

It is expected that the Obama Administration will break with some low-lifer response to the ETEATIG allegations. “This should be fucking rich. I mean to hear the fucking asshole in the Oval Office denying all of this. He should just go outside and lay his sorry ass down on 800 Pennsylvania Avenue and wait to catch an oncoming goddamned bus if you all know what I mean. The motherfucking fag!” Karen G. Hamilton of Alexander, Georgia stated in a closely NSA monitored Skype Video conversation that she was unawares about the whole time while talking to her friend, Tanisha Wells, former crack-whore of Augusta, Georgia.

“We are most definitely looking into the black budget and already finding trillions of dollars missing on books cooked so hot it makes ENRON look like a microscopic amber!” Senator Karen Tjaden (R.) of South Dakota

“With the overwhelming evidence presented thus far at the Supreme Court with additional witnesses of the Men in Black quasi-government agencies and other pro-ETEATIG groups, well, it just doesn’t look good for the Home Team [US].” Willard Glenn of Ashland, Oregon stated.

Make note: Gillian said that first!

“It is true, if the ETEATIG wins in this deliberation and the court indeed favors the ETEATIG. The American Government, I mean the tax-payers of America will have to cough up a couple of six-trillion dollars in fines and restitutions to the ETEATIG. Yeah, looks like America will take it straight up the old worn-out kazoo [asshole] once again.” Ashley Walters reporter New York Times said.

“Maybe, just maybe we can sell Kansas on EBay.” Senator Howard “Big Timber” Johnson suggested.

So with the latest theft of ETEATIG’s proprietary work in the US revision of the YF-669 craft, what actually happened to it?

Morbidity News inquiring minds sought out the classified answer as we hacked into NASA, the NSA, and CIA server centers across America (see the Black Reign Ops article for more info) to find out the latest whereabouts of the YF-669.

“It was easy to hack into the NSA and CIA servers and exploit this information to WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and Twitter. We found that the YF-669 craft was reroute to the Huston, Texas region when the Texas Air National Guard actually shot the craft down after showing up on radar. The craft’s stealth and cloaking failed shortly after crossing the US and Mexico border.

The YF-669 Lasers and Photon Torpedoes failed to fire as well. The secret transcripts between the CIA, the NSA, and Huston Ground Control shows that the YF-669 broke silence with an international distress call on their onboard communications system. After about 30 seconds, the communication ceased ‘unrealized’ by the said agencies. Kind of ironic that it was the two F-15’s scrambled out of Kelley, Air Force Base to blast it out of the air. Yes indeed, the CIA proves to the world that it snowed in Texas that day – A real blizzard!” Douglas S. Taylor Editor in Chief quipped.

“What little wreckage of this so-called, YF-669 craft was immediately collected by the same undisclosed salvage operation as the 9/11 False-Flag operation. I bet the scraps are overseas somewhere resting with the evidence of the Twin Towers.” Beck Sanchez of KUNT-TV reported.


“All that cocaine onboard and with the fuel and materials, it was quite the explosion. We all thought we were getting nuked by the Chinese or those fucking Russians.” Brenda Bendover of Huston, Texas stated.

Building and homes along the northern edge of Huston were the most affected by the explosion resulting of the F-15 Strike Eagle’s attack. Reports also included windows, glass, and other debris from the encounter even caused large buildings to tremble. “Yeah man, I saw the whole fucking thing. Then all that white dust from the explosion, you know, the cocaine that didn’t catch fire but was in the upper atmosphere started coming down like manna from heaven. I was so fucking high for a week one day!” Joe Watson, resident of Huston, Texas recollected.

“We will never know how long ago when the ETEATIG’s first representatives made initial contact with humans or those of us from Earth. Nevertheless and so it seems, we were just smart enough to steal certain technologies from these people from space. We got our hands caught in the cookie jar, and now it’s time to pay the Fiddler his due.” Ivan Flanagan of RT News said earlier today.

“We do know since 1912 in Paris, the ETEATIG was as proud as punch to show off their wares. It obviously took us a while to catch up under alleged ‘scrupulous means’ by the way. But we don’t owe these motherfuckers a good goddamned thing! They are illegal immigrants to start with. Excuse me, excuse me, but who invited these ass-clowns to the show anyhow?” Donald Trump stated before the Trump Towers in a press conference.

Some claim that Trump’s Toupee may be a form of ETEATIG’s technology.


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